Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just Rambling

It's Saturday afternoon. I rarely blog on Saturday afternoons or any weekend for that matter.
Two family members are sick. I think I may be too but I prefer to ignore these inconveniences.

You don't have to read this if you don't feel like it. As my title reads, I'm just rambling. Had to use spell check for "rambling". I'm a pretty good speller but never won any awards for it so I do like spell check sometimes. But there are those times that spell check doesn't understand me. That's frustrating. Has that happened to you? I end up thinking, "To hell with it." and use a different word.

My husband came home this morning for the weekend. He is sick and cranky. He likes to drink beer on the weekend. I am going to make him a cocktail. I have some giant lemons and some vodka. I can make a very good Vodka Lemon cocktail. They are small and tasty. They will help him sleep. 

I didn't sleep well last night. Been up since 4:00 A.M. I couldn't breathe very well and my carpal tunnel was acting up badly. I am going for a visit with the ortho doctor next week. We will schedule the right hand surgery then. Hopefully I can get the left hand done shortly after. I miss crocheting. I haven't been able to do it for awhile now. It's always been my number one creative outlet. I wish my girls would let me teach them more. They know a few basics, chain stitch, single crochet. But I would love to teach them to read patterns before I die.

My mother was 72 when she passed away from a heart attack. Her second one. She was healthier than I am. This runs through my head a lot. I'm 53.
It's funny how your mind works with things like that. Mom liked to crochet too. I taught her the basics. She could read patterns to an extent. Not hard one's though. I miss her. I can't believe it will be three years this December since she passed. I wonder if she watches over me. I would like to believe she does.

It rained here last night. Remnants of Hurricane Issac. It may rain on and off all weekend. It doesn't bother me. We have been in a drought after all. I would like to go for a walk in the rain. I want to go four wheeling in the mud. I went four wheeling last weekend. By myself. I did it. It was quite exciting. And freeing. At first I found it a bit hard to turn and was afraid I would tip over. But after awhile, I just wanted to go for miles and miles. I want to go again. My son has a four wheeler at his house in the country. I know he wouldn't care if I went out there and did it.

My son and his wife have split up again. I don't know what is going to happen, if it's permanent or not. My heart aches for him. And my Daughter-In-Law. I love her too. But it is what it is. I just want everyone to find peace and happiness in their lives.

This has had me very down lately. Understandably.  I was feeling down and extremely tired the past few weeks. And sore. My doctor raised my dosage of my cholesterol pill. He doubled it. I couldn't take  it anymore so I called him last week to complain. I said, "I can't take it anymore!". Whats the point of lowering my cholesterol a few points if all I want to do is sleep and ache all the time? So he cut me back. After the first day I felt much better. Also started taking B Complex. I have much more energy again. So I may not live as long as he'd like but at least I can do things and have fun now.

Oh my gosh, everyone is sneezing and moaning. 
I think I am going to have a cocktail or two myself tonight. Maybe that will help me sleep too. On a good note, since everyone is sick, I will have time to read everyone's posts.

Oh and speaking of Blog posting, I am just going to spit it out. O.K. here goes. I'm not reading anymore posts that contain all politics. I'm tired of hearing about the election. I'm not interested in hearing about it anymore. I always vote. I always read up on the candidates. I was a Board of Elections Judge for three years. I canvassed the neighborhoods on foot. I did my stint. The one thing I've learned is this, anyone can promise anything. It means little if nothing. The fact of the matter is actions speak louder than words and there is no way of knowing the outcome until after the winner has been elected.

It doesn't excite me anymore. So please don't take offense if I don't read political posts. I'm not one of those people that don't vote and then complains when things don't work out as promised. I vote every election. I just don't want it jammed down my throat 24/7 until November.

I'm sorry if this offends anyone but I do have the freedom of speech, well at least for now!

Well I think my husband wants some attention so I guess that's enough Rambling for now. I hope everyone has a fun weekend. I'll be by for a visit soon. Take care and be safe, Love Di ♥


Rebecca said...

*I'm sorry everyone's sick there.
*I'm sorry to hear about your son & daughter-in-law.
*I'm GLAD you have figured out how to get some energy back (but emotional stress can REALLY drain energy, you know...)
*I agree about political stuff. I blocked (or maybe unfriended) a couple of people on facebook 'cause I just couldn't handle it.
*Well, after meeting friends for breakfast, I did a little grocery shopping and am lounging around. We almost have the border of a big jigsaw puzzle done. It is HARD.
*I should be dusting & straightening the house, but I'm not.
*Please, take care of yourself and try not to fret :) And when you figure how how "not to fret", let me know!

Lynilu said...

I chuckled when I saw your subject line. I just posted one called "Rambling ...."

Sorry you're all sickie-poos. It stinks to be sick, no matter when, how long or how sick. Take it easy and get well, all of you.


naida said...

Hi Diana, I am sorry to hear you are feeling down. I hope your hands are feeling better soon.

I know just what you mean about politics and political posts.

That is sad about your son and wife, it's always tough to see your kids suffer in any way.

((hugs)) and I hope things start to brighten up soon.

Anvilcloud said...

It's a fine ramble. I hope everyone is recovering.

As for spellchecking, I am usually stuck with the American version, and that gets me doubting my Canadian spelling at times.

Lois Evensen said...

I hope everyone feels better soon. Rambling is good for us. I agree about trying to teach someone else our needlework skills while we still can. I haven't been able to get my own family really interested, but have taught friends and have even taught courses at our local University.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Diane, It will be 3 years for me too this November 29th. It feels like yesterday and I have yet to come to terms with it.

Your ramble was a good one, I hope everybody feels better soon and that coctail sounds like it's a good one!

Take care!


Erik's RV Blog * said...

Regarding the political posts, completely understandable. Heck, I hate posting them when I do, but if I don't, I'm afraid my brain will simply explode!



Talin's Corner said...

We all ramble, you just wrote a post a lot better than I would have done. I hope everyone gets better soon. And I am so glad that you stood up for yoursrlf. I have always taken a doctor's advice to heart without questioning. But sometimes you hve to stop and think about it. I am glad you did. Who knows years from now they may say cholesterol is not as bad as they thought it was.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hope everyone is better soon.
You can ramble if you want to.

The past couple years I've been using spell checker alot. That's for sure.
Feel better soon.

Annmarie Pipa said...

hope you and everyone else is feeling better! stinks being sick, whenever it is. I am not a very good speller, and I don't really care about husband has a spelling obsession and he cares very much...guess it is a case of opposites attracting!
that cocktail sounds like a good idea...i think I will join you!
happy week.

Shelley said...

Di I always so appreciate your posts, including your 'ramblings'. We all need to ramble. I am sorry to hear of the concerns and life cycles within your family. I trust you will have enjoyed your cocktail (maybe you should have made me one). Life here is changing, as you know, and with it comes some rumblings and ramblings. Take care my dear...cheers.

Ginnie said...

It's a few days later now, Di, and I hope you (and all the members of your family) are feeling better.
I agree about the political stuff. I hope everyone votes, it's a privilege that many people don't have, but I don't want to hear anymore about it.

Lindalu said...

ahhh knock on wood I have been so fortunate not to have gotten the bug this year! I am a total whimp when or if I do get "the bug" and I am in bed....I so hope that this doesn't jinx me saying that I haven't gotten it yet this year...I agree with you...I hate politic talk. HATE it! I am so sorry to hear that your son is calling it quits. Ya know, it happens and to the best people, it just happens, like you said, it is what it is. If children are involved it is even sadder, but they will adapt. I have been fortunate in my life not to have ever been a part of a divorce nor have my children (knock on wood) but should it ever happen I hope I am the kind of woman that stays out of or would never judge. Holding grudges and judging weighs heavy on a soul. Lots of tears I am sure will be shed...I pray all will be well with your soul. go ahead and say it...(dam kids....)lol

A Lady's Life said...

lol we are sick with sore throats as well and dry cough. Terrible.
I am sorry to hear about your son.
Sometimes you wish people would try harder to fix things.
I think it's harder on the parents to see this especially if there are children involved.
My argument is always about and for children.Otherwise adults can do what they want.
I too am so tired of politics. If it weren't for the bad economy I would turn my TV off but this is mainly why I am listening right now.All this money they spend on stupities is unbelievable. They have money for everything while people are losing their homes and sit jobless.So the end result will be interesting.
Gosh, you are going to do your hands as well? You are some brave lady lol I don't trust or like our system or doctors here in Canada.
They never did anything good for me.
You know with science today getting into Quantum Theories we could be sitting beside our deceased families and not even know it.I believe in the soul which is life energy and it has to go some where.So I don't worry much about dying.I worry about life and living.I guess as you age some things are not as important anymore as others are.
Worrying doesn't change things. People live with cholesterol for a long long time. :)

Dee said...

I enjoyed your ramblings. If I did not have spell check I probably would not blog LOL. I am sorry you are all not feeling well...I hate when that happens. I am with you about politics...I think it has not stopped in four is sickening. I keep my opinions to myself about who I vote for and why. Is your cholesterol hereditary...mine is. :( ageing is not bad at all except for the body just do not sweat the little stuff anymore.I hope the surgery will relive your carpal tunnel pain...I have an arthritic thumb..But at my age who doesn't LOL. Take care. Dee

Eileen said...

I hope everyone is feeling better by now, Di. Sorry I'm so negligent in visiting.
I can see how so many things will bring you down, I've been like that a lot myself lately. Too many crazy things going on (family/friends/finances), it just all becomes too much after awhile.
I try to focus on the Blessings and I know they are many, but even though I know we have a lot of good in our lives, it's hard to ignore the not-so-very-good-things going on. And it seems like one thing after another sometimes.

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time of it, sorry for the emotional hurt and the physical pain. I hope the wrist surgery helps, I worked with a teacher who had it done, and at first she said the surgery did no good at all, but then a few months later she said it was the best decision she ever made. So don't get discouraged if you don't feel better right away. Although, I know you'll be good about that, just like you were with your knee surgery, doing all your exercises, and pushing yourself through the pain to move forward.
'So sorry about your son and daughter-in-law, such a heartache for all concerned. I know you had a good relationship with your daughter-in-law so that makes things even harder. And it's mind-boggling to think "how did something that was once so right go so wrong?" Just too sad.

You know, Di, I was never very political, hated politics in fact. I always voted but I never thought it really made a difference (I still feel that way), elections for me are like "out with one clown and bring in the next one now". But these past two years I just got so sick of hearing certain people say certain things, and I'm fighting with everyone now! My family and friends say, "Since when did you become so political?" And I'm not really, I still hate politics and most all politicians, I just got sick of people I know and love being labeled things that are just not so, and I started doing some research and sticking up for them. And now I have a big fat mouth where politics is concerned, I don't blog about it, but I fight on Facebook a lot about it.

Well, my comment has rambled on enough too so I'll stop now. I think of you often, Di.
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ We've been purging this house and I came across things in the basement, the back room, my bedroom, and a dresser in the dining room that were all earmarked for you but never sent! (Get well cards, Mass cards, a poem I wrote you, boxes of things I packed and never sent...) I'm such a procrastinator! Ugh! I hate myself sometimes.

About Last Weekend said...

Your lemon vodkas sounds a great cure-all!!! Good on you. Post your recipe and I'll try it. I'm not big on normal recipes but cocktail ones always get my attention.

Arlee Bird said...

Hello Diana,

I haven't been by in ages I know, but I've cut back quite a bit on the blog visiting and I'm still on the computer more than I should be.

Glad to hear that you're still hanging in there though it would be nice if more of all of our problems would go away.

I can relate to thinking what you were about when your mother died and all. My father died at 67 from pancreatic cancer, then my brother-in-law died at the same age from the same affliction. I used to tell everyone that I was going to live until I was 150. That was 25 years ago when I used to say that. Now I've kind of set my standard at 67. I'm hoping I make it at least that far, and God willing many years after that--just so it's a quality life.

Hope everyone's health there gets better and family matters and everything else.

Take care

Tossing It Out

Need A Latte Mom said...

Love, love, love spell check. I second guess myself constantly on words.
Amen on the politics.
Yuck on the sick, don't catch it yourself!
I think it is the time of year to feel run down. I have been a slug too!
And....holy crap is your font huge!
Love ya!
PS force your girls to learn how to crochet, they will be glad you did!

A Lady's Life said...

+They have so many good books out with how to crochet and knit its so easy to learn as opposed to my grandmothers days.
Even on line you can get stitches for free.
Then its a question of counting.
I find it very rewarding to finish something I like and always learning new stitches.
My favorite has been blankets since I love to watch them gow in winter and they keep me
I went to the second hand store to see what they had for fun and saw how much hand made work was given away. Huge king sized blankets.
Being a knitter I know there is about 100 dollars worth of thread in those blankets at least and they sold for 5 dollars.All that work and family just threw it away.
I do it so my family has something hand made from me to treasure.
Made me think a little bit.

Barb said...

Hi Di, Don't know how I missed this post! Hope by now everyone is well. Glad you could cut back on the statin. I'm off entirely - bad side effects. My Mom died at age 69 of breast cancer. That's only one year older than I am now. She missed seeing my kids grow up. I do think our Mom's are looking out for us though. PS I'm with you on politics!