Friday, September 17, 2010

" Best Laid PLans "

Part 3

This past week we find our "Housewifely Heroine" feeling much better since suffering from her mysterious, unknown illness!
She is feeling much healthier as you can clearly see...

but don't let this relaxed pose fool you. She has had much more energy as of late and has been quite busy in and around the home.

Last weekend she found out that she and her handsome husband...

were to have the entire weekend alone! It was a very nice weekend and the cooler weather found the young, handsome couple outdoors doing yard work together...

Ah yes, cleaning up the yard for the anticipation of Autumn!
The evening was cool and they treated themselves to the first fire of the season. 

They had a few surprises that evening. They called them
"The Three S's". First they spotted a satellite in the evening sky.

Then Diana spotted a shooting star!

So they both held hands and made a wish!

It was just a short while after spotting the shooting star that Diana's husband Jake spotted something else. It was very dark out by this time and when he noticed it, he warned his wife to remain still and quite. 
Something that wasn't easy for Diana to do but she listened to her husband none the less!
As she and her husband sat quietly by the fire, he instructed her to look to her right. It was difficult for Diana to remain quite and still as she spotted one of these little fellows casually walking by.....

This would explain the two times that Diana had smelled this critters odor coming through her bedroom window air conditioner unit in the middle of the night!

Apparently the couple has a neighborhood Skunk that likes to hang out in the evenings around the house!

So now when Diana walks the dogs at night, she is a bit more quite and cautious!!
After the fire Diana and her handsome husband went into the house to watch a movie.

Diana's husband has been craving homemade popcorn.
You see, back in the olden days, people would cook their popcorn in a pot on top of the stove. They would melt butter to pour all over the popcorn. Diana kept a jar of real popcorn salt for just such an occasion.
This old fashioned practice also requires the use of napkins. The taste is nothing like the popcorn of today that people microwave.

It is a special treat. One that they thoroughly enjoyed that evening!

The rest of the week was not without it's problems. Diana noticed on Monday that their internet service wasn't working. This happens from time to time and then it usually starts to work again after a few hours.

And it did. However things were not loading. So she gave up for the day and decided to see what Tuesday would bring.
Unfortunately Tuesday brought the same problem. Diana used her time to do things around the house and even got back into her crocheting which she hadn't done in a long time.

She made these for a special upcoming event in her daughter Katie's life!

But by Tuesday afternoon, after checking her computer, she knew that it was time to call " The Animated Lady " at the local cable carrier.
Diana got very lucky. After speaking with "The Animated Lady", she was directed to a "Real Lady" who was very helpful and friendly.

The nice lady sent out a very nice technician the following day. And what did he discover?

Apparently there was a crazy, cable chewing squirrel on the loose!!!
So the nice technician fixed the problem and now the internet is working once again.

Diana thought how cute the little squirrels are but now wished that they would go play somewhere else. 

There was also some sorrow this past week when Diana's handsome husband, Jake, was given the sad news that his best buddy passed away unexpectedly.

He was just 46 years old. Jake will miss him very much.

Diana was always Jake's number one best friend, but now she knew she would have to step up her game. Yet there would be no replacing Jake's one best guy friend and this much she knew for sure.

Jake and Diana's teen daughter Katie has had a few surprises of her own. Diana had to take her shopping with no success yesterday.

They will try again tomorrow.

So what is this surprising and exciting event that Katie and her mother are shopping for?

And what has Katie done at school that may keep her from attending said event?

And what about that clothes dryer situation?

Is Diana still using clothes lines and laundromats?

Find all of the answers to these questions and more
on the next episode of...

"Best Laid Plans"


Simone said...

Love it! Love it! You too write very, very well! (Thank you for your compliment) I enjoy your style and can't wait for the next chapter. : )


Diana said...

Thank you Simone, I will see you soon! Love Di ♥

Wanda..... said...

Suffering, Season, Satellite, Spotted, Sky, Shooting Star, Skunk, Still, Service, Squirrel, Salt, Special Event, and Sorrow...all S's. It's only fitting that Simone left the first comment!

My verification word is...stski.


Wanda..... said...

...and plus, Simome likes your Style!!!

Lynilu said...

Mmmm. These spicy people live a specially sensational life, don't they? I think they should be careful so they don't stink up the neighborhood with squirrels and skunks as they stargaze and samba and snooze through their special sequences of life.

And I love the gloves!!

Diana said...

Hi Lyn,
It's been a super, spectacular and sad week. Thanks for being such a sensational follower!
Love Di ♥

Gail said...


First, please tell Jake how sorry I am that he lost his best guy friend. Very sad. :-)

And now about the popcorn!! There is nothing better than home made kettle popped corn and melted butter poured all over it and salt. Love it.

And we have a neighborhood skunk too - so we are on high alert with Gracey at night.

Good to see you are feeling better :-) Stay well my friend.

Love to you and yours
peace, hope and healing.....

Amity said...

Wow Diana, you have had a great time really, as it shows in your post!

I am enjoying your "Best Laid Plans" post and am excited with the next sequel...:)))

THis is a nice break from all fictional stories and poems, etc that I always read in others' blogs...:)

Thanks for sharing dear! And honestly, I really enjoyed this, your wonderful time with hubby, seeing a shooting star, holding hands, making a wish, staying infront of the frieplace, doing garden works...all wonderful way of bonding with your hubby!
But i don't like the sad part, your hubby's best buddy passing away, a squirrel eating your cable wires...whew...

and you're back to crocheting? i am also tempted to do so. last week, i went through my piles of cross stitch works only to fins out so many are awaiting their chance to be put into frame and much more are awaiting to be finished...whew...i can't do them anymore, it strains my eyes so much!

have a good weekend dear Di! love you..hugs.. :)

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
Truthfully we don't even like microwave popcorn anymore!
I will pass your message on to Jake. He is really missing his friend.
Now that I know about the skunk, I dread walking the dogs at night!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Amity,
I started crocheting again when I was sick. All I could do was sit there so I started a little here and there. I thought that Katie would like the gloves for the upcoming event. She loved them and now her friend wants a pair!
You should start your cross stitching again. Your work is beautiful, you shouldn't let that talent go to waste!
Love Di ♥

Graceful Moments said...

Oh, what fun you are! I love these serial sagas! So glad you and your handsome husband got to spend a weekend alone! Close call with the skunk!
I love the fingerless gloves you make for Katie! I am sure she must be thrilled with them...well, as thrilled as a teenager girl gets with anything that has to do with her mother. : )
I'll be anxiously awaiting the next episode of Best Laid Plans! Until then, much love and many kisses, Vicki

Diana said...

Thank you Vicki! I didn't tell Katie that I was making the gloves for her. When I had her try them on she gave me a VERY POSITIVE "AHHH!!!". So I figured that she liked them!
Love Di ♥

arlee bird said...

Sounds like everything's not only getting back to normal, but to positively wonderful. Glad you all are feeling better and having a good weekend. Just don't get sprayed by any skunks.

Tossing It Out

Barb said...

What? What? Another cliffhanger? I am going to sic that skunk on you, Ms Gorgeous Housewife. Though I will give your Handsome Husband a hug - sorry for his loss.

Rebecca said...

Seeing that all the "S" words have been used up, I won't try for a Scintillating comment...

Just saying, those crocheted half-gloves are absolutely beautiful, Di!

You've left me dangling precariously awaiting answers to those questions --what has Katie done? Will you continue to rely on laundromat and clotheslines, etc.

It isn't NICE to introduce such Suspense (I guess there ARE some "S" words left) into my life!

Rebecca said...

I, too, send my condolences to Jake. This must be a difficult time for him.

My husband will officiate at the funeral of a 21 year old this morning. His grandparents go to our church. You can imagine the grief of the entire family. He was killed when the car he was driving veered off the road and hit a tree (I believe).

Anvilcloud said...

Dem blasted squirrels.

Jules said...

Darn squirrels....

Oh the tell.

Donna's Book Nook said...

You certainly know how to Spin a Spicy Saga. Now I'm on pins and needles for the next episode.

I'm very sorry about Jake's friend; please tell him were thinking about him.

My husband trapped and killed a skunk the other night. So our place has had a bit of that special odor as well.

KParthasarathi said...

This is my first visit.
I like the lucid style of yours.
More than that what impressed me was your candid write up under 'about me'.I liked the contentment in your line'I do feel extraordinarily blessed for the life I have been given.'
There lies the key for a happy life.Thank you

Cinner said...

Diana, I love this, what fun....was sorry to read about Jakes best friend, heartfelt prayers sent your way to Jake and you. These things are always so sad. Love that you were out around a fire, and making homemade popcorn, that brought back a lot of memories. can't wait to read the next saga, take care, hugs to you.

Lois Evensen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Jake's friend.

The squirrel picture, though, is priceless! I love following your stories.


Diana said...

Thank You for all of your comments everyone. Our life isn't very exciting but we love it!

And thank you all for the condolences for Jake on losing his friend. It was quite a shock to him and he still isn't feeling well, double whammy. We just need to keep praying.

Love Di ♥

Lena said...

I love these "Best Laid Plans" stories!!!
I'm going to bed with a huge smile!!

Tons of love, XXX

Danielle said...

Hi Di~I so miss you! I have been off and on for a little over a month now, but I so love the way you write...I can't wait for the next part in the "saga". I'm so sorry to hear of your hubby's friend passing away...very hard to deal with...but-one day at a time :)
and those gloves you made for your sweet Katie are just...AWESOME!!! I am so jealous hehe...such talent!

Nick said...

I was expecting the third "s" to be a ssssss... snake. You have some nice ones in Southern IL, like copperheads. But glad it was a skunk

Lorna said...

i came over by way of Anvilcloud.

Your Best Laid Plans have left me with an insatiable desire for popcorn-the-old-fashioned-way. Since I have none of the essentials, I'll start treating that idea like the one about me and a Kindle.

Eileen said...

So sorry for Jake's loss. I know it will leave a big void.
It's good he's got a special wife.

I really enjoyed this post, so sweet to think of you and Jake enjoying your time together outside by the fire, and sharing a movie and homemade popcorn.

Love the fingerless gloves you crocheted for Katie but I do not love you keeping us hanging! What's the event? What did she do? Is it the school that says she may not be going or Mom? And dish on the dryer situation!

Love you!, E
PS ~ LOVE that Ginny's voice was heard loud and clear!!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

How did I miss coming by, you posted this a week ago. Sorry my friend. Wonderful story Di, off to read the next installment.

Bernie said...

Diana, how did I miss this post? I loved it. I am sorry that Jake's friend passed away, we never know do we.
I am sorry I am only finding post I missed now, reader isn't showing me when my friends post. I missed 2 of Wanda's and one of Bernie's and felt terrible about it.
Your time with Jake sounds like so much fun and I hope all works out for Katie to go to the dance. Love the gloves....big hugs my friend.