Thursday, September 23, 2010

" Best Laid Plans "

Part 4

Diana took a ride in the car today. It was a beautiful first day of Autumn. Although she thought it quite hot for this time of year. The further north she drove, she noticed more and more the subtle changes in the colors of the leaves. They weren't the vibrant green they were weeks before.

She brought some CD's to listen to on the way to the Gastroenterologist. She was in the mood for Madeleine Peyroux's, "Dance Me to the End of Love". A song that she loved. It was her mother's C.D. 

Diana's mother loved that song too, only Diana didn't find this out until after her mother passed away. It was played at her visitation.

It was a very nice ride and the doctor visit went as she thought it would. She wouldn't worry. No. She felt that life was much too short to worry needlessly.

The previous Saturday, Diana, her daughter Katie and Katie's friend Natasha went for another nice ride. It was another beautiful yet hot day. The ride was fun as the teen's played their music in the car, singing and chatting all the way to their destination.

The Big Mall....

They went to the BIG MALL in search of the perfect dress.
Which they found...

Which went very well with the gloves that Diana made for Katie and is now making for Natasha as well...


Which will go with the perfect necklace that Katie found to go with the perfect dress...

Shoes still need to be chosen as well as a little clutch purse.
It all has to be just so. After all this will be Katie's first high school dance!

It should prove to be a fun evening for the girls!

Unless of coarse Katie gets banned from the dance. You see Katie is one to speak her mind. She held a bit of a revolt at school last week.

She was written up and assigned to Saturday school!
Diana thought it was all quite silly and said as much to the administration. 

You see Diana is also one to speak her mind when she feels the need to do so. It was a silly offense. Certainly not worthy of Saturday school. 

So Katie's beautiful mother....

and handsome father...

had to teach their young teen that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about making changes in the world,
and in high school!

So the young and idealistic Katie went about printing up fliers to be passed out around the school.

The hullabaloo has seemed to calm down for the moment and Katie's mother just hopes Katie can hold her tongue.

At least until after the dance.

These days you can still find Diana hanging her clothes outside to dry.


Truth be told, she really enjoys it. She loves being out in the yard and the clothes smell so good. 

Although her trip to the doctor today pretty much nixed any chance of her getting a new dryer in the near future...

For some reason, it doesn't bother her nearly as much as she thought it would. Although she may change her mind come winter.

Right now we find our "Housewifely Heroine"

She is anticipating her handsome husbands homecoming this weekend.
She longs to sit underneath their one and only Maple tree...

Together again.

Will Katie make it another two weeks without getting into trouble
at school?

Will she actually be able to attend the dance?

Why is Diana's handsome husband coming home next weekend
when it's not his weekend to be home?

And what about the fabric softener?

Yes, what about the fabric softener?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more
on the next episode of...

" Best Laid Plans "


Bernie said...

You my friend are priceless, hope all works out well and that Katie gets to go to the dance. I love her dress and those gloves are so cute. Don't know why Jake is coming home early but I think it is wonderful. Have a great weekend......:-)Hugs

Wanda..... said...

Diana, you seem to be getting younger and younger with each post! You should tell us your secret! :)

Lena said...

I truly love these chapters!!

I hope Katie will be able to attend the dance!!!

Warmest hugs!!

Andrea said...

Praying for you, sweet friend!

arlee bird said...

I never went to any school dances. I was just kind of like that I guess. Dances mean more to girls I think.

My daughters kept a pretty low profile at school until my youngest hit her senior year. Then I would get plenty of phone calls. In retrospect things didn't turn out as bad as I thought they would and my daughter ended up with grades that weren't too bad either.

Hope your daughter makes it to the dance and finishes the school okay.

Tossing It Out

Cinner said...

You know I love this, you are having fun with this, and I am having a great old time following,,,,this is like another soap opera,,,,young and restless is taking a second to this. hugs. glad you are doing great. hope Katie makes it to the dance. hugs my friend.

Simone said...

Hi Diana,
I am alive and well and living in Alaska, that's a pretty good reason why it is already so darned cold.

and...You are the reason, I began writting in the third sort of feels like you are not really talking about yourself all the time...if that makes any sense at all.

I am really enjoying your soap opera, and glad you are feeling better. I really hope something special happens and you can get that dryer before winter. I remember stiff frozen clothes on the line. But you are right, they smell great! So does the right fabric softener : )


Maria said...

Hi Diana!
I do hope you're feeling better!
I hope Katie enjoys the dance ~ the theme sounds like FUN.

Appliances ~ they just don't make them like they used to ~ Thank God for fresh air ... that's something I'll never take for granted!

Take care, Diana ~ I know you work so hard...
Give yourself a Restful Sunday ♥


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Another wonder installment Di, Glad that the visit to the doctor with no surprises. Hope Katie gets to go to her dance. Enjoy your weekend with your hubby sitting underneath the Maple Tree. A Wonderful Weekend is wished for you My Friend.

Anvilcloud said...

You could change your blog title to something to Soap something or other. :)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What about the fabric softener??!!??? ROFL...Di, YOU are simply the VERY BEST!!!! You ALWAYS make me laugh and smile!!! I do so wish we lived closer!!! We could do lunch regularly!!! I want you to know that I pray for you everyday! Love you! Janine XO

Dee said...

HE HE HE...I am on the edge of my seat to see what happens. I do hope your daughter gets to go to her first dance...but then that could possible make a great next Best Laid Plan. Lets us know about the fabric softner. :)

Lorna said...

I don't know about a clutch but I could see these shoes making a statement:|womens%20shoes|womens%20new%20styles|

Barb said...

Oh, thank goodness, beautiful Housewife, Di! I was wondering where the next post was. What a wonderful first high school dance dress - surely Katie can hold her tongue until it's over? Possibly? But - the fabric softener has caught my attention. How? What? Where? I look forward to learning...

Sabi Sunshine said...

Hello Di

Sorry to reach here late but quite busy...

I love reading Part 4, it's quite interesting and more you write more i get excited about next part.
You have a really unique way of expressing.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Rebecca said...

Since As The World Turns went off the air, I'm thankful to have Welcome to My World to fill the gap.

Those drives you've been taking sound inviting (although the mall holds no thrills for me). After taking OUR clothes off the clothes line, I took a drive in the country to Schmuckers (an Amish produce place) and bought some more Jonagold apples. My husband really likes them and took 6 to a work project he was doing with some other men this morning. I also bought 3 sweet potatoes, a bag of dried pineapple, and some sesame oatbran sticks (another favorite).

I'm staying tuned to find out about the fabric softener.

Lois Evensen said...

Ah, I hope all goes well for our dear heroine. :) And, I agree about the wonderful aroma from clothes hung outside to dry.

Hugs, my friend,

Amity said...

Am again late to find out this sequel to your Best laid Plans dear Di! But I know, it's better late than never!

Katie getting into trouble because of trying to be a heroine in school? It happens Di when our kids feel the need to, and it is beyond our control.Hopefully, the school administration will see her point and will let her attend the dance, no banning whatsoever so as not to spoil everything you and she has prepared for that special night/first dance as you said!

Why is hubby coming home for the weekend though it's not his time to be home?

I like how you enjoy your time with him under that only maple tree in your backyard. And yes, thank God, you're getting better plus the doctor's visit came out well!

Drying clothes outside is really so much fun, but I don't do, the sun's heat here could destroy a skin like mine so I never do it myself, help does it!

Enjoy the week ahead and I am excited with your next sequel to your BLP! Cheers Di!

Hugs and love,


anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Morning!
I loved the maple tree a lot.Di,my pc is working properly and now I am writing this from my work place.
Di,I enjoyed reading your post and I admire your simplicity and honesty.
Wishing you a lovely day ahead,

Ginnie said...

I still can't get over how much you resemble a famous actress. I wonder why that is?????? ... you must be related !

Jules said...

Oh how I hope all goes well and she makes it to that dance.....

Barb said...

Hi Di, Just stopping by to say I hope Katie got to wear her new dress! I leave in a day for New Mexico - hope all is well in your (now cooler) part of the world.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hi, dearest Di!!! Just wanted to wish you a happy Friday tomorrow!!! You're in my thoughts!!! Love you!! Janine XO

Graceful Moments said...

Dearest Diane, I have been absent from blog visiting for longer than I realized. I don't know how I missed part 4 of BLP but I did! You will not believe this but I was listening to Leonard Cohen's version of Dance to the End of Love when I got to your post! How very strange. I only discovered this beautiful song a few days ago. I don't know how I missed this song for so many years! Now, I must find the version by Madelaine Peyroux.

Your Katie sounds like some of the young ones in my extended family. Fortunately, I didn't become vocal with my opinions until after high school... otherwise, it might have been more than the dance that I missed!!! Love and Blessings, Vicki ♥