Sunday, October 24, 2010

" Now That Was A Weekend !"

Yes indeedy it was ! I am ready for bed right now, getting sleepy. Gosh how I wish for those days when I could stay up till 3:00 a.m., get up at 7:00 a.m. and do it all over again! I could accomplish so much more,but alas, time passes and I, we have slowed down.

But we still manage to slip in some fun and work. I guess you could say "We're not dead yet"!

My husband came home early this weekend which was a pleasant surprise. However the man was worn out. He had a pretty big chore list this time home but I didn't push it. He played hours and hours of video games. That is how he relieves his stress. It is what it is, he needed to relax too.

We went to a wedding last night. My daughter-in-laws, sister, Laura was getting married to a wonderful young man named Kyle. I remember the first time that I met him. I liked him that very instant. I think that is unusual. But he had good vibes!

Kyle and Laura are hippies. So it was indeed a hippie wedding! It was beautiful. I took a lot of photos but a lot of them came out funky. I think that I need a more advanced camera. I will add that to my wish list!

I'm only going to post a few. Who wants to see every single moment? So I will just post some of my favorites.

 The bridal party. My granddaughter is the one bending over. My grandson is the one sitting. It is so difficult to get little ones to sit still!

 My son Frank and his wife Amy.

O.K. this is my absolute favorite photo. Taken when we just arrived, Katie, my teen, asked Jack, my grandson, for a hug. It's not often that I get such sincere happiness in a photo from Kate!

Just so you can see how much Jack has grown. He and the groom, Kyle were wearing the same pants. Remember when we would cut up the seam of the outside and add different fabrics to make bigger bells on our pants? Hippie wedding!

Frank and me.

The flower girls. My Sarah is on the right.

The very excited groom, Kyle. Notice the pants.

 The bride, Amy's sister Laura with her dad,Ted. Sorry about the photo quality but I warned ya !

Man and wife!

Jake and I. Notice how good I am getting at penciling in my eyebrows!!! By now we were both getting tired. We all ate a wonderful dinner. Katie and Natasha were to spend the night at Frank and Amy's house to take care of Jack.

My son had charge of my grandson all evening thus far. By now Jake and I were headed home and Frank took the girls and Jack back to their house to spend the night. I hope he and Amy were finally able to enjoy the celebration. They both did so much work for the wedding. 

It was fun, beautiful and the food was fabulous.

As for Jake and I, well we were home by 8:00 and I was in bed by 9:00! Had a great night sleep. I won't even tell you all of the things that I did around the house today.

I am feeling very contented and happy right now. If I told you all that I accomplished today, you would probably scold me and I don't want to hear it. So just pretend that I did nothing, O.K.?

Thank you, you are sweet and that's why I love you!

Love Di ♥


Lena said...

It's so nice to read you this happy... The photos are great!!

Get some well deserved rest... not that you are tired... you did did nothing today after all ;)

Tons of hugs and lots of love!

Anvilcloud said...

Looks like a fund wedding.

I have the opposite experience with sleep. I slept more then than now. Go figure.

Brenda said...

Oh this was a happy post. Weddings always help me appreciate my husband more. I am glad that you had a good weekend. It does feel good to get some things accomplished. Blessings . . .

Bernie said...

Glad you had such a good weekend Di. I find all 3 of your kids look like you, adorable. I love the one of Katie and Jack, well really I love them all. Have a wonderful week sweetie and please don't work so hard, it just isn't worth it to suffer the pain after....:-) Hugs

Arlee Bird said...

I don't know that I ever had a time when I could stay up til 3 AM and get up at 7 and function properly. Maybe get up at 10 AM.

Looks like a delightfully fun fall wedding. Simplicity--I'm all for that.


Tossing It Out

Cinner said...

What fun for you, you are very exotic looking, I think you look beautiful in your picture. take care. home by 8 asleep by 9,,,sounds right. lol. hugs.

Teacher's Pet said...

Happy happy photos and blog, my friend! How lovely that Jake came home early....and that you had such a marrrvelous time at the wedding. You look your eyebrows!
Hugs and love,

Gail said...

you and Jake are a good lookin' couple, and you do have quite a knack for penciling your eyebrows :-)

looks like a great time was had by all - your pictures show that 100%!! I am SO glad you are feeling better.

Love you always

Rebecca said...

The "very contented and happy" part is the best of the whole thing--and it was ALL wonderful. I like the uniqueness of the wedding - it's interesting and fun to see how people personalize their wedding ceremonies "these days" (makes me sound old to put it that way).

I won't scold you for getting so much accomplished. What's done is done - and that's a good feeling, isn't it?

GutsyWriter said...

Just found your blog and participated in a wedding. What a lot of fun. Everyone seems happy and none of my sons are married yet, so I shall wait.

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
What a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding! Everyone looked so happy ~ all wearing smiles!
You look especially happy, Diana!
Your son, daughter-in-law and grandson make a very sweet family. Jack is adorable.

Congrats to the bride and groom, may they hold deep in their hearts the love and joy that brought them together ~

Have a wonderful week, Diana~

Barb said...

I love funky weddings the best. Congratulations to the happy couple. I was once a hippie - do you believe that, Di? The pics of you and Jake are great and the one of Katie and Jack fabulous.

Amity said...

That must be one exciting Hippie wedding Diana... :-)

and your grandson/daughter look like one of the stars of the day!

Thanks for sharing your lovely weekend, and it's nice to enjoy this kind of activities once in a while being a sheltered housewife!

Of course, too much work is simply an abuse of your health state so scolding comes too! Lols!