Saturday, February 19, 2011

" A Collection of My Work "

Hello everyone! 
After my last post on my crochet collection, a few of you requested that I post some photos of my pieces. Well I didn't have anything to do last night so I took a walk through my house and was a bit surprised at how many pieces that I actually had.

Last night also brought with it the full moon. I took a picture of it from my yard. It didn't come out that great but I didn't care as I had the greatest sleep last night. I slept in until 7:00 a.m.!

These were the fingerless gloves that I made for Katie and her friend for a school dance.

My camera case.

A doily.

A very, very soft baby blanket that I made for my Daughter-In-Laws sister who is in pre-labor right now. I am hoping that the baby doesn't arrive until tomorrow which would have been my mom's 73rd birthday!

A Table Runner, cotton doily.

Some much used coasters.

A commode doily. Bet you didn't know that there was such a thing as a commode doily!

Some pot holders.



A doily. And a purse that I had made for my mom.

A set of Goldilocks and the three bears finger puppets that I had made for Kate, many years ago!

A purse that I had made for Katie, many years ago!

A doily.

Another doily.

An afghan that I had made for my grandmother.

A bit of the detail in the afghan.

More doilies.

My very favorite doily!

A triangle doily. I had a purple one too but I may have given it away.

One of two shawls that I've made. I have a beautiful black one but couldn't find it last night.

One of the sweaters that I made for Katie when she was little. I have made sweaters for myself as well but couldn't do them justice unless I had them on. I couldn't take a photo of myself with them on. Short arms!

Another commode doily!

A little Christmas tree doily. The rest of the Christmas one's are packed away.

A little curtain.

A crazy pillow that I made for Kate.

An adjustable sweater that I made for Ruby.
She hates it and won't wear it!
She wasn't happy about this!

A little pair of britches to hang in the kitchen.

And finally, my last photos for today. I do believe that was the most photos that I have ever posted at one time!

What you will see next is another little toy that I had made for Katie and a few other little girls over the years. It is one of my favorites.

There are three flower people.

That can be put into their little basket...

Which can be closed for safe keeping and carrying around!

That was just a smattering of the things that I have made over the years. I have made many afghans. Clothes, toys and oh yes hats! I have five funky hats that I've made for myself and more for other people. They don't look good on me since I've had short hair.
I tried to get the girls to model them for me when they came home last night but they refused!

After looking at the few thing that I have around my house, it boggles my mind when I think of all of the items that I have made and given away!

So after seeing these items, maybe you can understand why I love this hobby so much. I've had to slow way down over the past several years but I hope that I never have to give this up.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my little collection today!


Rebecca said...

The full moon was in its splendor outside my living room window when I got up this morning. How beautiful! I'm SO glad you got your sleep!

Now...where to begin on your post today???? I was going to pick a favorite, but have decided that is impossible! I see how many memories are represented here & how many hours of loving labor....and I just can't pick a favorite. (I MUST say the little sweater you made for Katie was really precious....and the doily you said was YOUR favorite is very beautiful...)

I'm SO glad you took the time to show us.

I just took the valentine garland that you made me down and placed it carefully in tissue paper until next year. I feel VERY privileged to have it and thank you again!

quieten said...

So very glad you got your rest last night. You'll be bursting with energy today.. and- speaking of energy- I love your crochet photos. You are quite a talent. I do think that you've long passed the "Hobby" description, though. "Passion" is probably a better word now! :-) Absolutely Beautiful work. I adore the flower people-what a cute idea.Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us. How wonderful it is to see so much beauty, talent and creativity. Huggz

Barb said...

It's wonderful to actually take notice of all these projects you've completed over the years, Di. So many beautiful and whimsical items. I love the little purse you made for Katie and the delicate doilies are wonderful. That afghan is a work of art. Poor Ruby, though - the look on her face is priceless!

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
What a proud presentation,Di!You reminded me my dearest Amma's green doily!
And I must say,morning,teh full moon amazed me when I went to teh balcony!
I was trying to see the reflection in the sea!
Great work,Di!You are so talented!
Wishing you a beautiful night,

Lois Evensen said...

My goodness, what a beautiful collection! Isn't it wonderful to live among such lovely things that you have made. And, I hope when they are passed down that they will be loved dearly, too.

Thank you for going to the trouble to share all of those images with us. The tour was very, very enjoyable!


Wanda..... said...

Your collection is very impressive, Di and to have the items you once made for your mom and grandmother, must mean a lot to you. Loved your shawl and the little sweater you made for Katie. The finger puppets and purse were sweet too, but my favorite was the lovely afghan.

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Hi Di, I love your collection of crochet items and especially love that you made each and every one of them with your own two hands. I really love the one little doily sitting on my shelf with a picture of me and my hubby on it. I will treasure it always.

Arlee Bird said...

That looks like a lot of work! Those doilies look especially complex, but of course I know nothing about crocheting.

Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

Lynilu said...

Wow, girl! You are good! You do seriously beautiful work! But quit torturing the poor dog! I mean, really!

A friend crocheted a bedspread for the king-sized bed. It was just beautiful! He .... yes HE .... was very proud of it!

I can't do much crocheting any more, as my hands cramp up before I can do more than a few minutes. I wasn't all that proficient at it anyway. :)

Cinner said...

Diana, it was so nice to see all of your items. you are very talented. in one of the photos there is the most beautiful baby picture. it looks like an aged picture. hope you are feeling okay and that life is wonderful today for you. take care.,

Rae said...

I love all your pieces of work, especially the doilies. I know a lot of people don''t use them anymore, but I still do. I like the way they dress up stuff. You are very talented. Very nice creations Di.

Anvilcloud said...

You're a real dolly to crochet all of those doilies.

Ellen said...

Oh Diana, I love every piece here. I used to do crochet .. 'twas mom's hobby and she was fond of making doilies too. So I learned it from her.

And now looking at all the stuff you have made, makes me want to go back and take up crocheting again. :-) You have inspired me.

Take care and God bless.

Ginnie said...

I love the "little britches" that hang in the kitchen.
For some reason you threw me when you commented on my blog about the weather you have in Southern Illinois. I had you in my mind as living in New Jersey. Now where did that come from??? Aren't we a funny lot, Diana?

Amity said...

Gosh, I feel so I wish i could find the several pieces of doilies that I made...I can only be proud of the shawl that I made which I have shown you in FB...

You don't only know how I love crocheting so much even when I was still a kid, that's to my patient mother who did the mentoring...

I wish I had done more or will have more time to be engaged again in this interesting needle work...

Oh Diana, I envy you a lot...gosh when can I go back to my first love - my fave hobby...???

I want to do so many things but it seems, my time is just too short!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work of arts my dear!

I am back, but I hope I can stay, even just for two posts a week only!

Love and miss you,


Dee said...

Hi, thank you Diana for your thoughts and prayers. Frank and I will be ok. The Lord is in so many details of this new venture that I do feel he will take us all the way.:) Your crochet work is beautiful. I have seen patterns and they are mind boggling to me. Seeing your collection has inspired me to take up my rug hooking again. I found out that there is a rug hooking group about 20 min. away from where I will be moving. I love all the doily's. Such intricate work...the curtain is cool and I love the little sweater you made for katie. I got a kick out of Ruby modeling her adjustable sweater.:) It is good to have Betsy working again..I just hope she stays reliable so I do not get so far behind on visitng my blog friends.

Margaret Pangert said...

Diana, you are too much! Everything is gorgeous! The doilies are beautiful and lend so much class to a sitting room, even the bathroom. And the little jacket for the pug is just too cute! You should have an exhibit for the local library or civic center.. it's really interesting.
And the moon... I'm always trying to photo the full moon but often get a halo or "double" effect. This photo is perfect. Do you have a Nikon with a special lens?
Thanks for the trip to wonderland today, Diana; it was truly a treat.

Diana said...

Hi Everyone,
Thank you all so much for your kind words. Crocheting is a passion of mine. I love doing it as you can tell. I only wish that I had photos of every piece I've ever made but that would have been before digital cameras.
Speaking of which, Margaret,
All I have is a little Kodak Easy Share. It has lots of settings. I have a difficult time taking photos at night. I have to take a deep breath and stand perfectly still for a few seconds! My husband says that if I use a tri-pod, which we have, the night time photos would come out much better. I may give it a try sometime this summer!
Love Di ♥

GutsyWriter said...

That's a huge collection and your doilies look very professional.
I sit at my computer and what do I have to show?

naida said...

oh my gosh, what lovely crochet work!! Ruby cracks me up!! lol
I really like that pink commode doily.

tattytiara said...

Oh beautiful work! I love the cute things you've made for kids, and the priceless look on Ruby's face!

All the best to your daughter in law's sister and the rest of the family - how exciting!

Nezzy said...

Oh my goodness, you are a busy little creative beaver aren't you???

Everything is absolutely beautiful sweetie, you are a talent!

Thanks for sharin' it with us.

God bless and have a fantastic day!!!