Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nicotine Free - Day Two

First I have to start by saying , the morning of day one really sucked! Silly me thought that the patch should start working instantly!!! I was really a wreck . Meanwhile my husband who is a truck driver and on his way home made the mistake of calling me. Lets just say I wasn't my normally sweet self! But in his infinite wisdom he reminded me that I had a perscription for Xanax and that I should take one. I took two. And you know he was right as usual . Thats when I discovered that the patch takes some time to work through your system. It seems to be working fairly well. Yes I still want to smoke but the cravings are not nearly as severe as without. My husband ( yes he's quitting with me) Is doing the gum route. I think he's haveing a bit of trouble this morning. You can't chew a piece and drink coffee at the same time or it can make you sick. We'll see how his day progressess. He did surprisingly well yesterday and I was very proud of him.

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