Saturday, November 22, 2008

I just woke up, am having my coffee but not my usual morning cigarette. Instead I have put a patch on my arm to hopefully help me kick my habit. I am skeptical however as I have tried to quit twice in the past. The first time I quit for two years. An amazing feat considering I really didn't want to quit at that time. My husband did however so I did It for him.That was my first mistake. If you quit purely for someone else , At least for me, it just made me want to smoke the whole time. Hence, my first unsuccesful attempt. My second try was just this past February. This time I really wanted to quit for a variety of reasons, all of them personal to me this time. I went cold turkey as I did previously. My husband did not want to quit and tried to be helpful by sneaking out of the house when he wanted to smoke! But inevitebly he would have to come back into the house. My sense of smell is excellent even after smoking for 38 years. All I wanted to do was smoke him! My second attempt lasted 19 days. I really love to smoke. Really. But I also really love my family. Last week I had a mini stroke and was in the hospital for three days. Fortunatly I had no permanent damage, this time. So here I am, having my first morning cup of coffee, with a patch on my arm. Just happy to be alive. They say the third times a charm. Lets hope thier right!

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