Tuesday, November 17, 2009

" Hi , Come on In !! "

Where there are friends .
there is joy...

Well Hello !
Come on in .

It's Tuesday morning and I suppose that I should be busy doing
household chores and such . But I'm not . No here I am w
ith you !
There are many things that need to be done around here but I simply chose to put my feet up , grab a cup of coffee and have a chat w
ith you all .

I did manage to leave the house this morning however .
My bank made a little faux pas with my checking account . Isn't this wonderful news?
Really , I am being totally serious . It wasn't me this time !
There is still hope for my aging brain , I can
still add and subtract .

The lovely ladies at the bank realized there mistake as they were exactly the amount over on their count last night . Why this is a cause
for celebration !
So I went and worked out . Two mornin
gs in a row .

Miracles do happen after all ! So to reward myself , here I sit visiting with you.
There couldn't be a better r

I will get up and do some things that need to be done when we finish our coffee.
I have already trimmed the long threads on Katie's frayed denim quilt this morning,
and then I threw it on her bed. O.K. first of all I washed and dried it
three times and it still has not frayed enough. It certain
ly doesn't look like the one in the photo from the internet . Am I surprised ? Not really .
But it really doesn't look too bad and Katie loves it . That's the most important thing.

I also haven't put a backing on it yet as that requ
ires a 40 mile trip and some extra cash. The latter of which I do not have , so I will put a backing on it in a few weeks.
This is the photo of the one that I got off of the internet.

I will post the photo of mine next . Yes you can clearly see that I am an amateur.
The squares don't appear even because it hasn't frayed completely .
I have a feeling that's going to take several more washings !
This was my very first attempt at a quilt. It was pretty easy so I am moving on to another one for my grandson Jack. I will not be doing another frayed one however.

It is a cold and rainy day here today . The thought did occur to me that at this time last year we had our first few flurries already. This November has been unseasonably beautiful this year. I am done going out for the day.
Tomorrow the work days start !

Tomorrow I have to go clean my peoples basement in preparation for their
Thanksgiving dinner this coming Sunday . Thursday I will be working at church .
Friday I will clean my peoples upstairs of their house in preparation for their Thanksgiving dinner . And then Saturday morning I will be filling in at "Curves"
for a few hours.

So it will be a busy week for me. This is why I thought that we needed some time to chat ! Oh dear my coffee has gotten cold . I guess that I talked to much. I must apologize for not letting you get a word in edgewise, it is a bad habit of mine.
One of which I am constantly trying to rectify !

One last thing before you go that I would like to mention. As you may or may not know, times have been very lean for us around here lately . I was in desperate need of a haircut as my hair grows very fast.

You know what they say about desperate times and all , right ? Well I decided to let my 14 year old have a go at cutting my hair . Hey , I figured if she messed it up I could just wear my bandannas until my hair grew out .

I told her that I wanted it VERY short otherwise I have to get it cut every three to four
weeks . So I gave her my good pair of hair cutting shears and let her have at it !
Was I nervous ? You bet . But I just kept reminding myself how fast my hair grows.

It took her an hour . It was a nice hour . We had a wonderful mother daughter
talk. I learned many more things about her and she learned many more things about me . It was a pleasant hour yet an itchy one.

And here are the results........

I think it came out pretty good . Maybe I won't have to go out for a cut anymore.
It feels great .

So there you have it . I would love to talk with you some more over coffee but I'm afraid I must get busy now . This house doesn't run itself you know !

I'm so glad that you stopped by . We must do this again soon !

Note : I tried to post this in the morning but Blogger said no.
So just pretend it's Tuesday morning k ?


Rebecca said...

I absolutely love your hair! You have such a beautifully shaped face. I'd probably shave my hair all off if I had such a lovely face! Times are lean here, too. While figuring out a budget, I decided I'd try to stretch out the time between haircuts to another two weeks. If that doesn't work, I'll have to find a 14 year old, I guess.

Sorry about your cold coffee, but I sure enjoyed our chat!

The quilt top is SO cool! I can see why Katie is happy with it.

Do take care of yourself and don't overdo. I know you like to work and I'm glad you HAVE work....just be sure to rest well in between :)

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to catch us up with your life.

Gail said...


YOU look so beautiful - Katie did an amazing job.

And DI?? the quilt? My goodness, I love it!! wow -

And I love that hte bank was in error and NOT you!! DO you get an overdraft fee or 'mistake on their part fee' ADDED to your account!!??? :-)

ANd the fact that you kicked back and rewarded yourself and we were the prize!!! I Feel really loved and really special - "thanks"

Love you DI

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Di it was nice that we got to have some time to chat. It has been a really long time since I've chatted at my place.

Beautiful Quilt, I betcha it will be nice and warm come this winter.

Yes our November is quite nice, unseasonably high temps for this time of year.

Your Haircut looks wonderful. I think your daughter has found her niche in life.

You have a wonderful day.

Oh the latest adventures of Blanche are up on the blog.

Diana said...

Oh Rebecca I CANNOT stand when my hair grows out! I don't like it in my face at all anymore. It was very long for years and then I just got it all cut off and I love it!
I don't even have a hair cut budget right now so I had to do something.
Maybe you could borrow Katie! Thanks for stopping by Rebecca and your kind words! Love Di

Eileen said...

Di, you're so pretty! Katie did a fabulous job! And you did a fabulous job on her quilt!
It truly is like a favorite pair of jeans that you constantly reach for to wear! How wonderful to have that to sleep in! I love it! It's so unique!

Don't work too hard, you always sound so busy!

Thanks for the chat, this was fun! But I didn't eat or drink a thing while reading for fear it would be spewed!
You are too funny!

Love you lots, E
PS ~ Short hair suits you very well. I'm debating. If I decide to let it go gray I will cut it very short, but I don't really like my hair short, so I'll see. 'Wish so much I could just leave it this length and dye it gray!

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
No there were no fees from the bank. They just didn't apply something to my account. But they got it all straightened out.
I'm glad that you liked my hair. I love it. I was very proud of Katie but still can't believe that I let her do that! So I just had to get her quilt done today for her.
Now she wants matching pillow Cases!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bill,
I am about to visit everyone now!
I'm glad that you had time to stop by today.
I do love the shorter hair! Katie did mentions that doing hair might be an option but it's not top on her list!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Eileen!
While I was going through MENTALPAUSE, that's when I cut it all off. It was very liberating to me. And my husband loved it. He said that if he would have known how good I looked with short hair , he would have told me to cut it years ago.
My hair was half way down my back!
But I always wore it up and away from my face. What was the point really?
I'm glad that you liked the quilt but I think Jack's will be cuter!
Love Di

Donna's Book Nook said...

Hi Di--Love the quilt--you did a super job! Love your hair--maybe Katie could be a hair stylist on the side! (smiles). So glad we had this chat; I'm like Eileen, I can't eat or drink anything while I'm chatting with you--I might laugh hysterically and get it up my nose!

Take care of yourself!! Glad you have work--just don't overdue. Donna

Diana said...

Hi Donna,
I'm sorry that you and Eileen can't control your drinking habits while reading my blog! I shall try to tame it down a bit.
Naw, what fun would that be? I do have a few busy days ahead but I ended up being lazy today. Took two naps!! Love Di

Barb said...

Oh, Di - I thought you'd be a good influence on me and instead I may be becoming a bad influence on you! Well, if so, at least you're resting a teeny bit! Both of us have very short hair, too - perhaps we're becoming twins (except, mine is gray)? I just got mine cut today in preparation for the trip. VERY short - no fuss - I wash and spike it then I'm ready to go. You look much more glamorous than I do, though.

It was good visiting with you. We hope to hit the rod by 6 AM here. You have a good week and don't work too hard.

PS I cannot sew, but that quilt is awesome!

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
I hope you have a wonderful,fun and safe trip. I will be looking forward to your photos and Lucinda's adventures!
About the hair, isn't it great hardly having to use ant shampoo!
Be safe, Love Di

Bernie said...

Di, the quilt is beautiful and you are even more beautiful...I love your hair, Katie did a wonderful job...I had my hair cut yesterday cost me a fortune and I don't look near as good as you do. So glad you took time for coffee this morning, I always think you work too hard even though you enjoy it. Take care my friend, I am so happy everything is getting back to normal for you and hope you and all your family are well. Luv you,
....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Oh Bernie there are a couple of spots that she missed and can fix but she really did good. I woke up this morning and it looked really good. At first she didn't cut it short enough and I said " oh no we have to go much shorter than that!"
So she did. And if she can keep up with it the way it is, I'll let her keep doing it!
I clean their basement today. Not as much work as the upstairs and a nice change! Love Di

Wanda said...

Hi Di, it's nice having my second cup of coffee this morning with you...you are great company. Also you're not only outrageously funny, but equally trusting, but Katie did an excellent job of cutting your hair...you look fabulous! You're also very modest, Katie's quilt turned out beautiful, I see why she loves it and wants matching pillow cases. Just hope she doesn't ask for curtains to match...maybe a valance though :) Loved your post Di, but I always do!

Ginny said...

You cut off all of your hair? OMG! Mom! Do you like it? It looks like it's slicked back in this picture, so it's hard to tell. But if you're loving it, I'm loving it.

Katie's quilt is AMAZING. It's beautiful. You did an outstanding job. I'm going to have to start collecting fabric squares so you can make one for me.

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
Hush now! Don't even mention curtains or valances. Her curtains are just fine!
Thanks for stopping by Wanda,we are the early birds around here!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Ginny,
Yes it is combed back and yes I like it. I've had it this short before you know.I love it being completely out of my face. It sounds like you don't care for it!
Ginny you know that I wouldn't mind making a quilt for you too but you have a beautiful new sewing machine and this would be an easy project for you to work on. But I don't mind at all if you want to start collecting fabric for one. You can bring it when you come for Christmas and I could make it for your birthday! You can bring that beautiful new sewing machine with you!
Love Mom

Tranquility Speaks said...

Katie did an awesome Job! I'd be a nervous wreck if I had to do it for someone! You're looking wonderful :-) I hope that before Christmas this year, the good Lord gives you and your family more money than you need and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and Thanksgiving! When something is made with so much love, it doesn't matter if it's frayed or not! Now that I read you, I understand your comment on my latest post. I've been feeling the exact same way. We do two different jobs, but feel the SAME precise way :D Have faith Diana. Bad times won't last forever :-)

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Diana! I admire you so much! You are determined to see everything in a positive light, and it works! First of all, a 14-year-old did a spectacular job on your hair! You look so beautiful with your hair sleeked back and the slim face and high cheekbones of an Audrey Hepburn. Boy, I would work out if I could look like that, too! The quilt is gorgeous! I love the silvery, shimmery tones you used. As far as I can see, it's done! Keep smiling, Di. You're the best. xxox

Sniffles and Smiles said...

You look absolutely stunning!!!! So beautiful!! Katie did a terrific job with your hair, and you are simply lovely!!! What a fun visit!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I think hilarious that the bank made an error!! And your quilt is fabulous!!! You are so talented!!! Love it! I loved our coffee chat!! Have a fantastic, albeit busy, rest of the week!! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers! ~Janine XO

Linda Higgins said...

you are my kind of girlfriend! I love the hair, had mine short my WHOLE life until 2 years ago! Huhoney keeps telling me to cut it like yours again! MEN they can never make up their minds...maybe I am just not a long hair person...short is easy though! LOVE IT DI! I am so glad you are back to posting again. Now I have to get off my tush and post more than once a week! So happy to hear that your hubby is back to work and life is getting on track again. The quilt is awesome! and denim is very heavy and warm! So glad you are NOT sick! I worried after the post of "autumn of her life" and you dropped off for a week or so. Well my dear friend, if ever there is anything I can do...let me know. Too bad we can't just get in the transporter and pop in at each others homes for a chat and a cup! hugs, and miles of smiles...

Dr.John said...

Well thanks. I enjoyed the coffee and the talk.
The quilt looks great.

Diana said...

Hi Dr. John,
I missed you, thanks for the compliment and I hope that you are breathing better today.
Love Di

Diana said...

Oh Tranquility I value your words so much, but truthfully it just seems like things will never get better. I just keep praying that they don't get worse. I try to keep my spirits up. No sense in being unhappy when it feels so much better to be happy! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Margaret,
I still am very pleased with Katie's handiwork on my hair! She really surprised me. And Margaret as far as seeing everything in a positive light,I've always been a firm believer that we make ourselves happy. Only we can truly control how we feel. I'm so excited that everyone thought the quilt was good.
It was fun to do!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Janine,
Isn't it great that the bank made the mistake and not me!!!! Woo-hoo
it wasn't me!! Lets celebrate and have some wine together!
Don't you love the short hair? It's so easy. Thanks for stopping by Janine, you are great company!
Love Di

Diana said...

Oh Linda, I so wish we could all get together and meet face to face. What fun we could have! I really dream of winning the lotto and having a blogger/villager convention. How fun that would be.
Truthfully Linda I wasn't feeling good at all for awhile. I was a little worried myself but I've been feeling fine lately so there is still a chance that I could win the lotto and enjoy my new found fortune! We will get together for some laughs if I do!
Love Di

Being Pramoda... said...

hey Diana.. lovelyyy pics i must say...:) yaa am reading it on thrusday mrng.. hehe ... :)

thats fine about ur doings..its soo nice to share them with us ..thank you,,

Garnetrose said...

You are a lovely looking lady and she did a fantastic job on your hair. I love it.

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
First of all ... I love the denim quilt you made! It's just one of the coolest uses of denim I've seen!

You are also very calm & cool when it comes to dealing with bank mistakes! This is when praying for patience goes on overtime...

I agree about our November weather. It's usually a pretty nasty month, bare trees, cold, windy and rainy...but it's been soooo beautiful. I've taken a walk almost every afternoon (when I'm home early enough) Sunshine and in the 50's... not bad for the northeast!

I let Amanda cut my hair in between appt's too. Katie did a great job! You look marvelous...
What beautiful eyes you have, Diana... They are big and soft, and smiling...
God bless you~

Teacher's Pet said...

Di...I don't know where my comments go....sigh.
I posted that I love your hair...and I love your quilt!
They are both beautiful!!
I'll send this again....the other one was longer...but suffice it to say that I think you are a terrific Mom and wife...and that you are beautiful on the inside and the outside. I'm so glad that the quilt is finished. Great job!
Smiles from Jackie

Tranquility Speaks said...

Oh Diana! This thought has crossed my mind so many times, I just never said it. I really wish I could come over and give you everything that I have earned so far to make it easier for you and your family. I don't need it as much as you do. I will pray for a divine intervention for you. Despite all of life's challenges, you have been exceptionally strong and I really respect you for that and look up to you! Wish all the good things come into your life really soon! Loads of love :)

Dee said...

Thanks for the coffee :) I am so pleased to have you as a new friend. I also cut my hair as short as i can because it grows out so fast. Your daughter did a nice job and i have to say you are very brave. In answer to your Q. on my blog..yes the doodles take me away from worries and cares of the world, probably like quilting does for you. Have a blessed day. Dee

Diana said...

Hi Prams,
It is Thursday morning! But that's o.k. This week is going by very quickly and I'm just glad that you found a few minutes to stop by!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Garnet!
I am so happy to see you. I hope that you are feeling well and that all is going good with your family.
Thanksgiving is upon us and I hope you have a blessed one!
Love Di
P.S. Glad that you liked the hair. I don't have to do anything to it!

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
I have lots of denim left over and am going to make a quilt for my grandson for Christmas. I hope to start on it today. His is going to be a little different. Not as big and it will have other fabric mixed in. I've never done this before and it's kind of fun!
At first I was a little nervous about the bank but the ladies there are so wonderful and fortunately they pretty much remembered the transaction. Thank you Maria for your kind words and visiting! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
Thank you , you are very sweet. I have lots of denim left and I hope to start Jacks quilt this afternoon after I get home from church.
There's plenty of leftovers so I should have plenty of time to start cutting!
Katie's quilt went much faster than I thought but then again I had never made one before.
We will talk soon Jackie!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Tranquility,
You are one of the most thoughtful people that I know. That's why I was all for you quitting that job. No one, even if the money is good deserves to put taken advantage of.
We will just keep on praying. What else can we do really? Love you Tranuility, thanks for stopping by.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Dee,
Don't you just love the short hair? I actually thought of shaving it at one time but that would be too cold!!! I like the fact that I only need a drop of shampoo. When I wake up all I have to do is comb it. It is very easy to care for.
I loved your doodles Dee. They remind me very much of a famous artist, who's name has slipped my mind temporarily. But it will come back to me!
Love Di

Jerelene said...

I love the quilt! Have you ever considered just using a sheet as the back...I've heard of some ladies doing that..
Your daughter did a wonderful job on your hair...you are a beautiful woman :)
Sorry to hear things have been tight...I know exactly how that is..we have that issue here too.
Have a great week!
Love you...Jerelene

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
Actually I hadn't thought of using a sheet for the back. Katie wants a flannel backing and they do have flannel sheets but I think I can buy some flannel cheaper than a set of flannel sheets.
There is a store in Fairfield Il.
that has cheap prices on fabric. I think I can probably find some thing there. Kate wants to pick it out, I think she wants blue plaid.
I hope that things start getting better for the both of us! Keep on praying! Love Di

Terrie said...

Thanks Di, I enjoyed the visit as well. One day, hopefully soon, I will have enought time to update my blog but until then, I will enjoy yours. Oh, and Katie, Good job girl!
Loves to you

Diana said...

Hi Terrie,
I think everyone is very busy lately in preparation for the holidays! I got your card today Terrie, thank you so much! Yours is in the mail!
Love Di