Monday, November 30, 2009

" It's Monday, I Must Be Dreaming ! "

First of all I must start by telling you that I missed most of
"Desperate Housewives" last night. Certainly not by choice or because of a previous engagement .

I missed most of the show because I fell asleep in my recliner.
Now I know that this is not an unusual practice when one gets comfy cozy in one's recliner , but falling asleep at 8:15 p.m. is unusual for me.
Even if I am comfy a
nd cozy.

Katie Rose opted out of watching the show with me this week and headed off to her room to do whatever it is that teenage girls do in their rooms.

I will admit that I felt some concern when she came to me around 7:45 p.m. and asked if I had a lighter or some matches that she could have!
But I thought, what the heck, that's what i
nsurance is for, as I gave her an old lighter I had.

It was shortly after that when I fell sound asleep, I think I was snoring,
in my recliner. The smoke detector never went off and I am still alive
today so the house never caught fire and I didn't die from smoke inhalation!

I went upstairs at 9:00 p.m. , aggravated that I missed the show ,
after saying a quick goodnight to Kate.

Katie Rose has been very good at getting up on her own since she has
started high school. This is great as it allows me to sleep in most mornings. This morning I slept until 7:25 a.m.. This is late for me.

I was pretty out of it as I walked towards the bathroom to brush my teeth. I met up with Katie Rose in the hallway on the way there.
She had her hair up in a very cute ponytail. Not usual for the girl.

I commented to her on how cute her hair lo
oked as she was throwing her purse and book bag over her shoulder. I asked her, where she was going. To which she replied, to school.

Oh my , I did sleep in, goodbye sweety, I love you, be careful. These
are the things that I say to her every morning before she leaves.
To which I only get a grunt of some sort. Every morning.
It's o.k. I'm used to it. It's just a phase!

So on now with my morning. I had some
coffee as I spoke to my husband on the phone. We talked for almost an hour. After we
got off the phone I fixed a little breakfast and than started to clean.

Would you expect anything less from me? I started with the dishes as
I was cooking some spaghetti sauce for tonight's dinner.
I continued on to the floors and the bathroom. Katie Rose's bedroom is right next to the bathroom so I thought I would check to see if she had any glasses or dishes in there that need to be washed.

There were several moments that went by after I stepped into Katie Rose's room. Moments that my mind was blank.

Truly I thought that I may be dreaming !

And then there were the questions that started popping into my head. You know the questions that I am talking about. Did I accidentally walk into the wrong place?

The feeling was like that of when you go to use a public bathroom
and you look at the little male/female symbol on the door so as not to
cause yourself unwanted emb

The quilt that I made was on her bed. Not jumbled in a ball on the floor.
No, it was on the bed, spread out ever so neatly.

The cat, well I could actually see the cat sitting on the stool as she
wasn't camouflaged somewhere in the heaping pile of clothes that
decorate my daughter's floor, every, every, day.

Upon the dresser were all of the t
hings that belong on a dresser. Not slippers, gum wrappers, old school work and the like.
My brain is in a whirl. I can't help but wonder if I am truly awake.
I mean I did see Katie Rose leave for school, or did I?

The girl I saw looked different. Not only was her hair different,
but she didn't say anything at all. Not even a grunt. I must admit that I
have been very tired lately but surely I would have noticed
a switch, don't you think?

You be the judge. Does this look like an ordinary teenage girl's
bedroom to you ?

After a bit of time went by and the shock wore off, a few things crossed my mind. I did feel very proud of the nice job that she did without
me having to repeat, clean your room, clean your room,
over and over, day after day.

Then I started to think of something else. Katie Rose's birthday is December 12 th. Yes perhaps she is trying to be the model teen between now and then. She will most likely want a sleepover with several other noisy, giggly teenage girls.

Or perhaps it may be the worse thing of all.

She's becoming responsible.

Which would mean she is growing up.

Which would mean I won't have her for too many more years.

I am so hoping that she is angling for the sleepover!


Wanda said...

I love your suspicious nature Di, it makes for good stories. Is that a unique lounge for Katie in the corner, like a small bed or is it actually something bought for the cat...whichever, it's very nice.

Your mantle looks pretty with the tree, snowmen, candles and lights. The plates with the snow scenes are beautiful too. I need to finish decorating our tree. It's standing there with lights only!

Katie is probably angling for a sleepover as well as getting responsible...her room looks good either way! Have a great week.

Gail said...


oh such a great story to read - and I so love how well you know your Katie Rose and so any change s so obvious to you - although the clean room is a big change but it's way more than that - she is your baby girl growing up right before your eyes - blinding,isn't it? :-)

Love to you

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
That is an old foot stool from around the sixties I believe. I'm sure it went with a sofa or chair at one time. My Dil didn't want it and it made a perfect little seat in Kate's room. Usually, you can't see it!
Get that tree decorated Wanda, The grandkids will be happy!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
You are so right, it is very, very BLINDING. And going by much too fast as you know all too well!
Love Di

Bernie said...

Way to go Katie, I think it may be a little bit of both my dear or maybe there is a new boy in her life, I know I always was a bit fussier with my hair when I wanted a new boy to notice me...but then I'm old so they probably don't do that anymore.
Your mantle and tree look so festive my friend......:-) Hugs

Barb said...

Your decorations look wonderful, Di. They're putting me right into the spirit! Katie Rose is growing up! Or - could there be a love interest and she's going to ask to go on a date, so she's doing everything right? Sorry - but I raised 2 daughters...

I'm glad you're resting - a little.

Diana said...

Oh Bernie and Barb PLEASE don't mention the B-O-Y word. I am not ready for that yet. So far, according to Kate, she's not either.
Thats fine with me. I don't want to start dealing with that crap right away! Jake and I are fairly strict with that. No boys with cars for awhile! Ginny didn't go steady until she was in her senior year, I am hoping that Kate follows her lead!

Excuse me while I go pray now!
Love Di

Eileen said...

Oh, Di, don't question it, just savor it!

I loved your story, and I love how you try to decipher Kate's moods and moves! I think she wants a sleepover and I think she's growing up and wants her room to look nice for the event! Plus, maybe a little of her Mom is rubbing off on her!

Your mantle is beautiful, I love the soft blue! You should join Blue Monday (I think it's Smiling Sally that does it) next week and you can show your mantle, your denim quilt, and Kate's beautiful blue room!
I always meant to join in the fun of Blue Monday, but most of my blue is put away for the Fall and Winter, and then I always forget to gather the few blue things I have around now over the weekends.

I enjoyed this post a lot! Sorry you missed your show though.
Love you lots, E
PS ~ I've been going over to Imperfect Women a lot now since I've read your story there. They are on the bottom of my sidebar and no new posts show up, so I forget about them all the time. They have some good stories. I like that they have different people submitting stories, it makes for a nice mix!

Dr.John said...

Let the poor kid grow up. Cleanliness isa next to Godliness you know.

Linda Higgins said...

hahahaha LOL great story dear friend! It is amazing what happens to girls at that age! AHHH the memories...and my daughter is going through the 13 year old stage with her daughter. LOL I say, what goes around comes around! So glad to see that you had a great weekend! hugs!

Teacher's Pet said... your mantle...the blues are beautiful.
If you are dreaming, keep on keepin' on, my friend. What a wonderful 'dream'....!!
Her room looks fabulous!
Tell her the Villagers are applauding...and if she wants to come over to my house and get some more practice............ :)))
Smiles from Jackie

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
I can't help but question it as the clean room is so out of character!

I think that I will put "Imperfect Women" on my side bar too. I always tend to forget about it. There are a lot of great stories on it.

I don't join in on different day activities Eileen because I never am sure when I will be able to post! I love reading all of the different things that people do each day of the week. But for me,
I have learned to keep things as simple as possible or I get stressed! When I get stressed, I am not having fun! Maybe someday when I have more time I will.
Love Di

Diana said...

Dr. John,
I have repeatedly told Katie that cleanliness is next to godliness and I usually just get a look! Maybe she it is finally sinking in.
And I am letting her grow up. I'm just not so anxious to be alone!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Linda,
Believe it or not I am enjoying these teenage years with Katie as I know that they will pass very quickly. It seems like only yesterday that Ginny moved out and it's been ten years now.
The only difference is that Katie is the last one, SIGH !
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
I don't know how much help Kate would be to you although she did put the dishes away tonight!
I decorated myself this year. Katie doesn't want to do it anymore, clean room, to big to decorate, what next!
Love Di

Maria said...

Katie did a great job! She'll love showing her room to her friends! Love the cozy ~ lounge feeling in it! Blue must be a great 'sleeping' & 'dreaming' color!
It will be fun, this season to see everyone's decorations. Love the sparkle and glow of your mantle~
Blessings Always ~ Maria

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
Thank you, I did the mantle when I was really sick, probably why it came out alright hehehe!
I too love Katie's room. I never had a room that nice growing up. We were poor and I always had a closet or a corner!
BTW the room used to be my lounging room, I chose the blue. And than Katie wanted the bigger room, loved the blue and just went with it!
Love Di

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Since long I was unable to visit others' blogs n leave work was hectic and computer was giving problems.
You have alreadt started X'mas decorations!so beautiful the first photo is!I loved the reflection of blue lights!
Congrats,Kate for the wonderful job!you know what,My Little Star n Maza used to keep the romms so neat n tidy!they always kept their cupboards so tidy n they used to show the relatives how beautifully they have done their job!your post reminded me a lot about the loving n caring ways of My Little Star n Maza.
wishing you a month filled with fun,laughter n happiness,

Donna's Book Nook said...

Sometimes kids just have a way of doing things that knock us off our feet. Way to go Katie! As I was reading, I also thought of the B-O-Y possibility. For now, just enjoy the fact that all of your training is paying off. Blessings!

Blessings each day said...

Whoa...I am waaay down here...wonder if you'll see me?

If you are dreaming, what a wonderful dream and I'd like to do some of that dreaming too. Maybe Kelly's room would shape up, finally!

Love that soft blue look you created with your decorating...great job, Di.

blessings and hugs,


Diana said...

Hi Anu,
I start the decorating early because it takes me so long! I really take my time.
I hate computer troubles and I hope yours have been resolved now.
It's good to see you back!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Donna,
I know that it is still early to tell but Katie seems to be turning out surprisingly well!
I am always complimented from other people about her so I guess when she's not home she does good!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Marcy,
Here's the thing, Katie had a friend over after school for a couple of hours and then we all went to decorate the church. I haven't been back in the room since I took the picture. SOOOO I don't know what shape it's in right now!
Have you gotten your decorations up yet? I know you must be busy. I am still waiting for you to post, we all miss you!
Love Di

Anvilcloud said...

This room thing? I think you should be afraid. Very afraid. ;)

Jenny said...

Breathe. And again. I understand the whole suspicious thing but just figure you raised her right and she's just hoping that Santa brings her extra stuff. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Glad you got some extra sleep!

Diana said...

Hi AC,
I love it! It was one of the emotions that I felt that day!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Jenny,
I do believe you are right, Christmas, best behavior. Yes it goes hand in hand!
Love Di

Linda Higgins said...

Go to the internet and watch the whole episode on line! I do!

Diana said...

Hi Linda,
Does that mean that you fall asleep in your recliner too?
Love Di

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
Maybe Katie is just feeling good and is happy! Did you figure out what she wanted the lighter for? Loved how you tell your stories, and sorry to hear you are so tired. It takes awhile to get over being sick. I am still dragging my butt around...hope we all feel better soon.

Dee said...

I bet Katie knew finding her room all neat and tidy would make you feel better...what a sweet daughter. Diana, I would love for you to have one of my doodles...if you send me your address I will mail you one. My e-mail :)

Diana said...

Hi Teresa,
I am beginning to think that it's the weather changing that's making me so tired. Who knows.
I think that Katie had candles that she was lighting. Who knows!!!!!
There were no fires, hehehe...
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Dee,
Katie really is a good kid, although she is a teen and has her hormonal moments, what fun!
And I would absolutely love one of your doodles. I will email you when I finish this.
Love Di

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hey Diana! Good to know that your daughter is beginning to listen to things you've been saying all this while and understanding her responsibilities :-)

Really neat room! If I've time left before I rush, I leave mine neat too :-) (Yea, I'm not a teen anymore!)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Di, i always loved watching ur house pics, ur ppl pics and reading ur posts ...thank you for every pleasure...:)

Nice one once again..:) ssometimes we have to enjoy everything..