Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Trying to Catch Up!"

Just another quickie post this evening. My husband just left this morning which was a nice surprise as I thought he had to leave yesterday.

It was a busy and fun weekend which I will elaborate on soon. I really just wanted to say Thank you so much to everyone new and old to my blog that took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday.

You all made it very Happy! I am still trying to catch up on all of the blogs that I follow along with some new ones so please forgive me if I haven't been by yet. I will be soon.

Lots of things have been going on around here, some good and some sad. But we are all well. I will try and do a post with more info tomorrow. In the meantime,
Love to you all...........Diana


Wanda said...

Hi Di,
I'm trying to catch up too, have been so busy working outside and doing things with the grandkids, that I still have your birthday post up!!!

Hope this sad thing you speak of isn't too sad. Love to you Di.


Maria said...

Hi Diana! I'm catching up too after the weekend ... and I want to wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just saw Wanda's post this evening that it was your birthday!

I made a special
Happy Birthday Wish for you, Diana!

I hope you had a wonderfully happy day!
Love, Maria

Trisha said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope you have a wonderful year!

Bernie said...

Hi sweetie, so glad you had a nice birthday, sorry I slept through your celebrations.....I hope all is going well but feel a bit concerned about you, I know you will share when you are ready.
I have not been feeling great but am trying to get back on my feet. I sleep more than anything but am hoping I will be well again in a couple of days.
Take care, luv ya....:-) Hugs

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Diana, I popped onto your lovely blog through sweet Maria. Just want to wish you a belated very merry Happy Birthday.I read it was a special sweet day, in every way.
Have a happy Wednesday!

subu.ps said...

Hello Happy Birthday to you Madam !!

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
I will explain late today or tonight. I like you have been very busy!!! As a matter of fact I don't see an end to the busyness until late next week!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for the Birthday Greeting. It was very much appreciated! I think that those of us with nice weather have been busy outdoors. I am slowly getting caught up! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Trisha, It so nice to see you here! I had a wonderful birthday despite mom not being here this year. If you come back later or tonight I plan on doing a decent post!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I am doing fine. I just have do do something sad today but will explain later. Gosh I hope you start to feel better soon. Sleep is the best thing I suppose. Is it just a bug I hope?
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Saskia!
It's so nice that you stopped by. And yes it was a good day. I have to stop by and visit you next! I hope you are having a great week too!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Subu.ps,
Thank you for the Birthday greetings, it is very sweet of you! Love Di ♥

Eileen said...

Sorry to hear that there is more sadness to contend with, Di. I hope you'll be okay.
Glad to hear you had a nice weekend though and that Jake could stay at home a little longer than expected.

I have Jayden home sick, I'm taking him to the doctor in a bit, he's had fever on and off since Monday, and Kate said he had a really bad night last night, so I guess something is brewing.

We had a really busy weekend, got lots done on the front yard and a few flower plants potted, but so much more still to do.

Okay, I better get myself and Jayden ready.
Keep us posted.
Love and Prayers, E

Tranquility Speaks said...

I'm happy that I could contribute in my microscopic way towards your happiness!