Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Be Back Soon"

Sorry that I haven't been by folks. Jake and I have been home very sick.
We are both on medication but so far no relief. We go back to the doctor tomorrow. 
I have completely lost my voice and have had no desire to be on line so if you don't hear from me until next week, not to worry.

Hopefully I'll be be back soon.


Shelley said...

Be well soon - we miss you.

Gail said...


Hope you and Jake feel better soon.

Love you
peace and hope.....

Lynilu said...
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Lynilu said...

Proof read, Lyn, proof read!

Aww, I'm sorry to hear that, Di. Get well soon. Seems like some pretty awful crud is going around, as 4-5 of my blog/FB friends have been icky.

Odd thing .... I woke this morning, and as I was stretching and allowing my body to begin functioning slowly, I thought, "I haven't seen a post from Di lately." I've missed you. Come back when you can, but just rest and heal for now. Hugs and prayers sent your way.

Andrea said...

Praying for both you and Jake.
Big hugs,

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

sorry to read both or you are sick, prayers being sent. See you when you are back Di.

I will be absent after Friday, the big move is on for Saturday, won't have access to the internet until I get to my Sisters.

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
Please get well soon.Take complete rest.

Anvilcloud said...

Sorry to read that. Get better soon.

Maria said...

Oh Diana, I'm sending you wishes for wellness and restored health~ Hope you and Jake feel better soon!!!

Tranquility Speaks said...

Get well really soon Diana. I wish you your husband a speedy recovery from all the ailments. And congratulations for having decreased cholesterol sans medications!