Monday, August 16, 2010

" I Really Shouldn't "

Really I shouldn't.
Be posting that is.

You see I am taking some very strong steroids right now.

The poison Sumac got the better of me and as much as I hate to give in, I had to. It is not only on my arms but my forehead, cheeks and back of my neck.

I just couldn't take it one more minute. 
The steroids make me feel loopy.

So I am not taking responsibility for this post, nope, read it at your own risk!!!

I will now attempt, in my precarious state of mind to post the final photos from our day trip.

I will do my best, so here goes.

Alto Pass, Illinois

 Again, more curvy, winding, surprisingly beautiful, winding roads.

We're getting closer.... 

Oh my gosh was my husband in hysterics here. 
You see I was much too close to the edge for my husband.
He is very afraid of heights.

You wouldn't know it but he almost had a meltdown!

That is a huge, gigantic, drop off behind him!

Not to worry, I didn't push it, or him, HeHeHeHe.....

I know that he appreciated the view despite his fears. 

It was so UNLEVEL here, I felt safer walking barefoot. 
There are no fences, just a giant drop off.

Yes this is in Illinois!

You may or may not have heard of "Bald Knob Cross".
It is a gigantic metal cross that has been around for a long time.
If I were in my right mind I would put up a link so that you could read about it's history.

But alas, I am not in my right mind , feeling tired and my skin burns SO,
I will just tell you that it is being redone and if I could have climbed eight stories I could have gotten some better photos! Ha!

You can't tell from the photo but it overlooks the whole pass,
really spectacular.

You see when you visit my blog, you must use your imagination!
Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with the wonderful photo skills that you all seem to have. 

But that's alright because I know what wonderful imaginations you all have!

Just a little ditty, now that Katie is a sophomore, she has off campus lunch. And since she is not working yet, she has decided that it would be great if her and her friend come home for lunch everyday.

We live just a few blocks from the H.S.

Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone but she now expects me to make these gourmet lunches everyday.

During my nap time. 

I guess I am a little excited as this brings back memories of when Kate was in the third grade, but than again.......

cooking lunch and dinner all in one day?! With my knees?!!!!

Today's Lunch Menu

Broiled open faced Feta cheese chicken salad sandwiches  on fresh french bread,
 with colby jack cheese melted on top.

Fresh from the DIL's garden garlic dill pickle chunks

Frito Lay's Sea salt and Black Pepper Kettle Chips.

Anyone have any ideas for tomorrow involving ham and cornbread?


Lois Evensen said...

Hi! I'm finally able to log in for a few minutes via special satellite. I'm so glad to be able to see your blog again. Beautiful pictures. It looks like you had so much fun! I hope the poison sumac is better soon.


arlee bird said...

Those are some more wonderful photographs. Don't be knocking your skills as a photographer! They look fine to me. When most people think of Illinois they probably don't think of beautiful sights such as these.

Tossing It Out

Barb said...

No wonder Katie is coming home for lunch with that menu! I can't believe you have poison, Di - I used to be very allergic but (knock wood) haven't had a bout in all the 20+ years I've lived in CO. Hope you feel less itchy soon. PS Cute skirt! PPS I guess Jake wouldn't like riding chairlifts?

Amity said...'re okay I guess Di! The post you just had says it all!!!

Beautiful pics, I am in awe! Thanks for sharing it dear! And the menu ur planning to prepare? I suddenly felt famish, no wonder your li'l girl wants to come home for lunch everyday!

Enjoy the cooking but be careful with your knees!



Anvilcloud said...

I have a photo of Cuppa standing by the edge of the Grand Canyon. I was throwing five fits at the time.

Might I suggest that you don't cook with your knees? ;)

Wanda..... said...

Those were great photos Di, you in your lovely skirt, trimmed in green, made especially nice pictures!
Your Lunch Menu sounded straight out of "Gourmet Magazine"! I would make a salad with the cornbread and ham...add eggs, gr. onions, tomatos, carrots and peas with some greens and maybe some cheese. Just give it a fancy name!


Jules said...

I've never seen parts like that in Illinois. Unfortunately we usually only make it to Illinois if we have to go to Chicago. And I know there are way prettier places than that.

Lunch sounds great to me, I'll have some please.

Tranquility Speaks said...

Looking at the pictures and the wonderful write up I wouldn't know you were in so much pain had you not written about it.

Are there ointments that could soothe the skin and cause relief? I wish I knew of one and could send it across. Take care of yourself Diana.

You're exceptional as a human being with tremendous patience. Not to add a wonderful mother :)

Gail said...


Great pictures - beautiful sights. And your ability to post them today is admirable given the steroids. :-) You rock!!

Love you
hope the sumac clears soon
peace and hope.....

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Wow... I had poison ivy once so bad the dr. told me I should have been on steroids sooner the time I decided to go to see him, I was over the worst part...and it was gross... so I know how you feel... the itching can bring on insanity!

the photo of you against all the green of the hills is beautiful! I love your skirt!

Katie and Ginny's photo in your sidebar {of their vacation} is so cute!

So you've become a short order cook too! My father's diet is pretty strict -- 3 meals a day...meds in between...
I'm thinking crock pot ...

For the ham... how about an omelet or frittata?
Good luck with your poison sumac! I'll be thinking of you when I'm cookin' for Dad!
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place in Illinois!
love, Maria

Linda Higgins said...

Di! Had to play catch up again today, I can't believe that I missed 3 of your posts! You have been a busy lady! I hope you are feeling better....dang steroids! dang arthritis!

Bernie said...

Can I come to lunch as well, sound yummy.
Love your photos, love knowing that you and Jake had such a wonderful day even more.
Big hugs....:-)

Rebecca said...

Isn't it amazing the "local beauty" we often overlook?! Wow! That was gorgeous country you saw.

The Feta cheese chicken salad sounds great - as do the garlic dill pickle chunks. My grandmother used to make the world's BEST dill pickles. I'd give just about ANYthing for a taste of one just now.