Saturday, January 2, 2010

" Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day "

I am so excited!
I have declared my first national holiday.

January 2nd, 2010

" Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day "

I know how excited you are. What better time to clean out your fridge
than the beginning of the new year ?

The following are some tips to help you along.

1. First you must find some good music to listen to or the job can seem endless.

2. Depending on the time of day you choose to do this, you must have a drink on hand to wash down some of the food that you will be most likely munching on. Whether it be water, coffee, soda or a cocktail.
(I have found that a nice glass of Merlot makes the job less painful.)

3. Fill your sink or bucket with some warm soapy water.

4. You will need a nice soft and absorbent rag and a dry towel or two.

5. You can start with the freezer or the fridge first. Toss a coin if you can't decide. (I have found that sometimes my freezer doesn't need to be cleaned as often.)

6. I like to start from the top shelf and work my way down.

7. Take everything off of the top shelf, wiping off each item as you go. Discard any items that are out of date.
* Please people , remember, leftovers are a perishable item. Nobody is going to possibly eat it after it's sat there for more than three days.
So throw it out!

8. Wipe down the shelves, sides and back of the fridge with the warm soft rag and then dry.

9. Replace the food items .

10. Don't forget the condiments in the refrigerator door! I know that many of you would like to cheat and skip this part but don't. You will be surprised with the amount of what have you's are there that no one is eating any more! It is also one of the dirtiest places of the fridge, so DO NOT skip the door!!

11. Wipe down all of the seals on the fridge. Yes they get nasty.
Don't skip this step.

12. Stand back and admire your nice clean refrigerator!

13. Optional: You may at this time choose to go grocery shopping to refill your newly cleaned fridge. Just remember, if you've had a cocktail,
skip this step!

14. Don't forget to put a fresh box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda
in the back of your clean refrigerator!


I will be doing this late this afternoon as my daughter will be spending the night at a friends house.

You can choose whatever time of day that you wish to accomplish this task.

You will feel so much better starting the new year with your clean refrigerator!



Wanda said...

Clean out the leftovers???...What Leftovers??? What do you think we have been eating since Christmas Eve, Di??? Baked ham...ham on croissants, baked ham and spinach cresent rolls, ham and blackeyed peas, ham on Triscuits, ham and eggs, and "GREEN" ham and eggs! :)

I guess you should have declared Clean Out Your Refirgerator Day, one day sooner for me Di!


P.S. You could make money from this Di, there was a professional sounding lilt to your post! Professional Demonstrator of Household Tips and Advice Columnist!

Rebecca said...

This is JUST the inspiration I needed. And so much time has passed that I think I'd forgotten HOW--so your detailed instructions are VERY much appreciated!

Now. re. your last comment on my post...
It WAS precious time together. And I can "hear" the loneliness in your heart. I imagine it is doubly loud because your mother is not physically nearby...I am sorry.

Gary will have his cardioversion on Wednesday morning. The procedure will actually stop his heart and then restart it - hopefully in a "regular" rhythm.

By the way, I carry my date book with me EVERYWHERE and write down ANYthing I hope to remember. I'm even writing down where my various nativity sets are stored as I take them down and put them away this year! For some reason, I couldn't find many of them. I think they're scattered between 3 different places and I didn't want to put Gary through the hoops to find them.

Wish I could drop in and chat face-to-face with you, Di. Sometimes we just need someone "with skin on them" to reassure us.

Here's an attempt at a long-distance hug from me - ()

Diana said...

Thank You for the compliment Wanda,actually I have always been good at sales but I don't care for it. I too have been eating lots of ham but I love it so it's all good!
Love Di

Diana said...

Yes Rebecca, I have been very lonely. I'm not usually. I actually like being alone, most of the time. But since mom passed it's been a little different. I am much better when someone is around. And I have been missing my husband much more lately.
I hope everything goes well for Gary and I will say a prayer for him. Please let me know how things go when you can.
Love Di

Anvilcloud said...

The thought of cleaning the fridge leaves me cold. haha

Dee said...

This is a great idea...My grandson is leaving today to start his internship and this will be a good way to keep my mind off of his leaving. If anyone says anything, I will just say to them...Hey don't you know today is "Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day?" I do have a this a monthly or yearly "Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day?"

Gail said...

Oh how I loved this post. And I am feeling positive knowing a glass of wine is allowed. :-) phew.

You really did do a wonderful job of giving directions - you left no shelf or seal untouched!!

Excellent just like YOU!!!

Love Gail

Bernie said...

Di I feel like going out to the kitchen right now and clean my refrigerator.....NOT. Seriously I only cleaned it before Christmas so it's not bad at all.
You sound great, hope you are feeling the same you...:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Oh AC you are so funny!! You will be all warm and toasty at the thought of your freshly cleaned fridge!
Love Di

Diana said...

Dear Dee,
The answer to your question depends on how much use your refrigerator gets. There are three of us in the house so I find that quarterly works well for me. Especially if you are neat to begin with and wipe away spills as you go.
However if one has small children such as my DIL, I would definitely suggest a good monthly if not bi-weekly cleaning!
Just remember to keep a smile on your face as you do this chore and you will find much satisfaction.
Love Di

Diana said...

Dear Gail,
Yes a touch of the spirits will make this job more tolerable. I would however suggest that you wait until the evening if you wish to imbibe.
Unless of coarse you are one of the lucky ones that have no responsibilities what so ever and can sleep and wake as you choose!
Love Di

Diana said...

Dearest Bernie,
I too cleaned my refrigerator before Christmas, but we can never be to clean can we now?
However if you feel that your appliance meets your standards than by all means put your feet up and enjoy the fact that it is already spic and span!
Love Di

Teacher's Pet said...

Di...I want to know how you got a photo of MY refrigerator and turned it into the graphic for your blog.
I need you! Yes, I do.
How did you know.....

Barb said...

Dear Di, Is this Holiday optional? If so, I'm skipping everything but the Merlot. Thanks!

Diana said...

Dear Jackie,
The refrigerator graphic was simply
coincidence. Actually the idea for this marvelous JANUARY holiday came to me from my own fridge which was filled with leftovers from Christmas that no one would want to eat anymore!!
I actually cleaned it thoroughly before Christmas so it wasn't too bad of a job.
But dear please don't put this job off for long as strange things will reproduce in there if you do!
Love To You, Di

Teresa said...

Dang, now I have to clear a pathway to my kitchen and do my dishes, before I can even find the fridge...Looks like my work is cut out for me today!!! Just Kidding, well almost...I suppose a clean refridgerator, is a 'healthy choice' and I am 'steaming mad' today, and I know you think it is 'good therapy' to clean when you are upset...right Di? I should have known that the minute I announced I was happy all 'hell' would break loose..."I will make good choices today, I will make good choices today, I will...and by the way, I have almost bitten my tongue off and it is only January 2!!!! Love you Di ((((HUGS)))) TT

Diana said...

Dearest Barb,
Of coarse this holiday is optional!
But I will let you in on a little secret...
The Merlot will taste much better when your refrigerator is clean.
You see this allows the complete and total relaxation effect from the Merlot to wash over you.
And there will never be any regrets over a filthy fridge!
Love Di

Diana said...

Dearest Teresa,
I am so sorry to hear of your misfortune today. But I do promise you this. If you put on some good music, loud if you dare, pour a glass of wine, and get busy on that kitchen, your troubles will soon fly away with the dirt and grime if only for a short time!
And remember to sing loudly while scrubbing furiously. This step is very important. Good luck to you my dear, I know that this will do the trick!
Love Di

Teresa said...

OK Di...Just for the Health of it...I am turning my music, I have to settle for tea (no wine), the upstairs neighbor may think I have lost my mind...but I will soon be scrubbing furiously and singing loudly...I will let you know if it works!!!! If all else fails, I will have a clean fridge!!! and good lungs!!! ((((HUGS)))) TT

Diana said...

Dear Teresa,
Let me know how things turn out. And you know that you can email me if you want to. I am going off line for awhile, Katie wants the computer for awhile. I will check back later.
Tea is fine, whats your favorite?
Love Di

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, PERFECT!!!! I am inspired!!! I am challenged!!! I am motivated!!! I will do it!!!

...on monday (sheepishly)...LOL...

You are utterly amazing... courageous, and your keen sense of humor is simply superb!!!! May I give you a standing ovation? What an inspiration you are to me!! I have a feeling that you will encourage me by far more than I ever could ever hope to encourage you in this coming year!!! You are simply wonderful, and I'm so glad we became friends in 2009!!!! AND I'm delighted to stand with you as we face off 2010!! Bring it on...Together, my friend Di and I can handle the challenge!!! Love you so much!!! Janine XO

Dr.John said...

Now if only we could get Congress to make this an official National Holiday.

Dee said...

I think that January 3rd will be my clean out the fridge day, thanks for the tips.

It will be my new thing for tomorrow (if you want to, take a look at my blog)

Barb said...

Oh, Di - well, give me another day or two at least! PS I did enjoy the Merlot though...but now I'm wondering if it really would taste better if I cleaned the fridge? Darn!

~Chris said...

Yes... I'll toast to that !
Fun post, Diana... but so true here in my house! A fridge clean out is overdue!
The glass of wine is a perfect suggestion!

Jenny said...

No. Don't want to. Won't do it. No!

I'm practicing boundaries here.

A girls gotta start somewhere!

Cute post!

Diana said...

Dear Janine,
You will be totally amazed after you clean your refrigerator. It will truly inspire you on to bigger and better things. Think of all of the possibilities. What will be around the corner for you in the new year?
That pesky closet perhaps? That junk drawer that you've been meaning to tackle? It's a new year. Lets make it a clean and shiny one!
Love Di

Diana said...

Dear Dr. John,
With all of the wonderfully life enriching bills that congress passes, surely " Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day " should be a breeze to get passed!
Love Di

Diana said...

Dear Barb,
Please do enjoy the Merlot, but it really does taste better when the fridge is clean!
Love Di

Diana said...

Dearest Dee,
You may feel free to clean your refrigerator at your leisure. My new holiday is just a reminder!
You can bet that I will go and visit your blog!
Love Di

Diana said...

Dear Chris/Maria,
I have found that a nice glass of wine helps, sometimes, to complete a project that one does not look forward to.
However, I simply can't understand why we wouldn't enjoy cleaning out our refrigerator!
Love Di

Diana said...

Dear Jenny,
It's fine dear. Don't fret over this holiday. It will get done one day at your house I am sure.
But try to see the big picture, millions of people, every January 2nd, dancing and singing in their kitchens while wiping down the huge appliance that sustains us!
It can almost be a spiritual experience!
Love Di

Linda Higgins said...

uhh the fridge in the garage or the fridge in the kitchen? LOL I never have leftovers, HATE leftovers, I PRETEND to like them and put them in the frige for a day or 2 then dispose of them so I don't have to eat them! With Huhoney home all the time, house husband is constantly CLEANING OUT THE FRIDGE! lucky me? lololol gives us a great excuse to eat out A LOT. but a 2010 NOT resolution is to eat more at home and FILL UP the fridge! LOL love the holiday though, I declare it a DI NATIONAL HOLIDAY! LOL

Donna's Book Nook said...

I'm totally exhausted just reading about all you ambitious people scrubbing your fridge's.

It's a good idea, but mine will have to wait until the first of the week. Don't do the wine thing--will settle for a good cup of tea.

Ellen said...

Wishing you glad tidings for the new year that has begun. May God's grace and blessings pour out upon you and your family a hundredfold. Happy New Year!

Teresa said...

Well Di, I sang and danced and scrubbed and drank my heavenly Celestial Tea (Blueberry), and now I have a sparkling clean refridgerator to start the New Year, and lots of room to put actual food!

I think I will fill it with fruits and veggies, and olives, and leftover gluten free pasta...and feta cheese, and whatever else 'just for the health of it'...

(((HUGS)))) TT

Ginnie said...

Sounds like a great idea but I'll have to make mine the first days of April...since that's when my daughter, husband and two dogs will leave me and return to their home in NY. !!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I have things in my Fridge that would now be considered an Antique :),

Great idea for a holiday. Hope Two Thousand Ten will be a good year for you Di.

Jules said...

Oh my gosh! I actually did this on Saturday....

Eileen said...

I really get no joy from cleaning. Even after a job well done, there may be a little satisfaction, but more just the feeling of 'thank goodness that is over and out of the way for awhile!', no joy.
So I think this is one holiday I'm glad I missed!
I wish I could channel some of your enthusiasm for cleaning!

Love to you,

Lisa said...

Holy Cow, Di! You've touched a nerve here, I think? Can you see me under all these comments? (gglggl) I have to tell you a good Fridge cleaning story. I HATE cleaning the fridge. I found out how much my husband-to-be loved me when he cleaned out my dorm fridge for me when we were yet only engaged.... (liquid lettuce, solid milk.) I had cleaned our fridge the week before the big boys got home for Christmas break, but there was so much cooking going on that by the week after Christmas it was a dizz-aster! But I was gone so much, attending to other things, that I didn't have a chance to clean it. So I found out how much my son Jon loved me when he cleaned it for me on New Year's Eve. (Or maybe it wasn't so much how much he loved his mother, as how much he hated the disgusting refrigerator.... hmmm...)

Barb said...

Dear Di, Thank you for the inspiration - my Merlot is tasting great - the Fridge is CLEAN!

Tranquility Speaks said...

This is the way I've always seen my dad and mom clean our fridge :D And we at times discover stuff months old and from there it goes straight to the bin!

This was so wonderfully written!!