Wednesday, January 13, 2010

" Today is THE Day ! "

Today is a very special day in Blogland.
One of my wonderful friends is celebrating her birthday today.

Well at least I hope that she will be celebrating in some way!
Her name is Eileen.

Her blog is
called " Umma's World ".

You will find Eileen's post's very interesting. She can be very funny,
warm, and also serious. I love when she speaks her mind.

I also love the way she takes such good care of her family.
And what a beautiful family she has.

Please pop over and wish her a Very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday
Eileen !

We Love You !!!!!


Wanda said...

Thanks Dee early do you get up? Lately for me it's 6:30...I guess we are the early birds in this village!

Eileen said...


So far, so good! A great start to my day!
I cherish you and hold your friendship as one of my greatest gifts!
Love to you!,

Blessings each day said...

Great post but it just popped up now, so Blogger drives me crazy as my post took forever to show up on someone's sidebar too! At least the drive is not long for me to be crazy!!

blessings and huggies (not the diaper kind)to you,


Bernie said...

Hisweetie, I tried to post a link to Eileen's blog, I lost your instructions and of course it didn't work......hope you are feeling better, luv you....:-) Hugs

Barb said...

Hi Di,

Did Katie pass her Driver's test? Hope she feels better. I WILL pop over to visit Eileen myself - you are the third person to tell me to do so!

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Di...
We need to get together, my friend.
And...tell Jake that white trucks are in the majority on the interstate. They have the red, orange, and brown ones outnumbered.
My little hands are falling off waving to them.
I do hope that you are feeling better. Post me any time... You know that I'm thinking of you.

Maria said...

Hope all is well at your place, Diana!
Keep us posted on Katie ~
Will be wishin' Eileen a
♫ Happy Birthday ♫