Tuesday, January 5, 2010

" Rebel , Rebel "

I don't know what else I would call it. I haven't worked out in a week and I have eaten whatever I please. Like Mac and Cheese !

Oh so healthy indeed! The fact of the matter is right now at this very moment,
I don't care. And no it's not because my mom just passed away. I am not feeling
sorry for myself nor do I have any other condition that involves my doctor suggesting an


Nope, none of the above. The truth is that I just don't feel like making an effort.
Here it is January, when everyone else feels like starting anew.
I am just cold. And my bones hurt. I don't feel like moving.

No excuses. Just don't feel it. I am a big winter blob right now. And I have no desire
what so ever to do anything about it!

Rebel, rebel.

Not to worry, it will all change soon. My jeans are getting tighter. And I will start to feel miserable about it. Then I will once again get up and move around.

Perhaps I will even eat a green bean or two. Maybe a yogurt instead of the caramel
praline ice cream which sits quietly, waiting for me in the freezer.


Come spring time I will most likely have the urge to lose a few pounds.
But until then,
I am just trying to keep warm. The way nature intended.

" Rory's Way "

Chapter One

Aurora was breathing very fast now as she peddled her powder blue cruiser down the last stretch of "Hawkins Road" before the turn off to her cul-de-sac. She knew the exact house that she had to start slowing down by in order to start lowering her heart rate to a safe level before she reached home. It was a cute little house. An odd shade of pink she always thought, although the flowers in it's front yard were superb. Rory always thought it quite amazing. Having a green thumb was one of the things she had yet to discover. She had no idea if she even had one or if there even was such a thing.

There were so many things Rory still didn't know about herself. Yet the things she did know, she was proud of. She had gone through so much in her short 28 years, that there were times she had trouble believing she was even in this place.

She could feel her heart rate reaching it normal level as she took the curve onto "Knight's Cul-De-Sac". Her home, the only house on the cul-de-sac, was clearly in her sight now. Aurora Knight was almost there.
And her 18 year old powder blue cruiser had once again, brought her home.

As she cruised around the curved, stone drive that led around the front of the house to the garage, she once again stared up in awe at this house that was her home. The town's people called it a mansion. That would probably be a better word for Rory's home although to her it was just her home.

It was a far, far cry from where and how she herself grew up. She couldn't remember anything about her parents except for a scent. A scent that from time to time she would come across when in a crowd.

When she was 15 she rode her cruiser 10 miles to the city where there was a big enough department store to carry several different colognes and perfumes. She tried every single bottle trying to find the sent that haunted her memory. 18 bottles later she discovered that the name of the cologne was "4711". She thought it odd that it was a number and not a name. But then, thinking back, her entire life thus far had been odd.

All that her aunt Mae and uncle Roy would ever tell her about her parents, besides the accident, was that they would have wanted Rory to stay with them. And so that was it. That was the only family that she had ever known. Until later.


Barb said...

Hi Di,
I'm going to take Rebel lessons from you (now that I have taken Refrigerator cleaning lessons). I've always wanted to be a bad girl. I'll start by eating mac and cheese. Let me know what comes next. What is this story you've begun to tell - very enticing. Keep warm!

Bernie said...

Oh that mac & cheese looks so good, I call that comfort food.

Hey if you don't have to go anywhere stay home, just put your feet up, read a good book and stay warm. You deserve it, worry about the jeans fitting better when the weather warms up.

This story sounds good, I hope you keep adding to it.

Luv you.......:-) Hugs

Ginnie said...

Everyone needs "couch potato" time once in awhile and at least you are writing about it. Is that part of a story you wrote or are you in the process of writing it. It's good.

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
Well we have to be bad girls once in a while. It's too cold to go anywhere!
The story is just developing out of boredom! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
Mac and Cheese is one of my comfort foods. I wonder what your is? Maybe we should take a poll.
The story is just for fun. I will try to add to it every week.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Ginnie,
I just started to write the story out of boredom. I don't yet know where it is going. I will try and add to it every week, when and if , feeling inspired! Thank you.
Love Di

Wanda said...

Diana...I have a new macaroni and cheese recipe I just downloaded 2 days ago...we are on the same page, but I am going to take a walk today...see what's out there.
Just hope I don't freeze something while doing it.
Your story hit home with me too...After my mother died, I bought the perfume I remembered she wore when I was young, TABU...I don't wear it, it's not me, just a scent for memories!

Gail said...

I really love the story about "Rosy", - Aurora. I am very intrigued. Excellent writing style.

ANd I love that you ar a proud rebel! :-)

Love to you

Anvilcloud said...

The Mac looks yummy. Great stuff.

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
Are you all bungeled up? That's how Ginny used to say bundled! Please try and stay warm. I remembered "4711" from when I was a girl, don't even know if it's still around but I loved it then!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
I hope that your sister is doing well, I've been thinking about her and Rebecca's husband Gary. I just pray that everyone gets well soon.
Thanks for reading my little story.
I will had to it here and there.
Luv Ya, Di

Diana said...

Hi AC,
You should know all about trying to keep warm. Mac and Cheese is my comfort food. I love to put ham in it. Love Di

Eileen said...

I think your perfume is still around, Di, I googled it once and I even put it in my cart, but got distracted and never purchased it. Now, I'm doing 'Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps to Financial Freedom' and I can't buy anything!

I love Wanda's Mom's perfume Tabu, I have some of that, nice reminder of my younger years. And I have a few bottles of L'Origan (my Mom's signature scent) but Coty doesn't distribute it in the US anymore so I use it sparingly and just open the bottle and take a whiff when I need to feel my Mom close by.

AND, what's with the 'junk food' post?! You know I have no will power!

I'm loving this story! I wanted to guess the ending but you said you haven't finished it yet so I guess I can't.

I guess the junk food and the cold have got your creative juices flowing! Great job!

Love to you, E

Tranquility Speaks said...

This is PRECISELY how I feel on my weekly offs! No work whatsoever! Believe it or not I don't even feel like getting up to go to the restroom! Indulge yourself Diana. After a year's hard working, you deserve all the rest. Loads and loads of love and hugs to you :)

Teacher's Pet said...

Di...Please, do a geneology search for your cousins. Please.
I think I B one.
I feel the same doggone way you do!
We are 'kin' (southern for 'related')...and I know it.
The story is good, Di...I look forward to more...I want to know about Rory's past...almost as much as she does. You write very well, Di.
Smiles to you from Jackie

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Di...I'm totally with you...I have no motivation in the winter to worry about my weight...it is ALL about staying warm...especially THIS winter which is proving to be one of the very, very coldest on record! Hey, I'm thrilled you've started a story here!!!! What a perfect way to spend a cold winter's eve...with a cup of hot tea and a fantastic opener from a story by my dear friend Di!!!! Looking forward to finding out more about Rory!!! You've really captured my curiosity!!! And that Mac n' Cheese looks absolutely divine...I'll be right over...with spoon in hand...Shall I bring the beans? ROFL...Love you! Janine OX

Dr.John said...

The story is interesting. Glad your not depressed and your attitude is good.

Jenny said...

I think maybe your body is telling you it needs to rest and be nurtured in whatever way you can give it comfort. Neat story. Consider yourself hugged, OK?

Linda Higgins said...

I think there is a real purpose in your not wanting to do anything! It is the story that is telling you! This is going to be fun...You will still be my friend when you are rich and famous and at book signing all over the country aren't you? YOU BETTER! Or I will hunt you down just so you can sign my book! or better yet, send my an original print! hehehe. LOVE IT, LOVE YOU TOO! you know this is how 2 very famous authors started don't you!? the vampire series and also Harry P!

Rebecca said...

Keep at the writing, Di! It's very intriguing and in my opinion, well-written!

BTW....I've been where you are - and it's tempting to go there again. However, my winters just kept piling on and I am at least 10 years (I think even more) older than you and can't afford any more do-overs.

I love you and send you my most sincere and urgent keep-writing-wishes.

Maria said...

Oh Boy... Is that your mac & cheese photo Diana? IT LOOKS AWESOME!
One of the best comfort foods on the planet!

My daughter is DRAGGING me out of the house today... I have to BE THERE in 1/2 hour... See what I'm doing? blogging! LOL
that's how excited I am to leave the house after work.
(I still have to feed the dogs and put a diaper on Muffin (she's 15 ... that's another post)
I love walking...but it's been so dreadfully cold and windy...

Thinking of you~ Take Care & comfort♥

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Di, I know what you are feeling, I sometimes get this way in January. For me January is just cold and snowy and I just lose all ambition. I think that I just get in this rut after Christmas. You indulge in your Cheese and Macaroni if you want. Sometimes we got to spoil ourselves. We are allowed to this time of year. Come Spring I am sure you will be OK

I think I am going to get hooked on Rory's Story like you are with Blanche.

quieten said...

Love the story so far, Di. I read it while eating my mac and cheese and my chunky monkey ice cream!!!! LOL!

Dee said...

Glad to see your creativity is kicking in. Have you written before? It will be interesting to see were you take the story. I would love to be able to write. There are so many good writers on the blogs I visit. Writing is a good way to handle stresse's. much like my doodles.

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
Boy can you write! I love your style! Your mac and cheese looks great, and I understand about just 'not feeling like it'. I have been there and done that myself, in fact, I have done a lot of that, too much, and I am struggling quite a bit with eating healthy. After seeing Wanda's blog with all the chocolate, I had such a strong craving that I searched my car and the garage for one of those boxes of chocolates from my demo's, I just knew there had to be one more. Ah! and there was...yesterday I ate french fries from McDonalds, chocolate, and cheese...wierd! Not quite Mediterranean, but there is always tomorrow...not going to dwell on it. Lots of interesting things happening around here too...keeps me reaching for the 'comfort food' too! Keep on Writing ((((HUGS)))) TT

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Okay, dear friend...I just came by to tell you that after visiting you I had such a HANKERING for mac n' cheese that I HAD to make some...and that's a bit of a trick for me as I have serious allergies to most wheats...so I had to hunt down a Russian product...Spelt noodles...and produce Spelt bread (as I use bread crumbs in my mac)...Then it could be accomplished...AND YES!!! I ate the entire batch of mac n' cheese MYSELF!!!!! YUMMMMMMMM! See what you've started??? Looks like we'll need to hit the gym together, dear friend!!!! Now, if I could ONLY write fiction like you...Love you, Janine XO

Being Pramoda... said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....Missed you alottttt...well am back here again..:) Thanks fr your consistent support at my blog.. thank you soo much and its very nice to know your doings here..

the new template is awesome and the pic is superbbbbbb... its soo nice to meet ur family here.. thanks yaa

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Nothing wrong with occasional rebellion!