Monday, January 25, 2010

" Sisters in Faith Award "

I feel bad about not accepting this award sooner. The truth is that I had forgotten about it as there has been so many things going on around this house lately!

One of my closest blogger friends, Eileen @ " Ummas World "
was thoughtful enough to pass this award onto me.

Thank You Eileen! I would award this right back to you if you hadn't already received it.

I think it would be safe to say that we have been through many emotional and spiritual trials together this past year and it has brought us closer together.

I am posting the origin of this award just as Eileen did so that you can understand it's meaning.

Well, I wanted to make sure I understood exactly what this award was all about so I went in search of the creator of this award and I found it was Karinann @ Blessings for the Day. Her blog is beautiful and spiritually enriching.
In her post about this award she wrote:
"For my final post of 2009 here on Blessings, I thought I would celebrate the gift of spiritual sisterhood. God has used this special medium of the blogosphere to bring many of us together who might under the usual circumstances of life, may never have crossed paths.
I am grateful for those who have joined me on my spiritual path.
As 2009 ends and 2010 begins I wanted to say thank you to all of my spiritual sisters who help and encourage me along this journey of faith. To do this, I created this little blog award called The Sisters In Faith Award."
As a recipient of this award you are asked to pass it to those who reflect the spirit of this award and the instructions are:

1. Pass this award to sisters who have been blogging with you from the beginning.

2. Include at least one new
Sister In Faith.

I loved the idea behind this award as I have made so many great friends from this medium.

Spiritual sisterhood! I love the way that sounds. My very first follower was Marcy @ "Blessings Each Day" and I know that Eileen has already passed this onto her, if she hadn't already, rest assured Marcy that I would have.

So first I am going to choose two followers that have been with me from the beginning and than one new follower whose blog
I am now addicted to!

Weather or not they choose to except the award is totally a personal choice. Either way I just want them to know how much I have appreciated their comments, emails, constant friendship and support!

1. Bernie @ " On My Own"
2. Wanda @ " Moments of Mine "

And my new follower:
Dee @ " One Foot Out of the Box "

And now the most important thank you of all, Thank you Lord for bringing these wonderful people into my world!


Wanda said...

Gee Diana, I love that you gave this to gives me a warm feeling...I really relate to your loss you know, something we have in common. My mother had a touch of your personality, so this is gratefully received, as one of her 3 daughters. I'm too sentimental sometimes, I know. Just, Thank You!

Eileen said...

Oh, Di, this was so sweet, and SO YOU! You know how close I feel to you. Kindred spirits. I feel like I have my two sisters in 'real life' Marybeth and Diane, and my two sisters in 'blog life' Marcy and Diana! And then we have our beautiful extended family here of 'Sisters In Faith', God really has been so Good to us!

I hope Katie is on the mend. What did the doctor have to say? What did he say about the ringing in your ear?

A weird thing happened to me a few weeks ago, I heard a radio playing in my left ear! I hope that never happens again!
I've heard that can happen when you have those mercury fillings, but all mine were removed years ago. Oh well, there's always something nutty going on with me!

Feel good!

Jenny said...

Good morning Di! Congratulations on your award. I would send you a maple nut candy in celebration but there are none left. Sooorrryyy! Happy Tuesday!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your award. And I'm probably a little slow in noticing, but I DO see your new profile picture. I likey!

Started here. Now I need to go backward because from Eileen's comments I can see I've missed some stuff on your blog.

Bernie said...

Gosh Diana, this post was so beautiful and I so appreciate your award.....I already have received this so I will add your name under it on my blog.
Diana, you are so easy to love and I appreciate having you as one of my best blogging buddies. Your sense of humor is what gets me through the day sometimes.
Thank you and I love you.....:-) Hugs

Linda Higgins said...

Di, what a sweet and beautiful post! Well deserved and those received well deserved too! I am still amazed at the sisterhood that I have been able to enjoy in blog world and especially in this little village created. I always feel fortunate and blessed to be a part of such wonderful friends! hugs to you and all you do to make everyone feel so good!

Dee said...

THANK YOU Diana, I accept your award into my heart. It is a beautiful award with a special meaning. Once again THANK YOU. Dee

Tranquility Speaks said...

The creator of this award definitely knew how to thank people, who'd otherwise never have met her. Kudos to you for being the human being that you are and one of the strongest I know. Loads of love