Sunday, January 31, 2010

" Country Roads, Take Me Home"

I must admit that I had no idea how today would turn out when I woke up this morning. Katie had her friend spend the night and I was pretty sure that I was going to let her drive her home. I have let her do it once before and she did pretty well.

Kate has only driven about a half a dozen times thus far with her drivers permit. When we left the house I thought, what the heck, we have plenty of time so I was going to let her drive around a bit more. So off we went. " Take a right turn here." I said and off we went.

I thought that I knew where we were going. Really I did. But after going several miles out of town, not seeing anything familiar, I knew that we were lost! Katie's friend was being very quite (for a change) as I secretly was starting to panic. Katie in the mean time was doing great. She was getting much more comfortable with handling my car. In a previous driving session, Katie felt uncomfortable doing 55 M.P.H. , so I told her to drive the speed that was comfortable for her. That was 39M.P.H. in a 55M.P.H. speed zone. But that was fine I told as other cars would pass if they wanted to.

We were in the middle of nowhere. But it was o.k.
We had a full tank of gas, plenty of gum, no map and no bars on any of our cell phones.

Must take deep breaths, I will be fine. Katie was doing fine. After driving for about 40 minutes, my Katie was now doing 55M.P.H.! And she was having a great time. The one thing that I have to consistently remind her of, is that she drifts to the right. There was much improvement today but still too much drifting!

So back to having NO CLUE where we were. There were some roads in which I recognized the names of. At these times I would make her turn on to them in hopes of finding a small town that I recognized. We even passed the sign that read "Devils Prop"! This is an amazing place to go hiking or just sit and enjoy the beauty. But my husband Jake always took us there and all that I knew was that it was far from our home. Yikes!

This is an actual photo of "Devils Prop" which has been around for hundreds of years. Back in the 1800's, young folks from our town would take buggy rides out there. It would take them all day to get there.

So now that Katie and I know the way, I told her we would go this spring and take a picnic lunch and our camera's! But in the meantime we are still lost. We went through two that I know of, possibly three counties.

Finally we came to a tiny town that I remembered driving through many years ago before Katie was born, but couldn't remember geographically, where it was in relation to our town. Katie slowed down through the tiny town when I spotted a nice looking young man. At which time I instructed Katie to CAREFULLY pull over and stop. The nice looking young man was very polite in giving us directions to the highway that we need to get back home.

I heard the angels singing after I thanked him and Katie pulled back out onto the road. We got on the highway and were on our way in the right direction. Finally! Hallelujah! I finally KNEW where we were going. And why don't we have a damn map in this car, is what I asked my husband when we finally did get home. At least I can read a map!

Katie then had to actually drive in traffic of a larger town to a four way stop light in which she had to make a left turn with cars all around her. She did great! And the rest of the TWO hour trip was a piece of cake!

My initial intention was about a 45 min. drive. Oh well, the more practice the better. And thinking back on it now, we did have fun. I think that Katie will be a very good driver. Once she learns to stop drifting!

Just to let you know, I have a fear of getting lost and will have a panic attack when I do. When I was 17 I got very lost with no money, hardly any gas and of coarse no cell phones back then. Or GPS. Not that I have one now! It was in a very bad neighborhood in the southside of Chicago. I did eventually find a street that I knew, but this is why I panic when I get lost now.

When we knew we were lost, Katie said to me "Relax mom, I'm a truck drivers daughter. It's no big deal." Well how about that? Maybe I will be able to relax one day after all!


Teacher's Pet said...

Great job on driving, Katie! (Di, you will tell her for me, won't you?) She is her Daddy's child...and she's right, Di...truck driver's daughter is on the right track...and got you and her home safely. I understand about your fear of getting lost, though, and I know that it must have been traumatic for you. I send you a hug...hoping that you have a restful night, my friend.
Smiles from Jackie

Wanda said...

Hi Di...first thing you should do put a map in the car, to help erase any fears you might have next time you both go driving. Sounds like Katie is confident though. Just think Di, now you have a chauffuer!
Happy driving!

Bernie said...

Good for Katie and good for you. You didn't panic and Katie had it all under control anyway.
Been thinking of her and upcoming surgery....saying some prayers for all of you.
Do what Wanda suggested, put a map in the car (you are much better than I am as I can't read a map very well)
Take care, luv you.....:-) Hugs

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
I don't think I have a map in the car either... I must get an atlas or something to put in there...

I'm so glad you made it home by tonight! I don't "do lost" well myself, Diana.
...It's great that Katie is calm and confident. I used to shudder every time a truck passed me by. (They probably shuddered seeing me in the driver's seat! LOL)

You're doing great! God bless you both! ~Maria

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
Yes it was very stressful at first but I just told myself that we'd be alright. Katie's confidence made the difference! Love Di

Diana said...

Oh Wanda you know I really don't care to drive. So when Katie can do it I WILL be very happy. Jake is bringing me a map!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
Truly I did panic but didn't let on. Katie kept noticing my hands doing strange things?! We will most definitely get a map! Thank you for thinking about her surgery. Rebecca was right, I am very nervous!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
Katie's confidence amazes me. I am learning that this is one of her strengths.It's really heartwarming when you discover them isn't it?
Love Di

linda said...

Cute story! Glad the nice young man was able to help you guys out with directions!

Yay katie on your good driving skills! Sounds like she's gonna be a great driver!

Diana said...

You know Linda, I told Katie tonight how proud I was of her and that I really thought that she will be a very good driver, and I really meant it! Love Di

Blessings each day said...

When you mentioned the thing about getting all anxious when you're lost, I thought that's me for sure. Have been lost a few times when it was a really sad situation alot like yours and all alone with no cell phone, so I feel for you.

Keeping Katie's surgery and your emotions in prayer, swetie pie.

blessings and hugs,


Anvilcloud said...

I have a significant other who has no sense of direction and panics easily too.

Gail said...


Great story of going with the flow and finding the gift in every opportunity, evenin being lost. And I love that Katie said "I am a truck driver's daughter!!" :-)
And guess what Diana?? SO AM I!!!!!

Love to you

Rebecca said...

What a great adventure! Sounds like you're in good hands with your truck driver and now,the truck driver's daughter.

All of us need to learn not to "drift" in one way or another, I guess.

Kudus to you for patience and overcoming your fear of being lost!

Karen said...

Ah, the "lost" teenage years--I remember that well. I'm glad there was no problem.

I just stopped in from Stephanie's blog where she mentioned you recently lost your mom. Wanted to say I'm so sorry and am giving you a cyber hug! ((hugs)) Blessings and hope Kate's surgery goes well, too.

Anonymous said...

Sent over from Stephanie's blog. I lost my mom a little over a year ago. Prayers and hugs to you. Praying God's peace and love to you and your family. :O)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I enjoyed reading this, I am sure if I get that new job in Ontario close to my Sister, I'll be getting lost too. Glad that Katie is getting confident in her driving.

Lena said...

Hi Diana,

Coming from Stephanie's where I just read about you losing your mom... ((Hugs)) Losing a parent is very hard...

I enjoyed reading you a lot... Will make sure to be back often :)

Barb said...

Well - I got a little stressed reading about your stress, Di. I'm doing my breathing exercises as I write this. Deep breaths might be helpful to you, too! Good for Katie - she IS a truck driver's daughter, after all. Can't wait for the picnic at Devil's Prop.

Dee said...

Glad you found your way home. Driving with a teen is no picnic. Till this very day I pray protection around each of my family members when they are out and about in their cars. Whenever Frank and I travel anywhere, I pray gaurdian angels around us, our car and for the road to be clear before us, behind us and on each side of us. I think it came from my childood and my dad who was a very scary driver.:) I am sure your daughter will be a careful driver and believe it or not you will glad one day she can drive. :) I also am thankful for a car that tells me what direction I am going.

Linda Higgins said...

Di, I love this story! I love getting lost! It reminds me of when Bob and I went to visit my daughter in Maryland and she and her hubby went on a cruise, so with our little 7 year old grand daughter we would go out during the day and try and get lost! WE HAD A BALL, but no matter what road we would turn down, totally country in the boone docks, our little Madi girl would say "Papa, turn here and by golly we would end up on a road that looked familiar. It became a joke every time we went to visit, because Madi would say, "Let's get in the car and get lost Papa!" that we have a GARMIN that daughter bought for us for Christmas we will never have the fun of getting lost! because it constantly tells you (in a sweet girly voice) to make a u-turn at the next possible location, so she can direct you to the RIGHT ROAD! LOL LOVED your story! so now, have fun, getting lost more often! hugs...and smiles!

Rebecca said...

I'll be praying for your household and especially Katie tomorrow morning. I'll be driving a friend to a procedure on her eye to stabilize her vision. I'll pray for Katie (and many others in the village and elsewhere who are facing challenges) while I wait for my friend.

Jenny said...

Great job on the driving lesson. Brave, brave woman!

Tranquility Speaks said...

Oh Wow! Katie is one amazing person :D So happy to read of her growing expertize at driving. I got lost when I ventured out on a walk all by myself in the US. I had to ask a passing car to lend their cellphone to tell home "I'm lost!" Fortunately I hadn't ventured too far :D