Thursday, January 28, 2010

"A Minute, Hour, Day. A Life"

Wow I guess I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as of late. The last straw being the fact that Kate is having surgery next week. She has never had a surgery before. She seems very "Matter of Fact" about the whole thing while I am secretly hyperventilating!

So just bear with me as I am going to now ramble to release some of the tension and stress that is flowing through my veins as I type this!

O.K. where do I start? I woke up. That's good right? I went and cleaned my peoples house. Did an excellent job. Cleaned and polished all of the kitchen cabinets.

Washed four of the ten ceiling fans. along with all of the regular cleaning. Two bathrooms, three bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, utility room, hallways, floors windows.

Oh crap! That just made me tired!
So than I went to the pharmacy to pick up Kate's prescriptions for after the surgery.
Did I mention that I am a bit nervous about the surgery?
I went home and walked the dogs. I'm hungry now!

Had a small sandwich. Watched my soap. Took a bath. Picked Kate up and went shopping. What a weird experience that was! For some reason, everything that we needed required help in finding. We only bought a few things but had to ask five times where these things were.

We are talking Wal-Mart here people! We know our Wal-Mart! Truly at the moment I feel as though my life is a surrealistic canvas that is just floating by my minds eye.

Oh I forgot to mention that before I picked up Kate, after I cleaned my peoples house, I transplanted ten plants. Yes ten plants on my dining room table. Dirt everywhere.

They were mostly mom's. They needed more room. So here I am.
Right now if you were to ask, " Di, What would you like to be doing and where?".

Here is my daydream as that's all I have right now.
I am in this GIGANTIC hot tub in CANADA with ALL of my blogger friends.

And there is wine involved!


Bernie said...

Oh please come to Canada, I'll even put in a hot tub for you.

Katie will be fine sweetie but as her mom you have every right to worry about her.

I hope you have some time to relax soon Di, I worry you do way to much.

How did Ruby make out?

I am reading a true story about a woman in Missouri, I will e-mail you about it and send it on to you when I am finished if your interested......luv you...:-) Hugs

Eileen said...

A hot tub? In Canada? Okay, it's your daydream, I won't even make one snide comment, except to say that I like the idea of all your blogger friends together (see, that wasn't snide)!

You are worrying so much because there's too much time to worry, they should have sprung the surgery on you, no time to think, now you have lots of time to think so you are using that time to keep busy to stop you from thinking about it. I would tell you to slow down, but then I think you would be an emotional wreck.
I know when my youngest daughter Ellie had to have surgery, it was an emergency, but we did have to wait in the hospital over night before it was done, and I was a wreck that whole night, I can't imagine how I would have been if I had days and days to think on it. So I understand what you are going through.

I can't get over Katie being so nonchalant about the whole thing. Oh to be young! Well, good for her!

And I can't believe all the cleaning you did! That family must be wild about you!

But try to take it easy. And try to calm your insides too. I know, easier said than done.
Wish I was there, I'd pray with you, and then I'd take you out for a beer.

I'm going up to do my praying now, and you know you are at the top of the list.
Love you lots, E

Teacher's Pet said...

We as Moms have the right to worry...and we do it so well...sigh. And saying, "Don't worry" won't stop you from doing that. How do I know? Been there.
Done that. Wish I lived closer to you, Di. I really do. I pray for Katie...and for you and Jake as you wait.
Make room in the hot tub for one more....but make it a LOT of room 'cause I'm getting as big as a hot tub myself. I have to work on getting some of this weight off, Di. I've never had a weight problem...but as I approach my
60th birthday, I think it must be a curse or something. I'm just 'fluffy' all over. (I refuse to use the 'fat' word...sigh.)
Hugs to you, Di. Love you much..

Diana said...

Bernie, Eileen and Jackie,
We're not quite sure about Ruby yet. The vet is going with the food allergy route first, her blood sugar was a little high so we will recheck her in a month.
I chose Canada because, Have you ever been in a hot tub in the middle of winter with snow all around? It's awesome!
I know all about being "Fluffy"! and I like that word better than fat!
Love Di

Blessings each day said...

Well, I caught up on everything here (still have to go back and do some catch up work on Eileen's) and you are ahving too much excitement.

What they should have done with Katie's surgery is not say anything, have you come back in a week and then anesthetize you and operate on Katie...this still might be a good idea!

With Kelly's fear of needles, I did once just tell her we were going shopping then turned in at the doctor's saying we had to get something and what we got were flu shots! Saved her days of stressing over it!

Sorry to hear cute little Ruby even has troubles.

Gosh, Di, those people you clean for are SOOOO are one cleaning machine lady!

As for the hot tub, I'd rather be somewhere warm in that hot tub and maybe have wallpaper around with snow on it or sprinkle some artificial snow around or maybe eat an flavored shaved ice cone and pretend...but for you, my friend I would bite the bullet and meet you in Canada for the hot tub deal.

blessings with hugs and prayers,


Anvilcloud said...

Interesting juxtaposition: "Watched my soap. Took a bath."

BTW, we'd really have to heat the water well today in our communal hot tub. Brrr.

Gail said...


Oh yes, let's all meet in Canada. I cant do the hot-tub, for some reason M S is exacerbated by heat and by hot water, especially if it is bubbly and moving but I CERTAINLY can be the bartender and keep everyone's wine glasses filled from the side-lines. :-)

KAtey is in my prayer space and so are you my friend, so are you.

Love Gail

Wanda said...

That would have to be an awfully big hot tub Di to hold all of us villagers!
I know you clean when you worry, but try not to overdo it Di...I have 3 ceiling fans and I don't think I ever cleaned more than one in a day's time. Where do you get all your energy? I bet mine need cleaned now...but you live too far away, don't you!
It's as cold as Canada, here today!
As for the hot tub...I'll bring the wine!

Barb said...

Dear Di - What a good daydream. (It's also cold and snowy in CO, but I know Bernie has already said she'll install the hot tub...) I have to pass on the wine because of my meds - oh, well - maybe 1 wouldn't hurt. Please, no more fan-cleaning (you make me feel too guilty). I'll be thinking of Katie next week. Take deep breaths!

Maria said...

Hi Diana...

The hot tub sounds nice... I'm adding a fireplace for afterward (With the wind, it's -11° F)
* * *
The people in your life are so blessed to have you, Diana~
Make sure you take care of yourself so that you can keep on' blessing them!

linda said...

Count me in sister, I'd be there in a heartbeat! Even if it does involve me putting on a bathing suit, in January!

Have a great weekend and try to relax. Katie will do great!

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
Be cool,dear.Kate is in my prayers.Prayers do work have done a lot of work.really inspiring,dear.take a deep breath and relax.all your friends love you.
I was on holidays attending the marriage of Ash and Appu.Marriage reception was in Chennai.
you are a wonderful friend,dear.
Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Dee said...

A hot tub, blogger friends, a little wine...I would for sure be there...I would bring chocolate to share.:) When I have a mom or grandma worry and especially a Frank worry... I pray..then I clean and organize, fold and refold stuff, and doodle in my journal. I do not think the Lord minds.

Bonny said...

Has to be wine involved.

Tranquility Speaks said...

Oh Jeez! The thought of surgery freaks me out too! And here the person in question is your daughter! I'll pray that all goes well. Your daughter is a strong young lady and you are SUCH a hard working soul! Had I been you, I'd have passed out! So much work and just one sandwitch? I'd be ravaging hungry. Di, for my sake, please eat more and take care of yourself!

quieten said...

Just the words "surgery" and "Katie" in the same sentence has to scare the beejeezus out of you!
Your Katie will be just fine, honey. But as a Mom, what a worry! When they were little they had little problems - usually easily fixed - now that they're bigger they have bigger problems - and we get to sit on the sidelines and watch them get fixed! The joys (?) of being Mom! :-)
I want your energy for getting so much stuff done! I was worn out just reading about your day! And, yes-when you find that hot tub - count me in ...I'll bring the wine... and the wine ...and, maybe, some more wine! *giggle*

Rebecca said...

I think I read "between the lines" that you might be a little anxious about Katie's surgery :)
Rightfully so. I'd hate to see how bonkers you'd be if you weren't as busy as you are! You are cleaning circles around me - even if it is your "job", Di, you are amazing.
I'm waiting for the hot-tub invite! I'll be there, too, as soon as I hear a time and a place. HURRY though! My swim suit is still in practice from Christmas. (I think it had been at least 5 years since it was out of the drawer!)

Linda Higgins said...

It sounds enchanting! The hot tub of course! It is so much fun to day dream! I AM THERE GIRLFRIEND! And to Jackie, there is NOTHING wrong with being a Renaissance woman! I look at the old paintings and picture myself! LOL OH DEAR how awful, your right, "fluffy" sound much better! LOL love you girls!