Monday, January 11, 2010

"Sick Kid and Stubburn Pug"

I haven't been around much lately and for that I apologize.
You see my daughter, Katie has been very sick. It seems to be a flu but we also now think that she may have a sinus infection.

She has been on medication and has gotten a little better but still feels pretty bad especially her sinuses. I have been very busy filling and refilling vaporizers, filling and refilling tea cup
s, filling and refilling a Neti pot to cleanse her sinuses with.

I have bought four boxes of Puffs plus tissue, three bags of Halls throat drops and of coarse, ice cream. Potato soup was her soup of choice so I made that too.

During this time we received four inches of snow and frigid temperatures. Since Katie has been so sick, the sole responsibility of taking care of the house and animals has fallen on me.
Four cats and two dogs. Two dogs which requ
ire leash walking,
four to five times per day

Both dogs are small. One is a mixed breed named Roxy. She is a very well behaved dog. I put her sweater on her the morning of the snowfall and out she went, happily prancing through the new fallen snow, wanting nothing more than to run and enjoy! And potty of coarse!

Now here comes the stubborn pug part. We have had Ruby ( the stubborn pug ) almost four years now. She has been out in the snow before. Grated she most definitely does not care for it but truthfully, I wouldn't want to go out there either.

Well this year she decided to dig her heels (paws) in. I have taken her out umpteen times but with no success. I have tried carrying her to her spot, I have tried threatening her with no treat, I h
ave tried dragging her to her spot all to no avail.

This picture is when we first walked out of the door. She sort of has a look of disbelief on her face!

The next photo WASN'T taken after our walk. It was taken immediately
after we walked outside. I think this is the part that she is telling me
"No way in hell am I doing this!".

Ultimately, Ruby never did end up going potty outside. Not until
daddy came home! Oh yes did I mention that when daddy's home she wants little to do with me anymore?

Did I mention that she likes to show off for her daddy and she ended up going potty outside for him? I get no appreciation. Me, the one who bathes her, feeds her, gives her flea and heartworm medication.

No appreciation.

As for Katie, she IS going to school today. They had canceled school Friday due to the extreme temperatures. So they were not able to take the test to get their drivers permit. I am so sad for her. But not for me!

She is still feeling sick but will not miss the opportunity of getting her drivers permit.

Oh and what was it that she said to her daddy when he bought her an Itunes gift card because she was sick? Oh that's right, she said " Thank you daddy!". And what was it that she said to her mother who ran her butt off for four days taking care of her every need and got stuck in the driveway going out to buy more medicine?


I think that I will go to my favorite thrift store today. Just for fun. And I think that daddy will be going with!


Anvilcloud said...

Dogs and kids, eh? And now you're going to punish yourself even further by going to a thrift store?

Eileen said...

Diana, you make me laugh!
No appreciation from pets or daughter? Well, I think that's something that most of us can relate to!
That's probably why we all like blogging so much ("These people like me, they really like me!" is what I always say to my family!), there is nothing like family and pets to put us in our place, now is there?!
My husband did NOTHING for our dogs when we had them, absolutely NOTHING, he didn't even pet them except for maybe a tiny pat on the head every now and then, but it was him they went to first whenever they entered the room! They got their little pat from him and then they reluctantly came to me for love and affection (and feeding, and grooming, and vet visits, and medication, and walking, and clean-up)!
Oh, and the kids came first before Mom with the pets too!
AND Dad and pets came before Mom as far as the kids were concerned, AND NOW Grandpa is the preferred grandparent with BOTH grandkids! Ugh!
What can you do?

Fun post! And I enjoyed 'venting'! Thanks!
Love to you!,

Jim said...

love ur pug, i have one as well, she is 12 this week

Gail said...


Oh how I love your sense of humor. Really, you are too funny!! :-)

Glad Katie is better - even though she did not fall to her kneees praising you with words of gratitude. And glad the pug did his "business' - even though it wasn't on your shift. eesh. Kids and dogs!!
Hope you found some great bargains and treasures at the thrift store.'

Love you

Teacher's Pet said...

Diana...I don't know how you do it.
(1) Make me laugh at a situation that is NOT funny....but the way you put it, cracks me up.
(2) Do everything you do, my friend.
Jackie has a great idea.....put the pug in the bed with Katie.
Katie will appreciate her Mother immediately after the Pugg does the doooty there...(well, maybe not such a good idea...but after the thanklessness of Katie, I would consider it myself.)
I am glad that Katie is feeling better.
Dogs love the guys more because they think they 'own' the guys. The dogs know who owns who when it comes to us gals. We do the walking the feeding the work...and the guys get the hugs and kisses (wet licks on the chops) from the dogs.
Di...You need to come to South Georgia for a while. Next run that Jake makes down to Atlanta, give me a buzz. I'll pick you up and bring you here. You will be missed at your house...and most welcome here! Think about it.
Until then, know that your blog is a GREAT one....smiles galore from Jackie. I love your sense of humor. You are my kind of friend!!!
Hugs and love,

Bernie said...

I so love reading your humorous post and so miss you when you are away.
I chuckled over the comments as the others love you as much as I do.
Hope Katie is feeling better and as far as the pug goes....I don't think he's going to change so you will just have to get use to it.
You may feel unappreciated but I think you are very much loved and appreciated by all your family and friends.......:-0 Hugs

Wanda said...

I thought it was funny that Anvilcloud thought a thrift store visit would be punishment for you! Dogs are wonderful company, but they do create a lot of extra work, at least you didn't have to walk the cats. Ruby does look stubborn, but cute! Just remind Katie often, how you took such good care of her and the dogs.
Stay warm when out!

anupama said...

Dear Di,
I could feel the frustration,disapointment that you felt.please read my post-I need a pat;what about you?
It happens in life;the stressful moments where we long for a loving word,Thank you,sorry,or a pat.don't look forward to receive the same form others.You can appreciate yourself.pamper yourself.Buy something you love,take time you entertain your what you like to do.follow your heart.
Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery,

Barb said...

Oh, Di - Ruby is a Rebel, too. Good thing you had that mac n cheese earlier, so you had the energy to wait on everyone. (Get the pun?) Hope Katie is better...Is Daddy still home?

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
My daughter's dogs prefer Chris too... I say it's because his arms are bigger and they feel more secure when he holds them...

Daddies are about fun... moms do all of the things that cause pain. Clipping claws... cleaning out ears and eyes... bathing and brushing their fur... administering meds...

Diana, please take care of yourself as you help your family. Hoping Katie feels better and Ruby has a softer disposition ♥
Blessings Always, Maria

Diana said...

Well you see Ac, thrift shopping IS my favorite thing to do, and my husbands least favorite thing to do!
I sat through two and a half football games with him so he had the honor of thrift shopping with me!
Love Di

Diana said...

So true Eileen, we are often unappreciated. But when I heard that "Thank you Daddy!" in that sweet syrupy voice, I just wanted to blow a gasket! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Jim,
My pug is stubborn but she is the sweetest thing too. Thanks for stopping by.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
I did find a great bargain, I will share it on my blog later. I was sooo excited!
Love Di

Diana said...

I would love nothing more than a little break in the middle of winter right now. Jake went through Atlanta last week. The problem is that I have no one to walk these dogs as often as they need to be walked and I couldn't leave Katie(15!) alone. Her brother lives too far out of town to take care of things for me. It sucks as I actually was wanting to go to Angola,In. to visit my cousin too. The only way that I could leave is if Jake were home to take care of things! But someday I will get to go somewhere!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
Katie is getting better and is taking her permit test today! I have to laugh at life Bernie or I would have had a meltdown by now!
Love You, Di

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
Yes I thought AC's comment funny too. Men just don't get it! It is warming up here nicely. 30' and 40's the rest of the week, that will be a lovely break!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Anu,
Yes I read your post. And we often do go unappreciated! But it is part of being a mom!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
You are right, the mac and cheese (carbs) gave me the energy. I as hell don't know where else it came from. Katie is better and daddy is leaving this morning.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
You are sooo right, daddys are fun. Mommy's are work! Katie is a little better and Ruby is back to going outside again!
Love Di

Donna's Book Nook said...

Mothers just don't "get no respect"--ever! It seems to be a fact of life. On the rare occasions when my kids said Thank you, I nearly fainted.

Rebecca said...

A trip to the thrift store would make it all worthwhile for me! (I don't mess around with dogs and cats, personally).

In Katy's defense, the sinus stuff she has going on is no fun. I've been stuck with it for over a week. I've not gone to the Dr. yet. But my throat feels like someone slit the back of it; the crud is stuck in my head SOMEwhere, and every now and then I sneeze and shake it all up a bit.

On behalf of those who really need to say it (they know who they are), I'LL say it! "Thank you, Mom."

Linda Higgins said...

Oh my goodness, this is just what I needed tonight before forcing myself to bed! It is 12:23 and I am not tired AGAIN, but have to be up at 6:30! fun fun post that always makes me laugh! I wish I could put my crazy thoughts into funny thoughts! You are the BEST Di or I mean ERMA B! luv ya girfriend!

Ginny said...

That picture of stubborn Ruby is the CUTEST! I adore the look on her face. I hope you guys are feeling better. I love you!!!

Jerelene said...

Hello Diana!
We've all been sick around here too. Just took the 2 youngest kiddos to the doctor today. They both have sinus infections..
It's funny that Ruby didn't like the snow...Mickey hated it! He walked around like he had tape on his feet.
Hope you are doing well....think of you often :)
Love, Jerelene