Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Infections,Permits,and Thrift Shop Finds!"

What a week this was! My husband and I ha
d a whole day alone on
Monday, ya, it was a good day

But you know , I was starting to feel a little funky. But it was all good.
Despite the strange feeling that was coming over me I decided to drag the husband to the thrift store anyway!

I was so glad that I did! We found some fabulously funky mirrors
that will go perfectly on our living room walls when
we paint and redo!

Check this out. Please keep in mind that tak
ing a photo of mirrors
was a bit tricky, so I just hope that you can
see the detail!

They are soooo retro-ly beautiful and were only one dollar a piece!

This next find, the husband and I found a few weeks ago. Let me tell you,
he is so looking forward to hanging this very heavy mirror over the fireplace!

Well this should prove to be a fun project! O.K. so now that my throat feels like it's closing up on me, I shall move along! Let's see, where were we?

The husband left on Tuesday and I felt worse! In the meantime, my Katie still cannot breath out of her right nostril. However she is feeling better and here is the news that you've been waiting for...

Drum roll please........

Katie passed her Illinois Drivers Permit Test with 100%!!!!
And now she wants to drive!

My car!

I cannot put into words my feelings about this.
Pride for her and fear for me, I suppose!
This weekend we are going out to my mothers house for hopefully what will be the last time, to pack the rest of her things up.

The town she lived in is the perfect little town to drive around and around in. Not much traffic and a large parking lot. If Katie is good to her mother between now and then, perhaps I will t
ake her driving if I am feeling well enough by then.

I have, so to speak, started holding the car keys over her head as an incentive to get off of her butt and help me more around here.

So far, so good. After all, driving is a privilege, not a right. Especially with my car!

If any one has an old beater out there that they would like to donate, please let me know!

O.K. so Wednesday was bad, I was even sicker. I just laid around all day.
I really wasn't able to do anything else. I did make a doctors appointment for Katie as she had been on antibiotics for several days and her right nostril was still completely blocked. So I called the doctor for an appointment for her.

Thursday was even worse. I had a fever, splitting headache well you name it and I felt it! I picked Katie from school, this i
n it self proved very interesting as I was extremely dizzy! Whooo!

As we were driving to the doctor, Katie commented on how lousy a job I was doing driving! Ya think! It was all I could do to keep from passing out! She said " Your not doing to good with your braking there mom, I could probably do better than that!", to which I replied
" You are probably right!".

And yes she wanted to drive but she hasn't driven in any traffic yet, so my answer was a firm yet sickly sounding " No "! Lik
e I really wanted to deal with that while I could barely hold my head up!

So into the doctors office we go. The news is not so good. Katie may have a polyp in her right sinus. So we have to go and see an ENT doctor.
We are familiar with them both here in our town as my husband has had two nasal surgeries on polyps himself. He prefers one doctor over the other but the other is gentler, so we will have to take Katie there.

Hopefully, all she has is a severe sinus infection a
nd won't need the surgery. It is not a pleasant thing to go through, it's really awful.

So we need to pray that it's just an infection, as that surgery has a painful and nasty recovery to go through. And I really don't want her to have to go through that.

As for me, I have an upper respiratory/sinus infection. Got my self some antibiotics so I'm good to go. Well not quite but I w
ill be soon I hope.
I am sooo behind on housework, church work and haven't cleaned my people's house in two weeks!

I did warn them that good help was hard to find these days! They don't care, it's just more work for me next week!

And so today when I woke up, I felt much better. However I am still having difficulty breathing well. This is tempting me to get up and do things but I know all to well what a mistake this would be.

I hate sitting around, even when sick. But this hit me hard and fast,
so I will try to be a good girl and give myself one more day to feel even better.

It will however be a challenge.

Wish me luck, will ya?


Gail said...


Oh my goodness - you poor thing. Try and rest up today.

ANd I SO understand your fear about Katie driving. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

And I love the mirrors and the detail on the smaller ones is lovely. Wow.

And I think you are so brave to go to your Mom's and sort through her things and pack them. Very brave indeed. sigh.........

Keep getting better - all of you.

Love Gail

Eileen said...

Love your thrift finds! HATE that you and Katie are sick!
'So touched that at your sickest you blogged me a Birthday post!
You're too sweet.
Please take at least another day to recoup. Put your feet up, immerse yourself in a good book (or The Good Book) or watch a couple of old movies, or better yet, do all three!

'Am working on a birthday post for my sweet niece Erin, one more picture to upload, let me run!
Talk to you soon!
Feel better!
Love to you,

Lisa said...

More than luck, Di -- Blessings!! Hope you're BOTH better soon! And blessings on Kate's driving. Yikes. I so know how you feel. Such a mixed blessing. It's not evn so much the child's driving I worry about, as the other guys'!

Awesome finds, too, btw. Beauiful mirrors!

Teacher's Pet said...

GREAT deals on those mirrors...I can't find anything for $1 anymore...and those are very pretty and detailed mirrors.
And.....YES! Congrats to Katie on passing her exam. I know she is happy...and you are pensive. That is the way it is...and you doooo have leverage now, Mama. Go girl!
I'm glad that you are on antibiotics...and do hope that you are feeling better soon. Your post sounds like you are feeling better.
Here's hoping that all turns out well with the possible polyp in Katie's nose. It sounds painful.
I hohpe that you know how much I think about you...hoping that you are feeling better...taking care of yourself... Just know that you have a friend 'down South' that thinks of you every single day. (You probably have lots of them...but I am among them!!)

Bernie said...

Boy it never rains but it pours, I hope you and Katie get well and soon....if it's the cold I had well it will take a while, I'm still coughing.....the break away from work is good for your arthritis Di and I do hope you are taking Eileen's advice and relaxing today with your feet up.
Love your mirrors, why is it I can never find anything ath thrift stores.....well I should go more often for one I suppose.
Stay warm and get well, sending you lots of hugs and good wishes, much love......:-) Hugs

Congratulations Katie, good for you to do so well on your test!

Maria said...

Contrats to Katie!
Good luck to Diana with managing a new driver...
I used to worry (not that it does any good)
God Bless them All~
What is it with this nasty throat, cough, cold virus ... it spread so fast. So far, so good for me...but it went through several in my family pretty quickly...
I hope you feel better.
Tea and honey
Vitamin D
Warm vaporizer
rest and more
Tea with honey

Hope someone brings the tea to you on one of those beautiful trays ♥

Wanda said...

Good grief!!! Blogger just ran off with my comment...a long comment too... wishing you lots of luck for getting well and for driving with Katie. I will leave this one and just hope it makes it there.


Wanda said...

Well that worked...Blogger must have wanted the other one! :)

Rebecca said...

Your mirrors are beautiful! And my husband sympathizes with your when it comes to hanging heavy mirrors!

I sympathize with you. My cold or whatever it was is much improved. I still have a husky voice and people pity me when they hear me speak, but believe me, I feel much better.

Praying for both you and Katie!

Diana said...

Hi Everyone!
Still feeling pretty crappy, but I did manage to wash dishes, cook dinner, do a load of laundry, wash the kitchen floor, and went to a thrift store with my daughter-in-law!
Stupid? Yes. OCD? For sure. Am I paying for it? You bet! But it's all good! Thanks for caring!
Love Di

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Of course I wish you luck to get better very quickly. Not a good way to start the year but on the other hand, AWESOME job Katie. Way to go! Now be nice to your mom so she will let you drive her car. Terriffic thrift store finds,by the way. I am never able to find cool things at the thrift store by me.
Again, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
hugs to you

Jenny said...

Oh Di, my husband and I have this saying "if it's not one thing it's 100!" and it seems like it's applying to you right now, too! Hugs and prayers that things feel a bit better soon - all the way around!

Dee said...

Hope you are feeling better. Some times the person who takes care of another person who is sick gets sicker. Totally not fair. Give your self another day of rest.I remember the fun days of having teen drivers....I prayed all the time. My son still makes me nervous :) You got a real bargin on your mirrors. I look forward to seeing your room when it is completed.

linda said...

Diana, thank you so much for stopping by my site today and especially thank you for leaving a comment! Making new blogging friends is always fun and welcomed!

I'm so sorry you and your daughter have been under the weather. Nothing is worse than sinus problems, very painful, and respiratory isn't much better!

Congrats to your daughter, I think! Oh I remember the days just after my kids got their permit. They about bugged the heck out of me and I'm not a good passenger trust me! It used to scare me to death. I'm not a good passenger to begin with, let alone with a new driver!

So glad to meet another thrifter! I just started thrifting since starting blogging, now I'm addicted. I tell my husband it's the thrill of the hunt!

Anyways, feel better and hope to talk with you soon!

linda said...

Diana, I mean't to ask, had you been by before and were now de-lurking? If so, please let me know as I'd like to send you out a little something!

Barb said...

Di, Di, Di, I am resting and you need to rest too. I am going crazy, so I want your company. It's the weekend now - be still! I am NOT washing my floors, Di. NO!
Glad Katie got 100% - that should be reassuring to you. However, I remember those days of teens driving very well - it was the time my hair became even more white (and I was young....). Sure hope Katie doesn't need surgery!

Your new/old mirrors look very art-deco. Jake better wear a back brace when he hangs the one over the fireplace.

Tranquility Speaks said...

Oh Jeez Diana! You're so unwell and you've still the strength to write so much! Please, please please rest. Sleep all you can. Watch TV, listen to music, read books, but if you can,avoid going out and working so much. I really hope you get well soon. And I'd pray Katie doesn't have to undergo surgery. The very thought sounds scary!

Pretty mirrors there. Good choice. Get well soon in a flash if possible. Take care :)

Jules said...

I remember when our kids started driving. It was so scary to me.

Hope you feel better soon.

Lynilu said...

Hi, Diana! Thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog. I've perused a few of your posts, and I'll be back to read more later. Right now I have to get ready to go for that massage!

Oh, but before I go, those mirrors rock!Don't you just love thrift store finds? Nothing better!