Saturday, December 18, 2010

"An Extrodinary Ordinary Day"

Today was wonderful. Nothing strange happened. It's funny how we complain that we are bored or wish the day would have some extra excitement to it without realizing how extraordinary an ordinary day can be.

If you've read my last few posts you know that the last few days and weeks have been crazy around here. And I will admit that when I awoke this morning I did wonder "What next?".

After my morning coffee I took off for the laundromat. I had washed the laundry the night before so that I could just take off to go dry them. Now while I do miss the convenience of having a working dryer, I have become quite fond of going to the little run down laundromat just a few blocks from my house.
There is a big, fancy, modern one across town that I could go to but this little one is so much closer and is actually cheaper.

It is relaxing to sit there amidst the hum of the machines. The young woman and her husband that run the place are very sweet and friendly. I met another young woman there today who was very nice and we talked the whole time that I was there.
After the laundromat I went home and picked up the girls to take them to Katie's friends house for the night. We were going to run into Walmart for a couple of little things we needed but when we saw the mile long line of traffic waiting to get to Walmarts parking lot, we decided that I would pick up the items before church in the morning.

Believe me, it was not worth trying to get in and out of there. I knew all of that walking would be too much for me today. 
So we passed the store and headed off to Katie's friends house. That's when my phone rang and I got a happy surprise. My friend Jackie from Georgia called! We chatted all of the way to Natasha's house where I dropped off the girls and continued to talk on my way to church. I had a bit of work I needed to get done there today.

Jackie just brightened my day. Thank you my friend, that was a great gift!!
I went into church and started to print the bulletins while trying to play "Winter Wonderland" on the piano!
From there I went home, did a few dishes and have been sitting in my chair being lazy all afternoon and evening!

I will walk the dogs soon and then get ready for bed.
As you can clearly see, they are having a lazy day too. This is Ruby my pug and Roxy my mutt laying next to me in my chair.

Thank you God for this extraordinary, ordinary day !!!


Lynilu said...

Oh, look at those sweet babies! Mine do that, too, just curl up together and sometimes roll over onto their backs. In fact three are on the couch with me right now, one at my feet and the last is off somewhere else, probably on the bed waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

I'm glad you had and extraordinary ordinary day, Di. It's about freakin' time!!

Anvilcloud said...

I know I'd be absolutely crushed if I missed out on Walmart.

Gail said...


I so love the simple pleasures and humble gratitude you have shared here about your day. You are amazing my friend, absolutely amazing in the very, very best of ways. If we lived closer we would so be hanging out. :-)

Love to you
peace and hope.....

Bernie said...

Hello Di....I am happy you had such a nice relaxing day, I love those kind of days. I went to Mass tonight and it was beautiful with the light snow falling and all the Christmas lights on everyone's homes. After church went out for Chinese food so I guess I had a relaxing day myself. So glad everything is going well,..:-)Hugs

Rebecca said...

Happy WITH and FOR you, Di!

Re: Walmart. Frequently my husband drops me off while I dart in to get something or another. He stays in car with it running just outside the side door. Well. THIS week, a policeman came along and ticked him and 2 others who were doing the same thing. Our pockets are now $50 (!) lighter. It WAS a fire zone, but we've never realized that sitting in the car with it running was prohibited. Apparently it is. Will have to get a copy of the city ordinances and see what ELSE is in there!

Rebecca said...

TICKETED - not ticked. (But he WAS ticked, too.)

Garnetrose said...

I think the best days are often the simple ones where nothing really happens and you can just kick back and relax.

Eileen said...

I tried to get here earlier but only got a blank page, then I tried to get here through Facebook (that usually works) but no luck today!

I had a free moment and decided to try and knock on some of my neighbors doors again, having a little better luck with some!
So glad you had such a nice day, and I was just thinking the same thing myself, those 'nothing' days are really the most Blessed! And Ray's sister (Susie) and I always ask how people can complain about being bored! There's ALWAYS something to do!

We used to go to the laundromat all the time when the kids were little (we rented an apartment without washer/dryer), I often think about how I would load everything in a shopping cart, some of little ones in the double stroller, and some hanging onto the sides of the stroller, me pushing the stroller and pulling the cart. And the kids were SO GOOD, just playing quietly while I washed, dried, and folded loads and loads of wash! The older ones would help me fold the sheets, the little ones loved watching the clothes go round in the dryers.
Funny, I forgot all about that until reading your post.
I don't think I'd have the patience to do it with little ones along today, but I do think I'd enjoy sitting there myself!

So glad you had a nice phone call too! That's always nice to spend time with a friend!

Your day sounds really nice and I enjoyed spending this time with you!

Okay, I'm off to try a few more blogs and then I have to get back to my Christmas cards (I'm so late this year!).
Love to you, E

Lois Evensen said...

What a wonderful day. Yes, I love everyday chores when I can relax with no deadline. I love being home and seeing what gets accomplished. The phone call from your friend was just an added treat. :)

I'm happy to be able to check in today. I have a connection in a US port so I can load web pages on my own computer and I feel I am ALMOST home even though 1,100 miles away.

It is a good life out here, though, and we have good friends here. Still, there's no place like home.


Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Oh my goodness...don't we just pray for those "ordinary" days...
Wish I had lots of them... there's nothing like time to regroup... and remember the simple things.

Blessings for a sweet week, filled with more extraordinary ~ ordinary days~

Lena said...

Your day sounds absolutely delightful...
and the doggies.. oh the envy!!

warmest hugs!!


Hello Di...
Sounds like a wonderful ordinary day. Sometimes, I think that just being alive on a day makes the ordinary extraordinary and so fragile.
There is a theme here that sounds vaguely familiar to my working day at home. I am sure we’re always in need of something a bit tamer now and then, so we can smooth out our frazzled nerves.
And sometimes it's so true how an ordinary day can transform into an extraordinary one when you receive a surprise call from one of your best friends like Evelyn whom you know for so long and haven't heard from her live, earlier. Imaginary key board percussions suddenly convert into realistic vocal vibrations !!. How lucky Di.. you are !!! and what a way to prefix 'extra' strength to your 'ordinary' fragile day.

Thanks Di... for sharing your extraordinary ordinary day with us !!!. I really enjoyed it.
dr 'y'

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Di! It's late Monday night (actually Tuesday morning now)...and I'm just now reading this blog...and low and behold...I see that you and I are in it!!
It was a pleasure for me to talk with you on the phone, my sweet friend. You brighten my day...and I look forward to talking with you again soon! Many hugs to you...

Bernie said...

Hi sweetie, I just came from AC's blog and read that you were sick. How are you now? So sorry you were sick over Christmas, did Jake make it home? It seems there was a lot of sickness going around this Christmas. Feel better soon okay,
big hugs.....:-)

Amity said...

OH, not really just an extraordinary ordinary day...I guess it was work-packed!

But i love the lazing around could have the right rest when everyone's out and you're left alone...I too, sometimes want to be alone...just that!

Your pets are adorable!

Love you Di!