Friday, December 17, 2010

" I Should Have Stayed in Bed ! "

Some Snowmen for you !

You know all through my adult life I have believed that everything happens for a reason. I am comfortable with this belief.
I think that God has a plan for us all, from deciding what house to buy to picking out what brand of toothpaste we want to use, I believe that we make these choices and somehow, someway, they affect some part of our life and that in turn affects another.

Somewhat of a snowball effect.
Many may disagree with me but I DO believe in divine intervention.
Oh yes, I do believe that everything that I do has a good reason.
Whether it be for me or someone else.

So I wonder what God has had in mind for me lately. I am a bit excited as he has been throwing out the challenges lately.
I only hope that I have been making the right choices.

Some of my mother's Christmas Nick Knacks.

I will explain. I usually clean house for a family on Thursdays. Most of you know this and if you've read yesterdays post you will also know that it was a snow (Ice) day so the kids were all out of school.

We changed my cleaning day to today, Friday. There was no school today either so Katie wanted me to pick up her best friend when I was through cleaning to bring her home with us to spend the night.

I asked Katie last night if she would consider coming along to help me clean house. We could get done much quicker and then go get some gas and her friend.

Amazingly she agreed! This is amazing because she is 16 and could have very well chosen to sleep in instead of getting up at 7:00a.m. to help her mother!

I cooked us a small breakfast while Katie showered. At 8:00 a.m. we were almost ready to leave. Katie just had to put her shoes on so I grabbed my spare set of car keys.  

I turned to Kate and said, "I'm going to go start the car, take my keys (hanging on the hook) and lock up. ".  "O.K." she said.

As I walked down the stairs I said to Kate, "Make sure that you lock the top lock." She replied "O.K."
There are two doors. One at the top of the stairs that can only be locked with a key and the bottom door with a twist lock.

 When Katie came out to the car I asked her if she wanted to drive over the ice. She said she wasn't in the mood to drive. Mmm...
That's the first time I've ever heard that!
So off we went over the ice and through the traffic to clean house.
I pulled up into the driveway and shut the car off with the spare key.
I don't know why I asked but I did. "Do you have the house keys?".
"No", she replied calmly as if I were asking her a stupid question.
Than I asked her if she had her keys and she said "NO"!
You guessed it. We were locked out of our house. I had a bit of a meltdown but tried to control my anger, which by the way I did very well.
We went inside and I called my son to see if he still had a set of keys to my house. As it turned out they had many unmarked keys and didn't even know for sure. I didn't feel that the drive out there and back was worth it only to try many keys that may not even fit.

So I decided that we would just have to break into the house. I was going to have my son do it but after giving it thought I knew exactly what I was going to try.

We needed Katie's friend to help in this breaking and entering scheme. She is very small, tiny, a twig!

I had called the locksmiths but it would have been a long wait and I just didn't want to waste what little money I had.

My husband wanted me to kick in the back door. Yea right. Than what? I'm stuck with a busted door till he gets home in a week to fix it? I don't think so. I had a better idea.

As I pulled up the icy driveway I told the girls that we were going to say a prayer.
"Please God, let this crazy idea work. Amen!"

I know my house and I know her weak spot.

You should know yours.
Without getting into detail I will tell you that it took me, Katie and Natasha about five minutes or less to get in. 

No one was hurt, nothing, was broken.
My husband told me that he was very proud of me and I told him that I was very grateful to God that my plan worked.

I was proud at myself for not screaming at Katie which I was really temped to do.

My son came over after work to help me fix the weak spot. I couldn't quite get it back the way it was, I needed the muscle at this point.

So lets see, sick husband, knee shots have worn off completely, disappointing sixteenth birthday, no drivers license for sixteen year old yet, ice storm, flat tire, locked out of the house and now I am getting a cold.


I just wish that God would get to the point already!!
I will tell you this much, I am really on my toes right now.


I can't end this post without mentioning the high point of the day.
I had dinner planned but was so tired when it came time to cook. I asked the girls if they would mind waiting awhile as I just didn't have the energy.
Katie piped up and said "We'll cook dinner." .
They made B.B.Q. ribs with sliced fried potatoes and spinach.
It all came out perfectly!

I have never taught her to cook this. So I am assuming that at some point in her life she has been paying attention.
It just wasn't this morning!


Lynilu said...

Oh, goodness! What an adventure!

I agree with you about purpose. I often wail "WHY???" because it is so frustrating to be dealing with these things and just not understanding. And, of course, I don't always figure it out even later on, but I trust that somewhere in the process I learned something new or changed my direction or did something I needed to do or ....

Let's hope tomorrow is better, huh? Hugs for you and Katie! You're a great team!

Anvilcloud said...

Well done. "It just wasn't this morning! "Perfect ending.

Diana said...

Hi Lyn,
Yea crazy right! I don't sit and try to figure things out (my plan) but God sure has my curiosity up lately!!
Fourteen and Fifteen was really rough but lately I do feel as though Kate and I are growing closer.
Who knows maybe that's part of the plan? Love Di ♥

Rebecca said...

Well, it certainly made for an INTERESTING blog post! And you made your husband proud. And you got a great meal out of it. And........

Jules said...

I would have freaked out. I don't know where or if our house has a weak spot!

God has got to be ready to turn things around for you soon.

Barb said...

Oh, my! I guess I'm glad that your house had a "weak spot." Perhaps that's what you're supposed to muse on, Di. The tire was a weal spot, too. Sit and meditate on "weak spot" and see where it gets you. Or, just watch your little whirligig twirl and smile! Have a restful, weekend, Di. Stay off your feet!

Gail said...

Oh my goodness - quite a day!! I am amazed at your approach and ability to deal. You are a trooper, and so is Katie. Great post.

Love you

Terrie said...

Well Di, at the very least, you got dinner and you realized that Katie is really paying attention after all, maybe just not all the time :)
Sure hope you feel better soon. Christmas won't be any fun if you're sick. Hurry and get those knees taken care of too! You'll be glad you did.

Bernie said...

What a day you had but look how well it turned out.....way to go my friend. I am so glad you have the girls with you Di, they are not only great company but a great help. Tomorrow will be a better day...Hugs

Cinner said...

I agree with Bernie, a better day ahead. your a trooper. just do what you can. hugs.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Glad your day in the end turned out good. I believe that God sometimes puts things in our way to see how we are going to react, and overcome them. I do believe in Divine Intervention as well and that things happen for a reason. Sometimes I get doubting myself and then when things are resolved I feel guilty I doubted. It all works out in the end. It is nice you have some of your Mum's things to put up for Christmas. A part of her is still celebrating with you. Nice that you had Katie to help you and you were able to get back into your house without too much fuss and Katie cooked up a Nice Supper for all of you.

Take care my Friend, Hugs coming to you from north of the 49th.

Danielle said...

Oh Di, I just love your blog on your decorations...and hooray for milkshakes! I can't remember the last time I had one, let alone a home-made milkshake...mmmm....
It looks as though I'm going to have to be my own Santa and get a new camera, so sad...~sniffle~ but it will be a cheapie lol...I want to show you my mom's different decor in the rooms of the house; I think you might like it :)
And when I get home from Wanda's I will be putting up some recipes, yay!
Wanda is spoiling me! She always has; she is so precious to my heart :)
But so are you, I enjoy your blog, so much! Thank you for your wonderful responses...they mean a lot to me :)
~lots of love~

Teacher's Pet said...

Diana...What can I say...sigh.
My dear friend, it has to get better. (Reading your 'list' I am assuming that all the bad things that could happen to you in one day/week have happened...and you are going to have a GREAT week this week!!!! Right??)
You keep hanging in there and hanging on, my friend!!!
Love you bunches,

Amity said...

Well, well, my dear Di...been there, did this, done that...what else? Locked up keys and stayed outside almost helpless, praying for miracles, almost getting mad with some irresponsible kids, I hate the feeling..but thank God, I could muster my temper, to not get furious!

I admired how u keep ur cool dear...but If I were you...just cross my fingers, I would be mad like a lion...lols!

Mothers should always be patient..should we be? should always be understanding, should we be?