Thursday, December 2, 2010

" Katie Made Me Do It !"

So as I said in my previous post, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the Christmas decorations. They are laying all over the dining room table and floor.
That's as far as I got. 
Just about every weekend my daughter Katie spends Friday night at her friend Natasha's house then Natasha spends Saturday night here and I take them to church on Sunday morning than Natasha goes home.
I decided to wait until Saturday evening and have the girls help me decorate the house and the tree. They both seemed good with this as long as there was homemade hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies involved.
Every year we buy a real tree. My family had always done this for as long as I can remember. When I met my husband, Jake, he had an artificial one. It was very pretty and we used it for several years until one day when we discovered that one of our cats had been chewing it. 
She almost died from it. Our veterinarian saved her. He suggested that we always buy a real tree as artificial ones can be very dangerous to pets that like to chew!
So we gave the artificial one to our oldest daughter who needed one at the time. I told Katie that we should go purchase one today and put it up so that it had time to settle by the weekend.
Off to our favorite tree farm we went. Most years we have done this together it has been frightfully cold. Today however the sun was shining and it was a cool but not too cool 48 degrees.
We always have to take into consideration a few things when purchasing our tree. My car for one. It is a station wagon and the back seats fold down but we still have to watch the length of the tree we purchase. Also it has to be of a size that Kate and I can carry ourselves into the house. One of us will hold the tree as straight as we can while the other turns the screws on the tree stand.
Oh and I always saw a few inches off of the trunk for better water absorption. For this I always get a scolding from my husband as he says I always use the wrong saw. So I wonder since I am the one that always does this, why doesn't he purchase me the RIGHT saw so that I don't have to use his?
We looked through several trees Katie and I. I decided that I would let her make the final decision this year. She will be sixteen in ten days after all. She should, if she passes her test, have her drivers license in twelve days, so the girl should be able to pick out a darn Christmas tree right?
Well pick one out she did.... 

Things are still scattered all about. With bringing the tree in from the car. Sawing four inches off, getting it tightened in the stand, moving furniture around and getting it into the corner it took Katie and I almost two hours. She was amazing!

We have ten foot ceilings so you can get an idea of how big this baby is!

This past year my son and husband finally cut the old radiators out of the living room. This excited me so much because they ran the length of the windows. I would finally be able to put our tree in the front window! 
Wrong. The tree is so big that it completely blocked the two windows! That's when Katie thought that it would look good in this corner!

If my memory serves me correctly, I do believe that this is the largest tree I have ever had! 

I just hope we have enough ornaments and lights for it !!!

Katie made me do it !


Anvilcloud said...

She dun gud. It's a fine looking tree.

Lynilu said...

Yeah, sure, blame the kid! LOL! that is, indeed, one fine tree! My goodness. I've never had high ceilings to accommodate a really big tree, and these days, I really don't want it. Being alone, I have to do all the decorating AND undecorating by myself. gah!! But since you have two eager teenagers, you enjoy that tree for us both, OK? :)

Jules said...

That is a huge tree. It's so fat around! It will be beautiful when it is all decorated.

Lois Evensen said...

What a beautiful tree! I look forward to seeing it with all the lights and ornaments. :)


Barb said...

My gosh - does Katie have a PhD in tree choosing? I have no idea how you got that in a station wagon, let alone carried it in the house. However, it looks great in the corner. Can't wait to see the finished product. A+ to Katie!

Wanda..... said...

That's a Lovely big tree, Di. If you run out of ornaments, just make pretty paper snowflakes!

So "Katie made you do it"...that reminds me of a phrase my grandsons used when they were little...Katie did it, katie did it!

Have fun decorating it this weekend, Di!

Maria said...

Oh you'll just love this tree Diana!
It's going to make your house smell like Christmas!
The big pines seem to highlight everything on the tree ~ the lights just bounce off their needles.

Katie picked a great spot!
Enjoy all the fun decorating !

quieten said...

Now that's what I call a T R E E!!!! Nice goin' Katie- you rock!

Is she going with you to buy all new ornaments for it or are you going to make her cut out the snowflakes and the paper chains *giggle*

Can't wait to see it all finished and lit up! It is beautiful!

Cinner said...

oh I love the tree, it will be absolutely beautiful once it is decorated. have a great weekend. I am glad Katie made you do it. hugs.

Rebecca said...

I definitely have a case of tree envy to go with my shingles now! Katie's tree is GRAND. And it appears to be a great place for it, too.

I'm seeing the living room wall in a new light, I think. How true is the color in these photos? And tell me about your ceiling...

When will your house be open for public viewing? And don't you put up a lot of nativity sets, too? (Our church's 2nd annual display of nativities is this weekend... Then I shall have mine back to place around the house.)

Eileen said...

That's the prettiest tree I've ever seen! It's big and it's full, and it has such symmetry!
Does it smell wonderful?

The corner is the perfect spot for it!
And I hope you and the girls have lots of fun decorating this weekend!
I have a few more things to do around here, but not too overwhelming.

Ray has some things he wants to do outside the house this weekend, but I'd rather stay in. My vocal tic has been out of control lately, I don't want to be out around people, and it's really kind of emotionally and physically exhausting, when I'm out and I'm trying so hard to control it, so I feel more comfortable in my own home when it's like this.
I wonder why it started going nutty now? Oh well. I can finish up my house this way and maybe get some baking done.
I guess there really is a bright side to almost every situation!

Love to you,

Diana said...

Hi Every one,
I told Katie about all of your comments and I think she is quite proud of herself! We may have to resort to making some ornaments. I have a lot but not too sure!

And Rebecca, the wall color and ceiling color are very true in this photo. The ceiling is textured and the color is darker than the walls.

I have set up some of the Nativities but am waiting for Saturday to really get into it.

My knees were so swollen last night, I could barely bend them!
Love Di ♥

Amity said...

Wow...what a perfect choice Katie had made for you this time!

She would love to help you decorate that Di, I tell you, plus cookies n hot chocolate...perfect!

Take care of yourself, I know that will entail hardwork but never abuse your health my dear!

Merry decorating time, I am excited to see the final outcome after being decorated... :-)

Please share the photos... :-)

Love n hugs,



Nothing can ever beat the look and feel of a real Christmas tree.This one is just perfect with perfect shape and size and most needles looking fresh and lush green.Neither it looks crowded nor smashed against your walls.The whole space looks so lively with amazing wall and ceiling color contrasts.After decorations I bet,it would have an aesthetic and heavenly look.

Perfect choice of a perfect daughter-mother combination !!!.

Linda Higgins said...

Di that is sooo funny! Well a trip to All-A-Dollar will have to be next huh! I love how real trees smell! The best I can do is pick pine cones that have fallen to get a fresh Christmas smell. We haven't had a real tree for probably15 years! They cut them in September and expect them to last through December? Unless you find someone who cuts them and sells them within a week...then they are so expensive! Your tree is beautiful!

Gail said...


WOW your tree is HUGE and I love it - great post

love to you

Bernie said...

Oh Katie this tree is perfect, I don't think I have ever seen one so pretty. It is almost a shame to decorate it although I am sure it will be beautiful. Please don't over do it Di, I so want you to be healthy for Christmas.....:-)Hugs

Bernie said...

I love the way your blog looks, the banner is gorgeous....Luv ya, xo

Brenda said...

Wow! That is some tree! I admire you and Katie for tackling that on your own. What a woman! Can't imagine that it only took two hours. It is lovely and will look even more beautiful all decorated.

naida said...

Thats a great tree!!! It will look lovely all decked out.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

That is a big tree, looking forward to seeing photos of it decorated.

Anonymous said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
Beautiful Christmas Tree;Good selection by Katie.I am so eager when you finish decorating the tree.
The snowy days and nights,the hope and enthusiasm make December so beautiful.
Wishing you a happy and wonderful Days ahead,

Dee said...

The tree is beautiful...has a great shape.It will look grand decorated....I hope you have enough ornaments.Katie did good. :)

Ginnie said...

I like your new festive format. and the tree looks great.

Arlee Bird said...

That's a lovely tree you have. We haven't had a real tree in many years. I always had a real one when my kids were little, but then when I remarried and moved into our present house we stopped.
Our artificial tree looks almost real and it's very lovely. Besides, we usually leave home for about 3 weeks around the holidays now and we're never home for Christmas anymore anyways.

Enjoy your lovely tree and the lovely pine scents.

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