Saturday, March 19, 2011

" A Bit of This and a Little of That"

I have an imaginary hot tub. Yes I do. It sits atop the imaginary deck that encircles my maple tree. The doors that lead to the imaginary deck are those nice sliding glass doors that are in the wall that leads to my imaginary addition to my kitchen.

The room that is this imaginary addition to my kitchen is really Katie's room. My sixteen year old. Oh did I mention that this imaginary hot tub has an imaginary television that pops up from somewhere in it's depths so that I may watch any movie that I wish as I am having my imaginary glass of wine and relieving the pain of my very real arthritis!

Ah yes this is a fun fantasy that my husband and I often have while together. Today though, I am having it alone. While plants are blooming everywhere, the spring weather has been a killer on my joints. I finally made an appointment to have shots of cortisone and Synvisc in both knees on April 6th. So I should be good for awhile!

Last weekend we celebrated my husbands 49th birthday. The kids and grandkids came over for dinner and cake. We all had a good time and I think this really helped my husband who has been under lots of job related stress lately. He's still having a tough time with work but has been in a much better mood lately.

The next day we burned leaves and grilled some Brats. I was able to get about 95% of the yard leaves burned which just tickled me to no end! I really didn't think that I'd get it all done before the end of April.
My husband makes the most delicious Brats. He simmers them in beer until nearly cooked through and then grills them. Oh my gosh they are so good!

I've watched over my grandson Jack twice the week before last and it was decided that once a week was all that this grandma can handle, at least until I get those shots and they kick in. Jack and Grandpa had a great time playing so I was able to spend some extra time with my granddaughter Sarah. We cuddled in my chair together, it was sweet!

I'm finally getting a new washer and dryer next week. No more laundromat trips for me God willing. Just one this coming Monday and then the new ones should be hooked up by the following weekend.

O.K. so my intuition has been kicking in really strong lately. I consider this to be a gift from God most times. Then there are the other times. The ones when I feel bad about something. I guess it's alright for me to come out with it now as the bad feeling that I had been having the past two weeks has happened.

I kept feeling that Katie was going to have an accident while driving. I was hoping that I was just being a nervous mom but I was dreading the past two weeks every time she wanted to use the car and thanked God each time she made it home safe. 

Kate uses the car every weekend. She goes to church twice, picks up her friend or drops her off, goes to the convenience store for snacks, maybe a trip to the mall. These are all very short trips.

Today she went to Big Lots, a retail store just a few blocks from our house. I have her text me each time she arrives at her destination and text me again when she is on her way home. Today she called me. She was very upset and near tears. She said that she had just hit a car and didn't know what to do. She and her friend were alright so I continued to ask her what happen, how bad the damage was and such.

She was backing out of a parking spot in which a car had parked very close to her after she was already in the store. She cut the wheels a bit too soon and put a nice size dent in the Toyota Avalon that was parked next to her. Amazingly, my car just had a couple of scratches on the front bumper. In the mean time she is asking me in a very freaked out tone what to do. I am explaining to her that she needs to write down the other cars license plate number, go into the store and have the owner paged, exchange insurance info and have a police report made.

After my explanation, Katie says "Mommy I don't know what to do!". Geez.... I can't go up there, we only have one car. So I ask, just out of curiosity, "Didn't they teach you this crap in drivers ed?". She answers "No" and so tell her that she has to man up and go inside to find the owner. Well just as I am telling her this, the owner, who turned out to be a very nice woman with a teen of her own, came out to her car. Katie hung up with me and took care of everything. And get this, she even thought to take photos of both cars, which by the way my insurance company was very impressed with.

The woman was very nice to Katie and just said that these things happen. The info was exchanged and report made. When she came home I went directly to check out my baby. My car. Oh don't think I'm a bad mom, I could see that Kate was fine!!! I was amazed at how little damage was done to that rubber bumper. I called our insurance company to report the claim. They said that if I felt comfortable with it that I could call the woman and give her the claim number and phone number to assure her that they were on it already. If not they would do it for me.

So I gave her a call and the first thing I did was Thank her for being so understanding, explaining how upset my Katie was. She said that Katie was very sweet and polite and that she too had a teen so she understood. She asked if I knew where they would do the body work at and I said no as we've never had a claim. She seemed shocked at that! 

After some good talkin' to's from both mom and dad I let her use the car again today. My husband said to me "It's your car, you decide." My thought was, get back on the horse and ride!

I am hoping that this little incident will make Katie more aware and careful while driving. Her dad thought it best that I take the privilege away for awhile but I didn't. I did however warn her that if she had another accident that was her fault, she wouldn't be driving my car for quite sometime. Did I do the right thing? I hope so. It felt right. And it seems that going with my feelings lately has been spot on.

So with work and parties, accidents and arthritis, you will excuse me won't you while I slip away into my imaginary hot tub? I think it's a good night for it!!


Rebecca said...

This just popped up on my reader! (I had just facebooked you to see if all was well.)

You did good, Mom. And sounds like Katie did, too - and I'm sure learned a valuable lesson.

Now about that imaginary hot tub - I'm imagining myself dropping in for a relaxing session myself.

Glad you're getting your very own washer & dryer AND that you've scheduled yourself for cortisone shots.

Glad to hear about life in your world.

Anvilcloud said...

I think most young drivers get into a scrape of some sort. TG this was just that -- a scrape.

Sorry about your health predicament. I have some arthritis but I'm older and it's not as bad as yours, so I'll count myself lucky enough.

Enjoy your deck.

Bernie said...

So glad Katie is okay and I think you are a wonderful mom....all young people have fender benders when they first begin driving. It could of been so much worse sweetie, so glad you put her back on the horse.
Sorry about your arthritis. Can't imagine burning leaves, we are still buried in snow.
Would love a hot tub while drinking a nice glass of wine, hey never give up your dreams that hot tub may happen yet.....:-)Hugs

Lois Evensen said...

Yes, you did the right thing. It seems she was upset enough on her own without someone making her feel any worse. She handled it well. And, that hot tub sounds wonderful. I think I'll let my mind build a deck for me, too. ;)

Sharon said...

Enjoy your imaginary hot tub and relax, it could have been much worse.

I just hate intuition, I would like to be surprised - once in a while!

Lynilu said...

Di, I'm feeling your pain. Well, I guess it is actually my pain, but I know what you mean. I've been busy today, but I don't think I over-did it. Yet my body is aching, and I'm really miserable. For me it is both joints and muscles. Dang. Can I come join you in the hot tub? Pleeeez??

Good for Katie! That is scary. All wrecks are, but the first one is the worst. It sounds as if she did a good job. I love it when parents allow their kids to grow up and handle things like that when they can. I'm also proud of you for doing it .... as if there were a choice!

Have a good rest of the weekend!

Margaret Pangert said...

Maybe your husband could build a hot tub! I don't know about the outdoor tv, though. It sounds marvelous. Glad you're enjoying your grandchildren so much! And I think you're right: Katie is going to be a much more cautious driver after her first fender bender. I'm glad it turned out well, and she was so responsible. Ah, life!

Wanda..... said...

Wish you had a hot tub for those aching joints, Di. Yard work has put a little ache in this body too. The new washer and dryer will make that job easier, I can't wait to hang the towels and sheets outside. I think you handled the driving situation just fine, Di. I'm sure you're thankful it was such a simple accident and good learning experince for Katie.

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

While you and Jake discuss your imaginary hot tub, maybe you could do it over an intercom call to my husband to remind him of the benefits of having a hot tub and maybe he will listen to someone else and get ours going again. I've been in a lot of pain lately, don't know why but I sure could use a good soak.

Poor Katie. But Di, I think you did the right thing letting her drive again. Clearly, it was an accident, probably from the lack of experience but it sounds to me as though she handled things like a grown up. Can't say that for many grown ups these days. You taught her well!

GutsyWriter said...

Diana, My apologies for not visiting. I completely understand and thank you for your comments. I wish you and your family all the best. Sonia.

Danielle said...

Oh Di~

Having been the teen so recently, I remember those days! I think you made the right decision mom, and if it feels good to you as the momma, then it must be the right thing :)
I rear-ended someone when I was 19 in my mom's car, right in front of my junior college I was attending...Oh I was such a wreck! And the kicker?
My mom worked for AAA insurance...good times! But having grace with our children is something that we usually learn as we go along, and you seem to have wonderful amounts of it...
Tell me...can I find grace, with my 3-year old? :)
And congrats on the new washer and dryer, it will be so very nice for you to not have to make those trips!
I'm really praying for your arthritis shots to work wonders for you, both my parents suffer from that so I know how it can be...all my love!!


Barb said...

Hi Di, Leave you alone for a week and look at all that's happened! Thank goodness Katie is all right. A little fender scrape and a few dings is a good lesson all in all - nobody was hurt, thank goodness. Now, I think I'll join you in the hot tub - I'll bring the wine...Happy b-day to Jake! Also, yea for the new washer and dryer!

Munir said...

I am so glad that you are getting a new washer and a dryer. They are more precious than any jewelry.

Rae said...

Teens all have to go through that growing up process at some point. This was a learning lesson for Katie. You did an excellent job handling it.

editor said...

Thanks for the comment,I wish you all the best.Shalom

Jules said...

Brian makes brats the same way too. I'm not a fan of brats but everyone else always loves them.

I think you did the right thing with the car. It should make her be a bit more careful.

Arlee Bird said...

If I were to have an imaginary deck with an imaginary hot tub then I'd also need an imaginary bigger back yard.

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Eileen said...

You definitely did the right thing, Di. We all deserve a second chance. And you know what to do if there is a repeat!
I love how her instinct was to 'call Mom' right away!

I hope you're feeling better, Di, and I hope your aching joints get some relief.
I loved reading about your grandchildren!
And please give my best wishes to Jake! And 49! HE'S JUST A BABY!

I haven't been feeling too well lately, but I'm better today, just feeling weary.
I'll try to get a post together tonight or tomorrow.
Love to you, E

Ginnie said...

I wish your hot tub was for real. It might help to ease some of the aches that you have. I'm so sorry for that.
I think you handled the car situation beautifully. Our kids need to have love and understanding just as much as discipline, I think.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your imaginary hot tub and I think you did the right thing.