Thursday, March 3, 2011

" I Just Couldn't Help Myself ! "

Yesterday was a pleasant winter day. 
Doesn't that sound strange? "Winter".

After all I think that I can confidently say that most us are thinking 

 In my neck of the woods it's been warming up. The average daytime temperature has been around 50 degrees. Rainy, cloudy, sunny, windy. All of the different degrees of early spring.

But alas, it's still winter. Yesterday however I just couldn't help myself any longer. I just had to go outside into my yard and clean a few of my garden beds.

Please don't tell my husband! He would have been aggravated with me. You see I sort of hurt something in my back last week and all I ever hear is "You just need to sit for a day!".

So I didn't say anything about doing any gardening! I only spent about 30 minutes out there and I was sitting on my little "Lawn Buddy" cart so I really didn't stress my back at all. 

Today my back is fine again and a few of my beds are cleaned out. 
There is so much cleaning yet to do and I am getting very antsy!!!

My Maple tree has buds on it.

I love this tree and not because it's the only tree we have. I just like to wonder at it's constant changes. I find sitting and staring up at it very relaxing spiritually.

We also have buds on the Lilac bush.

It won't be long before her heady fragrance will greet me in the mornings.
The Daffodils are popping through the mulch.

Soon enough we will see the vibrant yellow atop her green stems!

I also went looking for something else that I had suspected may be poking through.
If you were here about this same time last year you may remember my asking for help in identifying this odd looking plant that my husband discovered in the yard.

He asked me what it was and I thought it familiar but at the time I was a bit befuddled.

It was with the help of some of my blogger buddies that I remembered planting a pink Hyacinth by the Lilac bush the previous year.

It had been a gift from my granddaughter Sarah to me for my birthday. It produced the most glorious smelling flower!

I was quite excited to see that it had made it back again this year. I guess it likes that spot so I may consider planting several more of them in the future to keep the pink one company!


It's just beginning to poke through. When my husband first discovered it last year, it already had the bud on it which looked very strange. In the back of my mind I knew that it was familiar but just couldn't place it's name. 

So now I know and it's even more special because Sarah gave it to her grandma! As a matter of fact I think I shall name this Hyacinth, Sarah, after my granddaughter. I will also write it's location and history in my "Garden Journal" which I started writing in again.

Which reminds me. I have to find a new one as my old one is almost full. I need one with good quality pages as I also put photos and gardening articles in it.
Today I hung towels out on the clothesline to dry. They smell so good!

So while it may still be "Winter", technically and literally, I can't help but feel the "Spring" in the air today.
I think we are all looking forward to it after this long winter.

Have you been looking? Found anything yet?


Anvilcloud said...

Yeah well ... just give us another two months.

Erik's RV Blog said...


As the owner of a back back, you need to take it easy so it can re-coup! As for Spring, HECK YES!!! I just hope we don't go straight into summer!

Take care of your back Diana, I know how painful it can be. I have a tree to chop up that was knocked down this winter and my back is going to make me pay for sure. :)


Lois Evensen said...

We are being teased by a few warm days, aren't we. Hopefully, Spring really IS just around the corner. I remember snowfall at the end of April one year in Southern Ohio.

Yes, be careful with your back and be sure it has time to heal. I've learned to baby my back when it tries to give me trouble.


Rebecca said...

If I'd read this earlier, I would have HAD to go out and check! I'm especially wondering about our aged lilac....

DeanO said...

Ms. Diana - isn't it amazing how nature pokes it's head out of the ground...every year! I was just noticing myself a few bulbs beginning to sprout out of the ground. I also noticed that the grass needs to be mowed. Is tht possible already?

Lynilu said...

I haven't planted any early spring flowers here, but I brought home a pot each of hyacinths, a yellow daffodil, and a yellow and orange daffodil. I should be able to plant them this weekend, but I'll have to protect them with chicken wire to prevent them from becoming deer snacks.

It is lovely spring-like here. Several days in the 60s and at least a week more predicted. Love it!

Arlee Bird said...

You are an industrious lady. The idea of sitting for a day sounds good in a way, but there is no way I could sit still for that long.
C'mon spring!

Tossing It Out

Lena said...

I wore flip-flops for the first time this year, today... Spring is here! Now... I just need to be able to wear a summer dress for a whole day in order to be perfectly happy!
Take good care of your back, Di!
lots of love! XXX

Rae said...

I still don't have a thing poking out of the ground, but my lilac bush is loaded with buds and if nature cooperates my magnolia tree should be beautiful this spring. Maybe the warm soaking rains this weekend will help nudge some of my garden back to life.

Eileen said...

How nice for you to see early signs of Spring!
The only sign we have is that most of the snow has melted (but still lots on our back deck as it gets no sun).

It's funny though, one day while walking home from school a few weeks ago, Jayden spotted little green shoots coming up through the snow on somebody's lawn! It was amazing.

I love Hyacinths, they remind me of Easter.
'Glad you were able to get some garden work done!
And I was thinking of you with all those bags and what-not that blew onto your property! Did it just keep blowing away from you or did you have to clean all that?
We get that a LOT too, we are at the bottom of the hill and every piece of trash in the neighborhood just seems to find it's way to our front yard!

It's cold here again this week, but at least the sun has been shining!
Love to you,

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
No signs of Spring in this neck of the woods. Yesterday it was -30 celcius and it was snowing. More snow in March? All I have to say is 'Global Warming my Butt...", now those words are not very impeccable I know, however, I have to admit I am jealous of your Spring weather and green things popping up through the earth. We are still under 6' of snow, and I am not exaggerating...more is coming. So glad this is going to be my last winter here!!!! God Willing of course. ((((HUGS))) my friend. I am so glad you are writing in your garden journal again. : )

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
We are enjoying spring in India!Trees are full of flowers and fruits...Nature is simply beautiful!
Take care of your back,Di!
I am so happy to know how much you love nature!
Beautiful shots,dear!
Wishing you sunny days,

Barb said...

""You just need to sit for a day!"." Haven't I been telling you this, too? Actually, I'm glad you took a peek at your growing things and shared them. I won't be taking pictures of mine in the mountains for another 3 months! However, I'm in Denver right now and yesterday I did see some crocus blooming. Too soon, I fear - it's to snow in the city in the next few days. Have a great weekend, Di!

Wanda..... said...

Our days and weather are similar, Di. Daffodils and Naked Ladies are coming up here, but not much else. It has been warm enough for a few walks to the creek, but I haven't used my clothes line yet!'s raining, but at least it's not snow.

Linda Higgins said...

I am looking forward to a little sunshine on this lily white body of mine. I worship the sun. I don't care if it makes me old and wrinkly and put spots on me...I love the sun. I can't wait for the sun to SHINE ON ME AND MAKE ME BROWN ALL OVER! hehehehehe

Bernie said...

Oh to be able to look for signs of Spring....the sun was out today so even though it was cold I went out and cleaned my car off and shoveled my deck a bit just to feel the warm sun on my face and I loved it. You and Wanda are so blessed to feel and smell the Spring, have a great weekend....Hugs

taio said...

good mornig world

Cinner said...

No signs of Spring at all, as Bernie said a bit of sun was a treat. your photos were lovely. hugs.

Donna's Book Nook said...

I can't believe you were out cleaning flower beds already! However, we do have a few signs; we have about 10 fruit trees, and my husband announced the other day that they are all "alive", whatever that means.

I guess your hubby doesn't read your blog, so he won't know you've been out?!

Being Pramoda... said...

Hiiii Di...hw r u? i'm so happy to come to your space..

wats up dear..??

as always, nice touch to the dialy work progress..:).. pics are superb and the work is worth watching again ..

Hope ur family is fine ... wish u all a happy winter.. hehe.;) Wish to see you back at my space.. thanks ya..


Garnetrose said...

I love spring and I love trees. I can remember when we first bought our property. I walked across it to this huge apple tree and hugged. It was My tree. I owned it. I was so proud. I enjoyed the pictures. I love hanging clothes out too. Yah! Spring is almost here!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to see things starting to grow in our yards and gardens!

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Diana~ Th first thing I thought about was your daughter's hand in the journal and maybe finding the hyacinth that way, but it happened to pop out for you all by itself! You are a teensy bit ahead of us. We're seeing the last little mounds of snow, but nothing is popping out of the ground yet. The forsythia and azalea are expanding their leaves and buds a little bit, so maybe they'll be first. As for the deciduous trees, the dogwood, maple, and oak are also expanding their leaves. But, oh, lilac and daffodils! Now that is spring! ♥

tattytiara said...

We're at least a good month away from the first flush of green anything here. It's so cool your hyacinth came back!

Ginnie said...

We've had lots of much needed rain today. Maybe that will bring out some flowering. However, the Bradford Pear trees that we have in abundance in this area of North Carolina are blossoming and they are lovely.

taio said...


Sharon said...

Good Morning Diana!
Welcome to Life with Jack N Jill! I was a little confused when you said you came from Geoff's blog, I don't know Geoff! It could have been DeanO's ???????
Your little pendant was more than likely made in Siam or Thailand (probably Thailand, as you bought it new - the name was changed in the late 40's I believe) I have a collection of Siam pieces as well as a few Thailand pieces. It is called Niello. Maybe I should write a blog about it :-) I think some people may think I am "showing off" but I love metals, gold, silver, steel, iron - whatever. Of course, I have a thing for rocks too! Diamonds, gemstones, fossils, giant bluffs, mountains.
My blog has gotten too big for my britches, so I am not able to comment on every one, every day, but I do what I can. :-)

Jules said...

You are really not that far away from me and we are still buried under 6 ft of snow on our lawn!

Sharon said...

Hi Diana!
I did post my collection and the pictures kind of stink - but gives you an idea of the lovelies out there. Thanks for the idea, I was going to post all about my garbage day. LOL!