Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Still Around But Not For Long !"

Hi everyone ! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here but have been extremely busy this past week.

I've been trying my best to keep up with your posts but when I haven't been running around I've been napping from exhaustion.

I have also noticed that since I have started following a few new blogs, it seems to be taking forever for them to show up on my Google reader. So if I haven't visited some of you as often as you've posted, I apologize. I don't understand why it takes so long for them to show up.

I'll be working today but I am hoping to be able to post something soon. It's just been one of those crazy weeks. 

I hope all is well in your world and I will do my best to keep caught up just bear with me please and have a wonderful day.


Amity said...

Hi Di...)

Oh we are on the same boat...I am so busy and at the end of the day I feel so stressed I could hardly bloghop even those closest to me like you...

I am always so tired everyday, that even weekends I am called to work, being President of Alumni in the university where I graduated as we are about to hold the first ever grand alumni homecoming this 23rd of April...

The next coming weeks call for much work on my part aside from my heavy office work...whewwwww.....

Maybe I will not be posting blogs in the next weeks already so I am in an indefinite break...

See you...and thanks for dropping by in spite of my long absence in your blog....:)

LOve and miss you Di!

Wanda..... said...

It happens here too, Di. Some mornings after I have read all the new posts on my reader, later in the day, a few more appear, tucked in between the ones I've read. I have missed plenty of posts completely, because of this.

Hope your crazy week turns into a weekend of leisure and relaxation.
♥ Wanda

Rebecca said...

It's OK, Di. No explanation necessary. Sounds like you don't need One More Thing to do or think about. Take care of yourself!

Eileen said...

I understand, Di!
I'm thinking that may be my problem too, I have so many of my own blogs (and so many, many pictures loaded on two of them), and then so many blogs that I follow. I noticed long ago that posts weren't showing up new, and then the problem of getting to blogs started, and then problems publishing on my own blog started.
I guess I should just delete the blogs I can't get to, but I'd feel so bad letting go of them.

I won't be posting for awhile soon anyway, we have a new granddaughter coming on March 31, so I'll be busy with grandkids, and Ray and I are starting to really purge this house, so I'll be busy with that too.
And I'm thinking it will soon be time to retire "Umma's World" anyway. Life is changing. And the blog world has changed along with it.
I have a few ideas for a new blog, we'll see.

I've missed you.
Take care!
Love to you,

Rae said...

It is a time consuming task trying to keep up with everyone. Just one day is enough to get you behind in the blogosphere. Real life comes first, so do what you have to do. We understand and will be here when you are able to return.

Donna's Book Nook said...

I'm not nearly as busy as you are, and I have trouble keeping up with posts. Give yourself permission to do only what you can or really want to. We will miss your posts! Take care of yourself!

Sharon said...

It is nearly impossible to catch up and make a blog and actually have a life too. If you can't post, you can't, all there is too it!

Life is going to get busier with the season change and I don't even look for many bloggers until it has been a couple 3 weeks, then - I wonder.

Jules said...

No worries. It's too much of a chore sometimes to keep up with everyone. Just do what you can, when you can. We will always be here.

Arlee Bird said...

Take it easy and don't stress yourself out. I've been falling behind with A to Z issues and other daily life things. After April I'll take a breather I guess.

Tossing It Out

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
Hope you are fine.
I am too busy with office work for the next two weeks.We are having festival on 20th...festival of colours.HOLI-spring festival.
Wishing you a beautiful evening,

Lynilu said...

Hi Di!

I wanted to let you know I fix the music file on the blog, and on FB, also. I'm so glad you gave me a headsup! I didn't think to check it before posting. Go back and listen to it. It is such a great song!


Maria said...

Bless you as you work, Diana!
Spring will be here soon and we'll all be readying our yards for flowers and veggies. I wonder if Mr. Toad is still around?!
Wishing you a lovely weekend, with a few moments for yourself ~
♥ Maria

GutsyWriter said...

Well good to know we're all here and all busy. What would life be like if we had nothing to do? I wonder.

Ginnie said...

As long as you come back it's OK to take a break! Don't work so hard that it affects your mental capacities...everyone needs to "chill out" once in awhile.

Margaret Pangert said...

No worries, Diana! You'll always be my friend; I just wish there was something I could do to help you out right now. Love and take care, Margaret

Life 101 said...

I've been lax in my blog reading too. I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove.

Anonymous said...

Do what you have to do...if you're able we'll be here waiting!