Sunday, August 7, 2011

" Warning ! Not Suitable Reading for Those Under Fifty ! "

Foot Fetish ? You be the Judge.

O.K. I'm going to admit it. I have a foot fetish.
Mind you now it's not exactly what you may think !!

It has to do with my own feet. You see, I absolutely cannot stand when my feet are dirty and or rough. 
Hate it, hate it, hate it!!!!

So more often than not you will find me with socks on my feet even in the summer. That is unless I have sandals on but then my feet can possibly get dirty.

I don't know when this all started to bother me but it does. So everyday I scrub my feet with a pumice stone and a gigantic emery board. I like my feet to be soft and smooth as a babies bottom!!


You may wonder where I am going with all of this. Well you are over fifty, haven't you learned patience yet?? 

I have recently learned a new beauty tip for feet. I'm doing this for you. I shared my Cocoa Butter Vaseline tip with you, now I am sharing more beauty tips for you over fifty crowd. 

This goes for you guys as well. My husband loves when I give him a pedicure and I am going to add this to it for him too.

After all you wouldn't want to end up with feet like this...


No, I didn't think so.

This has to do with our toe nails folks. When I read that I wouldn't be able to wear toenail polish or make-up during my upcoming surgery,
I cried and cried.

Well not really but when I took off my polish I noticed how yellowed my nails had become. Upon doing research on the web about this, I discovered that as we age our nails can become discolored.
Now this can be caused by nail fungus, yuck! 
But lets just say that it is from aging naturally o.k.?
It can also be caused from wearing polish year after year. Now I know you guys don't wear, well I really don't know but lets just believe that you guys don't wear polish but you are aging naturally.

Yes that sounds much better.
Alright now on to the natural way to nail whitening beauty recipe.
Sorry to take up so much of your time.

1- tablespoon hydrogen peroxide
2-1/2 Tablespoons Baking Soda
Mix well.

With a Q-tip,
Press mixture under the tip of each nail and spread over the top of nails as well.

This is a bit messy, find a good spot to sit and relax for 5 to 10 minutes. Grab a magazine or book. Meditate, pray, whatever floats your boat. 
Just RELAX !!
I did 10 minutes with a towel under my feet.
No one was home so I sang!!

Rinse with warm water.

Pour 5-Tablespoons of lemon juice in a bowl and soak nails for 2 minutes.

Rinse with warm water.

Now dry your tootsies well and be sure to slather on some lotion or cream as the peroxide can be drying. And you just know that I used my Cocoa Butter Vaseline!!

We mustn't have dry feet. Ever.

Do this twice a week for two weeks then once a week every six to eight weeks.

I am on my second week and by gosh by golly I do believe my nails are getting whiter and brighter!!

It is important for me to have smooth and pretty feet during my surgery. I could care less about the make-up!!

So now I ask you. Do I have a foot fetish?
And be nice, remember my surgery is now only 9 days away!!!



Sharon said...

My nails are alright, but my feet are terribly dry, still haven't been shopping for that cocoa butter Vaseline!

Lois Evensen said...

You always make me smile. Thanks for all the tips. I wear sandals quite a lot while on the ship, but love to wear just socks around the house. The sock provide some protection and keep my feet clean.

I do have problems with dry feet. Love all your "feet tips!"

Being Pramoda... said...

Shd i read it?? i'm 25 :)

Wanda..... said...

No Di, I don't think you have a foot fetish, not a serious one anyway, but I thought there would be before and after photos of your feet...although I wouldn't be that brave myself. Our feet do take a beating, so it's good to treat them well. After using a pumice stone, I rub mine with a mixture of olive oil and salt...then cool rinse and pat dry (hands too)leaves everything silky!

Anvilcloud said...

This is funny as I am a sock kind of guy. My feet tend to feel cold and dry, so I almost always wear socks. I also tend to rib some lotion on them before bed and sometimes in the morning. Again, it's because of the dry sensation.

Diana said...

Oh I like Wanda's idea, I will have to try that!

Life 101 said...

Where did you get that photo of my feet? :)

Sandi said...

Where do you find the cocoa butter vaseline? I have a serious foot fetish, too, and also a shoe fetish! You are right to have your feet in tip top shape before surgery. If you have to wear the "anti embolism socks" they say you aren't to use any lotions, and your feet will dry out a bit. Just a warning!! Ask your doctor about it, because I forgot! I kind of "cheated" and used foot cream anyway, as I just couldn't stand the dryness. I will try your treatment for the nails today!

Sabi Sunshine said...

Hi Di,

how are you doing? Is everything ok healthwise.. Sorry been really busy with my exams..

Sabi Sunshine

Diana said...

Hi Sandi,
I found the Cocoa Butter Vaseline in the skin cream and lotion isle. Not where you would find the regular Vaseline. Yeah I heard about all of the socks and everything else that I have to wear, thanks!!
Love Di ♥

Hi Sabi,
Haven't heard from you in a long time! I am having both of my knees replaced on August 16th. It's a good thing. Love Di ♥

Bernie said...

Hi Di, I agree with you. I love soft well pedicured feet. I go for pedicures but in between I use bio oil, it is great. I first bought it in Scotland but they sell it here now. Keeping you in my prayers sweetie.....:-)Hugs

Margaret Pangert said...

omg, Diana! Just over a week! Prayers and good luck! Photo A is so pretty! I like to get a pedicure about once a month, but one time a red color started creeping in--oh-oh, fungus! Have to be careful. A personal pedicure like this one would be heaven! (p.s.: I guess you have to shave your legs the evening before, too...). Love!

Maria said...

Now I was imagining my feet soaking ~ but when I look down, I still have my old sneakers on! yikes!
Time for some pampering!
Wishing you well, Diana and thinking of you ~ Maria

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
I go for a pedicure once a month so my toeies look pretty. You are in my paryers sweet lady. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape so sweet of you.
I hope you have a Great week.
XXOO Diane

Geoff Maritz said...

Hello Di.
No I don't wear nail polish, never have never will.
I thought this was going to be a post about Jesus washing his disciples feet, he did you know. As far as I know he didn't have a foot fetish, he just liked clean feet, just like you.
Baking soda and peroxide, wow, very fizzy.
God bless you my special friend, I will pray for you over the next week or so, Geoff.

Rebecca said...

You're almost there! I think I'm going to put some vaseline on my feet tonight and put socks on overnight. I do go barefoot and wear sandals a lot. My heels especially seem to get a little rough. I rarely wear polish on my toenails. They have ridges and it's hard to get the polish off well when I want to. So my nails aren't too yellowed (yet).

I really love to have my feet rubbed. My dear husband is usually willing to massage my feet and it is better than s_x for me :)

Joy said...

Ha, had to LOL at Rebecca's comment about the foot massage. I will say I enjoy a foot massage too! I'm with you on the clean feet deal... hate dirty feet and I rarely go barefoot in the house, and NEVER, NEVER, EVER outside! I cringe when I see anyone barefoot outside--so unsafe and their feet are not only dirty, but golly gee whiz, did you ever look AT their feet?? (Careful, now!) It's like they could forego shoes! Built in leather soles! Lord have mercy! I'm here by way of Geoff's blog. Have a great day and I hope the surgery goes well.

Ellen said...

Oh how you can amuse.... and so very funny at that. :-) Thanks for the tip on foot care. I pray that everything will be alright for you. God bless you, Di.

naida said...

lol...nice post!
I have the same foot fetish, my feet always have to be soft and toenails painted at all times.
Thanks for the tips on foot care!

Ginnie said...

Well, considering all the stuff that the nurses, (O.R., Recovery or just plain "on the floor") have to put up with I think they will be thrilled to have your soft, CLEAN and attractive feet in their face. And, yes, Diane, I would say you have a bit of a fetish but so what !!

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hey Diana! Great to be back and see such a lovely post from you! I recently went in for Foot Reflexology. They used Sesame oil while they were at it and for days after, my feet were soft :-)

Just a little more time, then you can experiment with Nail Art. Loads of love :)

Barb said...

Oh, Di - my feet look like that horrible photo! I can just hear your surgeon murmuring, "Come look at this woman's gorgeous feet - and she has such clean white nails!" Thinking of you, Di. I've been busy with Grands so off the computer for awhile.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

I am visiting your blog for first time, and I really enjoyed this post, since I have a foot fetish. I have noticed the yellowish color on the nails after using polish for a long time. I didn't know there was a way to fix that issue!

Thanks for the tip. And good luck with your surgery.