Thursday, February 23, 2012

" The Weekly Blog "

I'm thinking of changing my blog title to 
"The Weekly Blog"
since that seems to be how often I post anymore. I'm not really going to change it but it seems that I used to post more often than once a week. I have been tired lately and now I am sick as well. I thought it was allergies at first but after five days of getting worse, I finally broke down and called my doctor's office. They said there is a sinus virus going around and I will need antibiotics. All I know is I'll try anything at this point, I feel miserable.

But all is not lost. I did have some good days last week. My DIL brought the grandkids over for a visit. I gave them their fingerless gloves that I made for them.

If you look closely at Sarah's glove you can see the little hearts that I crocheted and sewed on to them. Jack's are Camo of coarse. They both seemed pretty happy with their new gloves.

Since then I've made another pair for my daughter Ginny as well as a pair of cuffs that she requested. So I've had plenty to keep me busy while sitting around with Spring fever!!

My granddaughter Sarah spent the night with us and we had fun despite the fact that grandma was worn out.

Here she is doing her imitation of Superman,

And Spiderman.

This kid is a real cracker like her grandma,
her sense of humor fits right in with grandma and grandpa's!!

A few days later, when I thought that I just had allergies, a friend of mine and I went out to eat at China Buffet. I've been a very good girl with my eating habits so we splurged!!
I've dropped a pant size since I've been able to start riding my bike again. I rode three miles yesterday, today, nothing. Too sick.

After lunch we went thrifting, something we both love to do. I came home with this cute little shelf. I wanted to put it up in the kitchen.

My husband has a shot glass collection that is all jumbled up on a shelf that really makes it hard to see them. So I thought this would be good for that until I got it home that is.

It was then that I realized there was not one square foot of wall big enough left in the kitchen to hang it. Sigh....

Crowded wall.

Crowded wall.

Crowded wall.

Maybe above Mr. Pig over the door? No, not quite spacey enough.

As you can see my kitchen walls and everything else is very "Full"!! It's nick knack heaven I tell you.

I really like this shelf though so I think if I am ever able to paint my little apartment upstairs, I will hang it up there somewhere. Yes it would look nice up there.

I can't paint up there yet as the roof leaks in a few spots. We're waiting on some estimates as I type this. Maybe it will gets replaced or fixed this year or maybe not!
All I know is that I won't paint until it's fixed.

Lets see what else is new. Oh yeah my husband and I went out to lunch Saturday. Guess where we went? China Buffet! It's addicting I tell you. Then we just bummed around town, sort of window shopping.

He's driving a newer truck right now, just temporarily. As they were servicing his truck, they found that his steering was ready to give out. We were grateful that they found it and it is being fixed but he absolutely hates this newer truck. It's an automatic Semi Tractor and he just hates the thing! I wish I could drive it, HeHeHeHe....

I've dreamed about driving one before. It was fun!!! But he's not having fun with all of the electronic features which includes one that automatically brakes when a car cuts in front of him. Which means he has no control if the roads are slick, the darn truck just brakes on it's own!!

I'm saying prayers that his truck will be fixed by the time he gets to Cedar Rapids this weekend. I know he will feel much better being in his own rig. 

He will be turning 50 in just a couple of weeks. My daughter Katie says that he will always be 47 to her! LOL!!!

My Katie is doing well. She is in love. It was a bit surprising at first but I guess we are getting used to it now. As long as she keeps her grades up, she can be in love all she wants.

My Daughter-in-law will be having a major surgery on Monday. One that someone her age should not have to go through but it is very necessary. We will be praying for her and my son in the months to come.

My oldest daughter, Ginny is doing fine. She has been very busy at work and preparing her friends bridal shower and Party. I know it's been stressful for her but that's because she likes things to be just so.

I really miss her and hope that I get to see her possibly this summer. It's been six months
(my knee surgery) since we've seen her.

I think that is all the news that I have for now. The doctor's office just called me, my prescription is ready so I guess I will finish here and go pick it up.

I hope you are all well and am grateful that we can't spread human germs through the computer. 

So long for this week!! 


Rebecca said...

Well, I'm glad you got some meds for your sinus infection.

The fingerless gloves are really "neat"! I can imagine how much the kids love them...

Hoping Jake DOES/DID get his truck back and all is well.

Take care of yourself. Keep eating sensibly and working out. Let's be "fit" this spring!

Linda Higgins said...

Oh Di! I am sooo behind in my blog and every single day I read everyone's posts I just get more and more behind. I am afraid my next post (whenever that will be) will be so scrambled! I need to start someplace huh? Wow 3 miles on your bike? I am so happy and so impressed! That is such a wonderful awesome acheivement WOW! I am sorry you have this sinus thing, believe me, it is everywhere! I hope all goes well with your DIL, :( (your better have "the talk" with Katie LOL) dang kids, trying to grow up too fast...that dang love thing kick butt at this tender age! you better teach her how to crochet or knit! keep her busy that way instead of "love" hehehe. I made myself some fingerless gloves and I wear them alot while I amy typing! They are awesome! Well get better! Maybe I should copy this and post it as a blog LOL hugs!

Theanne said...

enjoyed your post...sorry you're still feeling bad...hope the antibiotics help! Lots going on...prayers for your DILs surgery!

I don't think I'd want a "tractor" that braked on its own! Scary!

Eileen said...

Di, what a great post here having you catch us up on everyone and everything! But bad report about not feeling well. I hope the antibiotics kick in and do their job and that you are feeling much better soon. I can't get over how much you accomplish with not feeling well! You are one AMAZING woman!

I love the gloves you made and I love the little shelf you picked up! And I LOVE your kitchen! Those open shelves over the cabinets are great!
I have no wall space in my kitchen at all, the cabinets take up every bit of space, and the little wall there is, well, it's full too!

I hope your husband's truck is fixed soon too, and I'll send up a prayer too!

'LOVED catching up here, Di, and I loved all the photos too. Your grandchildren are beautiful!

Okay, gotta run ~ Ray just took Eóghan from me so I could type this, but he's fussing now (the baby, not Ray!) so I better go give Grandpa some relief.
Love and Prayers,

Barb said...

Hi Di, I was wondering what was up with you. There are plenty of bugs going around - too bad you caught one. I'm glad to hear you're on the bike! (And were feeling good enough before the bug to eat out and go shopping.) Get well soon - and I sure hope Jake's truck is repaired pronto!

Maria said...

Ooh I love those pink gloves with the hearts on they are so girly, I also want to make a pair for my niece and I. I've just learnt to crochet squares from youtube as my mom is too old to teach me how to crochet, so much so that she has to use a special Tracfone SVC phone for seniors needs with the big letters on the screen and bigger keys. There are so many beautiful things to make and I was amazed that you can make masculine and feminine items in crochet. It's very clever how you made the masculine gloves without them looking girly.

Rob-bear said...

Sickness in addition to recovering from surgery? Boo! Hiss!

I hope you, and the rest of the family (including the truck) are getting better. A truck that brakes on its own? I think not!

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Nezzy said...

I'll chance the germy computer to visit you sweetie!!!

I sure hope you get to feelin' better, take care of yourself.

The pictures of you and the grandkiddos are just precious.

God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend Diana!!! :o)

Joy said...

I like the Spiderman stance... and I like your kitchen ceiling! Di, I had to break this to you, but there is no room for your new shelf that I can see... an upstairs apartment? That sounds interesting.

Sandi said...

Oh Di, what a newsy post! I'm getting to be a once-a-week post person, too. I just can't seem to get more in, and it's really hard to keep caught up on reading and commenting. I wish I didn't have to work!!

Sorry you've been sick. Both my daughter and I were feeling yucky last weekend, and she's still coughing practically non-stop. I tried to talk her into going to the doctor, but she hasn't yet!

I love your blue shelf, and had to laugh, because I wouldn't have space for it either! I have knick knacks and cute shelves all over my house!!

Sounds like we have a lot in common.

Take care of yourself!