Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Lilac Grows Through a Drought

This little Lilac bush was a gift to me from my daughters, Ginny and Katie, this past Mother's Day.
It is also special in that it blooms not only in the Springtime but the Summertime as well.

In the above photo you can see all of the dead grass around the Bush except for the green ring of grass that gets some of the runoff of water from my daily watering.

It's very odd to see so many dead leaves around the yard at this time of year. 
I have been diligent in watering all of my plants specifically my potted flowers and newly planted perennials.

My diligence has paid off as I discovered today when I bent over to smell the Lilac Bloom. I've never smelled one so sweet !!


Dee said...

Awwww...the lilac is surviving because it's roots hold the love of your daughters. ♥

Jackie said...

A beautiful and fragrant gift of love from your sweet daughters. I love the tender loving care it is getting from you. Love blooms full circle.
Love you.

Rob-bear said...

Glad your lilac is surviving, and you get to enjoy its colour and scent.

All through the "dirty '30s," Caragana bushes on the Canadian prairies survived the drought and gave some shelter from the blowing winds. It's good that some things can survive this weather.

Shelley said...

Awww a deep rooted love for those around you. Even in 'tough' times, roots take hold and there they stay. What a lovely post.

Ginny said...

I agree with Dee's comments. Those lilacs are rooted with our love!

Linda Higgins said...

It is so dry and hot and horrible everywhere. The states are experiencing the hottest summer on record EVERYWHERE! I can't stand to go outside. I know we have hot summers every year but I don't remember it being this hot in July. It really is miserable so any little bit of green is just a reminder that...it will cool off, eventually!

Mamabug said...

It's beautiful and well loved! Wish I could smell it!

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Isn't this dry weather something!?
Our grass is as crunchy as it is in Texas~!
Our blueberries ... which were plenty this spring, are all shriveled up! I'm glad your lilac is thriving! Any extra tlc we can give our plants, I know is so appreciated! The birds and critters are enjoying any water I leave for them.
Wishing you some cool breezes!
God bless you always,

Sandi said...

Lovely! I wish my lilacs bloomed twice! I'm a little jealous! Lilacs are love, I think. They are very special to my girls and I as well. I received lilac related gifts from them on Mother's Day this year.

Anvilcloud said...

It's a dry summer for sure. We are getting some "forest" fires even though you wouldn't exactly call our area forested. It's hard to explain.

Eileen said...

So beautiful to have that tangible love right outside your door! Something you can touch, smell, enjoy, and bring such a nice memory too!
Blooming in spite of the drought ~ just like family love is sometimes.
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ I've never seen a lilac that blooms twice a year ~ how lucky your are (in more ways than one!).