Monday, July 23, 2012

Diana's Household Diaries "DeDusting"

Good day everyone! I had some help with choosing today's subject.
Deb from "Of His Pasture"
Sandi from "Flying into the Light"
And my old Blogging Buddy
Eileen from "Family Ties"

All of them suggested "Dusting" as today's subject but I feel that I must change that to
"Dedusting" because lets face it, that's what it really is!

First let me say that I live in two different "Dedusting" worlds. That of the house that I clean weekly and that of my own house. The latter of the two being a bit more neglected than the first!!

The easiest way to start I suppose is with the house that I clean weekly as I do it in a somewhat more professional manner. I am sure that they have a much less dusty house than I do!

So lets start with products that I use. I use these products in both my own and the house that I clean every week.
The first product is one that my grandmother used and I really like it for wood surfaces.  

With Old English and a soft rag, your fine woods will really shine. It does take a bit more elbow grease than the next product which works almost equally as well but sometimes I would swear that I can feel the wood's appreciation of this special treatment!! Sounds silly I know but it really does a splendidly fine job. To my antique's and finer wood furniture, I like to apply a nice layer, lightly spread it around and let it sit for a bit before polishing.
The other product I like for wood surfaces that makes dusting a bit easier and quicker is Orange Glo.

Another very good product for wood surfaces.

There are other things that I use depending on the surface I am Dedusting but next I have to say that I always, always Dedust from top to bottom.
In other words, I like to start with the ceiling's first if needed. For the ceilings I use one of these...

Ceilings aren't something that I Dedust often but I do Dedust them more often at the house I clean weekly than my own house, surprise, surprise!!
Next I do the ceiling fans. I find that if you dust them weekly, you don't have to wash the blades as much. I dust the fans weekly and wash them monthly. For ceiling fans I like to use one of these...

A Swiffer extended Deduster! It also works well on window frames, tall lamps, and curtain tops. Anything that can't be reached by a short woman.

Gosh Dedusting is a boring subject isn't it? If you've managed to stick with me thus far, I have a Dedusting story for you.

Many, many years ago in another life, far, far away, there was a young homemaker named Diana. She was so busy raising her two young children that she didn't seem to find much time to Dedust.
She had long since lost an expensive gold, one ct. diamond cocktail ring that had been specially designed for her. It made her heartsick.
One day she was Dedusting furniture and appliances that reach well above her head. Something that to this day, she does rarely! Maybe once a year.
Imagine her surprise and joy when while Dedusting a tall glass shelving unit, there it was! The long lost diamond ring. It was in a spot that she couldn't see unless she got up on a chair.
She always had a sneaking suspicion that someone put it there to teach her a lesson in putting her jewelry in a safe place! 
So you see the moral of the story is, don't put off Dedusting for too long. You never know where things may be hiding!!

Alrighty then, back to the subject at hand. Eileen asked if I had a cleaning routine and how often I Dedust such things as Nick Knacks.

At home I am usually always cleaning something. But for the most part I do the majority of my cleaning on Thursday, Friday and then again on Monday. I like to have my house clean when my husband comes home for the weekend. Not that he really cares but he does appreciate my need to do it for him!
It almost seems really silly because come Monday morning, I have to start all over again!

After I Dedust everything that's above my head, I will then work on the wood furniture. 
For things like T.V. screens I like to use one of these...

I have lots and lots of glassware in cabinets. I only Dedust those items annually. I wash the glassware and dust the insides of the cabinets. As for Nick Knacks, well, lets just say I have way too many! 
And to be truthful with you, I don't dust them very often. At least the one's that are hard to reach that is.
All others that are within my reach, I Dedust weekly. As for hard surfaces, such as glass and brass, I use glass cleaner and paper towels. 

Now let me think, have I left anything out?
Not that I can think of so that is my Dedusting routine in a nutshell!!

Oh and I rarely Dedust my little upstairs apartment. No one goes up there but me and Jake so I only do it once a month.

Let me say that I realize that my Household Diaries may seem boring to many. But the simple fact is that it's what I know. My thoughts have been stale lately. Just dealing with daily life and everyone's schedules and routines, has made me very tired.
So if you have followed along with me this far, Thanks my friends.

I'm thinking about next weeks subject being
Floor cleaning. I do lots and lots of that. You could say I'm a bit OCD when it comes to my floors.
Yes you could definitely say that!!


Erik's RV Blog * said...

I use the same wood products at home including one other that I of course forget the name of, argh.

Great post! Makes me want to clean the house!


Debbie said...

Diana, thanks for mentioning me. I'd be embarassed for people to know how often I need to dust and how seldom I do. It just gets dusty again so quickly! I'm glad you reminded me of oiling my furniture. Not only do I love the way it looks, but I'd forgotten the benefits for the wood and the lemony smell. You also convinced me that I need to invest in some of those gadgets to pick up dust in hard to reach places, like fans and door headers. I can't look forward to finding a beautiful lost ring but I can enjoy the benefits of not being able to write my name in my dust.
:D Thanks for the lesson. Debbie

Barb said...

Dear Di, I'm sitting quietly waiting for Neve and Caden to awake (we've been babysitting for 3 days). Bob has taken the parents to where they must start the bike ride for this last day. The kids will be gone tomorrow. So, there is nothing I'd rather be doing than watching the golden light seep into the forest and read about how YOU dust. Every time I clean, I think of you - hoping you'd be proud!

Sandi said...

Oh Diana, Thanks for mentioning my need for help in dedusting! Actually, truly, this was a great post. I've been giving the house a "lick and a promise" for so long I had forgotten about those two dusting products for my wood furniture. I used to use both of them faithfully before I returned to school full time and then work!

Your post has given me incentive to get up and dedust! Thanks and have a great day!

Dee said...

As one cleaning lady (retired) to another...I can appreciate this post. I like to dust...the apartment I am in now I do not need to dust very often...Secret Haven needed it twice a day. LOL Glad to hear you got reward dusting that shelf by finding your diamond ring.

Ginny said...

Yes, you are a bit OCD when it comes to your floors ;)

About Last Weekend said...

I love the smell of freshly buffed wood in the house. I always end up using just olive oil for some reason, think it does a great job but you don't get that lovely fresh smell from it!

Jackie said...

Di....We HAVE to meet!! I love your blogs so much and have missed being here (I've been on vacation.)
You put me to shame with your cleaning, but you do give me the wherewithall to "get busy"...and I thank you for that.
You are a working woman!...and you know that I hug you and send you great big smiles.
Missed you bunches!!
Love you,

Tea Cottage Pretties said...

I like to have my house clean when my hubby comes home on Fridays as well. Thank you for all the great tips. Hugs, Beverly

Rob-bear said...

I have learned that there is a difference between dusting and undusting. I think Ameila Bedelia learned that in her first day on the job, too.

But it is good that there are those in the world who can "clean up our acts."

Thank you!

Anvilcloud said...

You make me want to get up and ... well ... not dedust.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Diana,
Not bored at all. I need to get to my ceiling fan blades and clean them off. I need to get one of those gismo cleaners.

DeanO said...

dusting...nothing like the bright sun to show you all the areas missed. O - love Old English

Talin's Corner said...

I did not realize that you could use Orange Glo on wood surfaces. I guess I really should read the label, huh? I used to make sure that my entire house was clean in one day, but that always made me tired and out of sorts. So nowadays, I just clean one room a day. I find it so much easier this way, then I am not all tired and I manage to find some time to sew. The only room I always have to keep clean is my kitchen, talk about OCD. Guess which room I never sewing room, it is too much of a mess. If I cleaned that room on a regular basis, I would never get any sewing done. Don't get me wrong, it is very organized, just way too dusty. But no one ever sees it, just me and I can live with it.

Ginnie said...


Eileen said...

You know, Di, there are so many of us out here, you know, household chores and family are our lives! This is great! Very informative, and really like the way you spoke about the wood appreciating your attention. I've been reading on other blogs lately too, about wives/mothers who don't look at their lives of cooking/cleaning/childcare as lives of drudgery, but more along the lines of taking pride in their roles of 'housewives'. I've never looked down on housewives, but I never felt that I was a very good one, and I think it's because I viewed it as a life of 'ho-hum' existence. And I just feel like I wasted so much of my life with that negative attitude, and if given the chance, well, boy, would I do things differently.
I just viewed everything as a 'chore' instead of looking at it as a 'fulfilling chosen lifestyle'. I'm not explaining myself very well, but suffice it to say, I was not very good at my chosen career, and I think I could have been if I had just given myself an attitude adjustment.

This was very helpful to me! Thanks for all the product recommendations too! And give me your routine/schedule if you have one. You know, like do you dust on certain days, do wash on certain days, certain days set aside for shopping, etc.
I've been so bad my whole married life, no rhyme or reason to anything, no routine. Whatever I felt like doing on any given day, that's what got done (and most days, of course, I was only giving the house a lick and a promise). So, of course with that 'nothing' routine my house, and my life is always a cluttered mess!

I appreciate your appreciation of cleaning!
Thank you for this post!
Love to you, E

Rebecca said...

How did I MISS this dedusting post???? (There must be a Freudian slip involved!)

I see right off that one of my problems is that I don't have the proper tools. (Mostly I just use a single feather duster. Occasionally a rag and some polish--but not frequently enough, I'm sure.)

I love your "boring" posts, by the way. They aren't very different from MY everyday life :)

What's going on with you THIS week? (We've got one set of grandchldren here this week with another set replacing them later this week.....Fun and games. LOTS of games!)

Ginnie said...

You're hired !!

Margaret Pangert said...

That was actually interesting, Diana! It is such a good feeling to have the house clean. I never would have thought of the Webster or Swiffer! I have those clingy, washable cloths, though. And starting high is great, especially this season when cobwebs abound.
xo Margaret

naida said...

Swiffer is a lifesaver!