Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yet Another Milestone

We've come a long way from the first day of preschool. My youngest girl, Katie.
Our Baby.

And now, her first day in the working world.

It's hard to tell from the photo that she is excited. Really she is ! Kate just doesn't like when mom takes her photo. She only did this for me.

Earlier this morning while I was cleaning this song came on the radio.

It always makes me cry. 
But you and I know that the song wasn't the only reason that I cried this morning.

At least I did it before my daughter came into the room. 

Good Luck Katie.


Rebecca said...

Awwwwwww. You're a good mom, Diana. The older I get, the more I respect and treasure tears.

Yes..."Good Luck, Katie."

About Last Weekend said...

Good luck to you katie - what job is she off to?

Eileen said...

All good wishes for Katie! And for you too, Di. These milestones really are so bittersweet. All wonderful steps moving forward in the lives of our children (and for me now grandchildren), and so much positive to look forward to, but also a little heart-hurt for Moms (and Grandmas) because you know that a little piece of your life, a little piece of something you loved and cherished is lost forever ~ a routine, a stage in life, babyhood, childhood, teen years, all now just a memory.
And so life goes.
All the best to your family!
Love and Prayers,

Rob-bear said...

Katie: hope work works well for you!

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Sandi said...

Oh Di! That song made me cry, too! I've cried several times today . . . and had such a great day spending time with my oldest daughter. We so rarely have two days in a row to spend, just the two of us, but we have that this week. I'm treasuring every minute.

Best wishes for employment success to Katie!

Dee said...

I took a picture of my daughters first day of work too. I think she worked at a Pondarosa Restaurant She is now 41. This brings back memories. I wish her good luck and pray she has nice co-workers and a good boss.

Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

Well my dear we have reached milestones together. My 'only' has obtained work in another community which means that we have already begun the 'separation' phase. As you can tell from my Blog, 'Black Rose' and are also very close. It has been a 'growing' year - Graduation and first 'away from home'job and next? University, away from home. I answered the phone to her tears tonight...she was lonely. This song always 'touches my heart'. Thanks for sharing!


Anvilcloud said...

You're right. Another milestone.

Barb said...

Good Luck Katie! She's looking good in my favorite color - red! PS Di, I like the photos in your sidebar - I think some are new. That treasure chest of flowers is really nice (I remember when you bought the chest). We've been getting a bit of afternoon rain - hope you are, too.

Anonymous said...

hope your daughter's day went well ;)

Ginnie said...

Oh, Di, what a big day. You've brought back some wonderful memories and all the best to Katie.

Debbie said...

I remember that! I always felt so comfortable when they were young and at home. I felt like I had some control, ya know? Then they graduated high school and started to college. So scary for them to drive there and park and walk so far and find their ways around. Don't know how many times I told them to watch out for stangers and dress warmly! :D Then, they met fellas, got married and both live far away. God's taught me that I never was in control, He was. And I've come to realize He is so much stronger than me. But the tears I've shed would fill a bathtub. Happy and sad! Go ahead and cry! But never quit praying for your daughter! :D

naida said...

Good luck to your daughter!