Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jello Mold

I am soooooo excited! As I was walking my pretty pug Ruby this morning Behold , there in my driveway lay a copper colored jello mold! And my life will never be the same again. Well thats one ending. Probably the more interesting one. Truth is I have no idea where it came from, why it was there and why I was the one to find it. I have no experience with jello molds. I don't even like jello. Can you make jello desserts with a jello mold? You know, the kind with fruit and cool whip and what have you's in it? I'm feeling quite intimidated right now,I think I might need a Xanax. Thats not good either. If I did that i'd have no desire to even make any jello. Why would I want to make jello? Nobody has asked for it. I don't even know if my family likes it. I do know however that my youngest child used to steal jello. Yes thats right. When we would go to her grandma Marys' house, she would go in her cuboard and take a box of jello and hide it in my purse. Her Grandma knew what she was doing and always made sure there was jello in there for her to take.And now that I think about it, her Grandma could have been encouraging a future life of crime. What the hell kind of family does that? I just realized that I have about four boxes of jello in my pantry. How did they get there? I assure you it wasn't me that purchased them. I DON'T LIKE JELLO. So lets add this all up. I have a child who, years ago would steal jello from her own family. I have about four to five boxes of jello in my pantry. Which by the way, I have never thrown out. Why is that I wonder? And finally today, there it sat in all it's shiney, copper colored glory, A JELLO MOLD, in my driveway. What could this all possibly mean? I may never find out. Some things are just meant for us not to know. Oh did I mention that we share our driveway with our neighbor?

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