Sunday, March 15, 2009

Childish Excitement

Childish excitement is something I rarely feel anymore. I don't know if it's just part of getting older,as I suspect it is. Or if it's just me. I am however well known in my family for breaking out in hysterical fits of laughter.Usually at a very inopportune time and always over something meaningless and stupid. It can be just a word said a certain way or only a silly thought in my mind.I've been in public when these fits have come over me and it can be very embarrassing.It is something I have learned to live with as have my husband and children.My husband thinks it's because I am extremely happy. And you know, I don't really care how it looks because it feels terrific!
In spite of these temporary moments of insanity I do not often feel childish excitement. What I mean by this is how I would feel as a young girl when my great grandmother would drive up and down big hills in Indiana and I would get butterflies in my stomach. That kind of excitement. Or when I would be on a roller coaster ride. A little scary but again butterflies. I think as you get older you have just experienced so many things that it gets more and more difficult to feel that excitement. Don't get me wrong, I still look forward to a lot of things but not often do I feel butterflies anymore. It has been a long time.
This weekend my youngest daughter Katie had her first practice for her confirmation on April 5th. There were two other teens practicing with her. I am our church secretary so I am usually in my office during their weekly Saturday class. This was the first time that they actually went to the sanctuary to practice. As I saw them , Pastor included walking past my office I knew what they were going to do. Perfect opportunity to be the fly on the wall! So here I am in church of all places,sneaking,rather quickly behind them. I waited of coarse until they were out of sight. I watch t.v. All those detective shows I watched as I was growing up were going to pay off ! First I was going to try and skulk in one of the sanctuary openings but I very quickly realized it was too risky. I could be spotted by my daughter. Not a good idea. AH HA the cry room sits right next to the sanctuary with a large picture window, partially closed vertical blinds and baby the mic and speakers were on!! I'm a spy! This to me was exciting. Now I know it seems to simple to some. but to me watching my daughter practice and do so well, not only did I have butterflies in my tummy but a tear in my eye as well.
They finished quicker then I thought so I had to run down the hall and back into my office before I was spotted. It was fun. It was childish excitement.

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