Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cookie Season

The cookies are here! The cookies are here! Yes it is that time of year again. Girl scout cookie season. I must admit that I went a little crazy this year. My granddaughter became a Brownie Scout last year and this was her first year selling cookies. Grandma certainly did her part in helping her earn her cookie patch. I spent way more than I should have with financial times being what they are. I bought thirteen boxes which I had ordered before I went back on my diet. In my defense, only four of the boxes are mine. The rest go to my husband and daughter. Neither of which really need them either. One of the new ones this year are "Dulce de Leche". And they are absolutely delicious! I had thought about hiding them but I would know where they are so that is a dumb idea. I could give them away. A new way to make friends perhaps? I could sit and eat them all in one shot and just get it over with. Or I could just be a really good girl and limit myself to two or three cookies a day. Oh that sounds impossible. My will power isn't that infallible. Maybe I should have a cookie while I give the situation some thought. What would you do?

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Ginny said...

Did you get any of the lemon ones? They are so good!

Remember those strawberry ones they used to have back in the day? I loved those. I wish they didn't stop making them.