Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Back!

Sorry about the pause. My husband, Jake, finished reading "The Shack" last week and said that I should read it. I used to be a big reader but then I learned to crochet! That filled any sitting time I had over the years. As the years have passed and arthritis and carpel tunnel have made themselves at home in my hands, I am limited to crochet to about ten minutes at a time. So sad. I miss it terribly. Now I must tell you that I also have a difficult time sitting. Period. So I took up reading again so that my body could catch a break.
I am about half way through "The Shack" and I have even started reading in bed last night which I haven't done in a very long time with the exception of "The Bible" and "Concordia The Lutheran Confessions". My husband almost quit reading "The Shack" right after the great sadness was explained. He said he started to search the book to make sure it was fiction. Poor baby, You know what they say "The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall"! Anyway he said that I would like it and so far it is very good.
Tomorrow is another Lenten dinner at church. And I guess I haven't learned my lesson because once again I am experimenting! I am going to make an "Angel Lush" cake. How appropriate for church, don't ya think! My daughter-in-law made this one year for my birthday and it was soooo good. There is no baking in this one so I will say a prayer that it turns out better than the orange cake.Although that was very,very good. Just looked like crap!! Tomorrow I will post a picture of the cake or me crying!

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