Tuesday, March 23, 2010

" Seems Like a Long Time "

That was a great song by Rod Stewart by the way. I'm probably the only one that remembers it!

It does seem like a long time since I've been here although it's really only been a few days. I wanted to fill you in on what's been going on around here and apologize for taking so long to visit everyone.
I have missed you all.

I wasn't feeling well most of last week and suspected that a past physical problem had returned. I had some blood work done and still don't know the results. But I woke up Monday morning feeling back to my old self. So yesterday and today were very good days for me.

Well at least physically!

The following is a photo of an empty garage.


You see, this morning after I had showered and got all dolled up to run several errands and then go to work at church I went out to this garage to start my car. And guess what?

No, the car wasn't stolen but she wouldn't start. Nope she was dead as a doornail! Oh dear I do think I just showed my age there, well 

Anywho, I started to feel frustration come over me and then I thought well I guess God wanted me to stay home today. I was having troubles the past few months with it starting but when I had the battery checked I was told that it was fine, Mmmmm.
I was praying that it wasn't something more costly and in the meantime called my boy to come and give me a jump after he got through at work.

Meanwhile I got undolled up and put some yard workin' clothes on.
I took out my trusty rake and worked for several hours cleaning up the yard. This is only one section of it. It's an odd shaped yard. There are four different sections to it.

The old blue table and chair were mom's. Nobody wanted them. Except me. She had them sitting way back in her yard. I can picture her sitting there with a good book, relaxing or praying.

O.K. I had a few bad days over the weekend. For some reason mom was heavily on my mind. I did a lot of crying. Then it occurred to me that my birthday is just around the corner. My first one without mom.

This is still hard to think about. And I'm sure it's hard for my son as well. His birthday falls on Easter this year. Spring was mom's second favorite season, summer being her first.
I have been sitting in her chair and it has given me comfort. 

It was early afternoon when Frank came by and jumped my car. The dealership is just a few blocks from my house so he followed me there and gave me a ride home. He's such a good man. 
After he dropped me off at home I continued to work in the yard.
I got about 3/4's of the yard cleaned and felt very good after I was done.
That was a photo of the little mysterious Hyacinth that I posted about earlier. It looks a little sickly to me but I think that given a few more years it will grow big and strong!

A lot of you have asked about my ankle and I am happy to say that it feels great. Most of the range of motion is back except for when I turn it inward. It only hurts a bit when I do that so I don't do that!
I did keep myself busy while I was off my feet. I hadn't crocheted in so long but decided to start an afghan for my recliner. You know, just something to throw over me when I get to take those wonderful naps!

 I like this pattern and it's nice and warm as it is a very close stitch.

The car dealership called with good news. It was just the battery and I now have a new one! So lets see, the car is good, the yard is good, the ankle is good, my son is good and I feel good.

So I have lots to be grateful for today. Tomorrow I go to see the ortho doctor. We will discuss the ankle and the knee. I think that I am ready to ride my bike but I want to make sure before I hop on. 
However I almost did it anyway today!

I feel ready. I feel good.


Wanda said...

Sorry you had a rotten weekend Diana, I remember my first birthday without my mother, it was hard, still is. It's nice that you have your mom's blue chair and table, I have my mother's wicker chair, that she relaxed in.
One of my first visits to your blog was last April and you had a Robin's nest in your arbor, and took photos from the upstairs window. I've been in a reminiscing mood since Monday myself (that translates, a little down) I think it has to do with my mother too. Must be spring. She always searched the field for wild greens. Now I feel better too, thanks for the therapy session Di!♥...Wanda

Anvilcloud said...

Yard work in Spring is a pretty good cure for many things. We did some on the weekend. Although it's good to do, I also appreciate having a small yard at certain times.

Bernie said...

So glad you are feeling better sweetie....I hate those days but they keep coming especially when we least expect it.
You sure did a nice job on your yard, and I agree with A/C yard work can cure many things. Take care sweetie, and know I am always here for you, luv you.....:-) Hugs

Andrea said...

Praising GOD all is good now and praying GOD intervenes and blesses this Birthday with unexpected peace, love, and joy!

Lynilu said...

I love the term, "all dolled up." From another, more gentle era, and made me smile.

I'm sorry you're missing your mom. I know how that goes, and it's rough some times. I promise it will get easier with time, but it will always be with you. Hugs.

The hyacinth looks like some I had in KC. Mine were apparently a small variety, as they stayed that size forever. Sweet little welcoming gifts from spring, aren't they?

Barb said...

Oh - I just lost my (long) comment! I'm having a bad night to go along with your bad weekend, Di. I'm glad at least you're feeling better now. Your yard is really popping with new growth. The blue table and chair look cheerful - I can imagine you sitting there with something icy this summer. Take care of yourself, Di - don't work too hard.

Maria said...

Hi Diana,
You have a way of writing that brings us right there with you... so genuine, Diana~
I'm glad your car just needed a battery and that you got to spend your day outside with your sweet new spring flowers.
What a good and loving son you have ~ a treasure of the heart.
So glad your ankle is doing better too

I love your scarf pattern and wish my garage were empty like yours!
Although it's been over 32 years, I still think of my mom every day ~ love is eternal.
Take care dear ♥
ps. love the new blog look!

Bernie said...

Forgot to tell you, I love this new look, especially the colors.....:-) Hugs

Ginny said...

Hey Mom,
I just noticed that the comments and other links on your blog are white and are being washed out by the yellow background. I will try to fix this tonight!

I love you!


Teacher's Pet said...

Isn't Ginny the sweetest! Thanks Ginny...I almost couldn't find the comment section....but when I read your comment, I perservered.
Hi Di...Much love from me to you...you know that I think of you each day...and I'm hoping that each day will get better for you.
When I saw the empty garage, my heart did a 'turn over' (not an apple turnover....but I sure wish I had one right now....with a cup of coffee...uhmmm.....wanna come over....we can ride our bikes for excercise...and then pig out on something sweet....and then ride our bikes again (or not!) :))
You are a dear friend...and I'm glad the car wasn't stolen....and I know that you missed it while it was being fixed. I thought that maybe Katie had take it out for a ride...
Feel the hugs....you know that I'm here. Chat with you later.

Gail said...



Okay, now that is out of the way, WOW!! you are so amazing how you forge on despite some physical stuff. I hope your blood work is all good.
Please let us know.

Love you

Bernie said...

Diana, Garnet asked me to let you know she is having problems with blogger, unable to access her blog, she will be over as soon as she can and wants you to know she is okay, .......:-) Hugs

Eileen said...

Oh, Di, this is a bad time of year for me too with missing my Mom. Tomorrow is her birthday and I just feel like it would be so nice to celebrate it with her.
The 'missing Mom so much' feeling never leaves you, Di, I'm not going to lie. It ebbs and flows each day.
I'm glad you have so many things of hers, things that were special to her, I think it helps a lot to surround ourselves like that. A little something tangible to hold on to. And I think your Mom's chair and table look at home in your backyard.
And I think it's wonderful you keep so busy! Really pretty spring flowers! And I'm glad to hear you are healing and feeling better, I hope that continues, and let us know the test results.
Your afghan pattern is beautiful, and I'm glad you can crochet a little again, I know how much you enjoy it.
Take care, Di, I'm thinking of you.
Love and Prayers, E

PS ~ I love the new blog look! Really pretty choice!

Lena said...

Hi Di!

We both had a bad weekend...

I'm sure glad to read you are feeling fine now, and I hope you can ride that bike of yours tomorrow! That would most certainly be good for your soul...

Can I come over so that you teach me how to crochet?? I tried to teach myself, but as I am a leftie... I didn't really get it... I even tried to turn the magazine upside down... clumsy me!!!

I love your new header!!!

Lots of love!!

Jules said...

Yahoo...so glad your day turned out so good. Doesn't it feel good when you get a good day's work in the yard? Love it!

Linda Higgins said...

Oh so glad it was only the battery! HMMM my huhoneys BD is also on Easter this year April 4th. It is ok to miss your mom. I miss mine every day. I just want to pick up the phone and call her an hear that sweet little Dutch accent. But she is smiling down at me every day, well the days she isn't busy doing work for the Lord anyway. Or busy decorating her mansion in heaven hehehe. I love your afghan you are crocheting! Love the stitch, can't wait to see the finished product.! warm hugs and smiles.