Monday, March 1, 2010


I am having Blogger problems, Ummm....
What to do, what to do?
You see ever since I got my new computer and I go to post a new post and then add photos, sometimes it comes out right and sometimes it doesn't.

I've not had this problem before. There will be these huge gaps between the text and the photos even after I move them where they are supposed to be. I make sure to save the changes. 
Also it looks how I want it to in the compose window, yet when I go to preview the post, that's when I see the gaps. And that is also how it posts, with huge gaps.

So now I am feeling frustrated and like giving up. If anyone out there has any idea what the heck I am talking about and maybe what I am doing wrong, please let me know. And keep in mind that I don't speak html !


Garnetrose said...

If I spoke html I would be more than happy to help. I hope you get your problem worked out.

anupama said...

Dear DI,
Good Morning!
Hey,I face these problems and get must consult with someone who is very good in technology.
Yesterday was our festival-Holi-the festival of colours,a festival of spring.
Wishing you a beautiful month,

Jules said...

I have no idea. I haven't had any trouble. Maybe you should try Windows Live Writer. My sister uses it and she loves it.

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
I wish I could help, but I too have been having a lot of problems with blogger. I can't comment many times, and I never see postings until much later, and I have posted blogs that did not even is frustrating, please don;t give up! (((HUGS))) TT

Bernie said...

Oh Di I have no idea what is happening with your post, just keep trying different things, that is what I do and I always back into working things out....
Hang in there, I wouldn't enjoy blogging near as much without you.
.........:-) Hugs

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Oh I feel your pain! I find that my pictures and text do weird things too.

What I do is go to the "Edit HTML" tab and look there for the gaps. It will look like "gobbledygoop" but you will see all the times you hit "enter" and "nothing" happened.

I carefully close the gaps, making sure not to tighten things up too much.

I also start my post with some spaces first so that I have an easier time with moving things around.

You can also "grab" the photo and literally move it around in your post to where you want it. It's never the same each time... sometimes it's very frustrating.
They seem to be tweaking blogger now and then...
but... it is free... so I put up with it.

Let us know how you're doing!
I hope I made sense! LOL

need_a_latte_mom said...

Wish I could help sweetie...:( I know how frustrating it can be.

linda said...

I was going to suggest saving your changes after moving anything around but you mentioned you're doing that already.

Blogger acts up one minute, then it's normal the next. Who can figure it out!!

Gail said...


I an NO expert but may I suggest you try adding photos in both modes, HTML and 'COMPOSE". And see if one works better than the other.

Othewise I am clueless.

Keep on and don't give up.

Love you

Lynilu said...

I hope someone has helped you. I can't, because I've had that problem since Day One! I've never found a fix. Bah.

Barb said...

Hi Di, Try going to where you want to eliminate a gap and use the backspace button. I agree - the new editor often doesn't format easily - it shows one thing in compose and another in preview.