Thursday, March 25, 2010

" This and That "

This has been a busy week for me. How about you? I initially had the entire week planned out but you know what happens when we plan things! 

I've found that when I plan things, God usually has something else in mind for me. I believe that God has a great sense of humor. 
I told you about my dead battery in the car. That threw the whole week off. Not that it mattered much, it just wasn't how I had it planned.

I did manage to get my yard all cleaned up and ready for planting. That is something that I didn't have planned for the week.

It's been raining all day so any planting will have to wait. I have many Canna bulbs to get in the ground. Last year I planted them much to late. I'd like to get them in the ground early this year.
With all of the raking I've done and with cleaning my people's house today, I'm pretty sure I over did something in my back. It's pretty sore. My foot feels great though and the doctor said that I can ride my bike whenever I feel ready.

It is supposed to rain on and off for a few days so maybe next week I'll be able to go for a spin.
The husband should be home sometime tomorrow afternoon I hope. Maybe evening though. He is going to paint the Living room ceiling on Saturday.

It's the only day that it's not supposed to rain. He will probably have to leave on Sunday. Once the ceiling is done I can work on priming the walls. It's such a large room that I may only be able to do one wall every few days. I just don't have the stamina that I used to.
We are both anxious for this room to be done, it's been an eleven year wait! I have taken "before" photos. So if it ever gets done I will post the "before" and "after".
I think you will be surprised if not shocked!
Oh and here is some news. I thought it a bit funny.  My doctors office called yesterday. I had blood work done. I was a afraid that a past medical problem had returned. They weren't calling about that. They wanted to know if I was still taking my cholesterol medication. When I replied "yes, everyday.", the nurse says "Well the doctor says that it's still too high so he wants you to double up on your medication.". When I asked her what my number was I was surprised to find out that it had dropped 50 points!

It is still too high but wouldn't it have been nice to hear, "You did a great job by dropping your number by 50 points but we still need to work on it some more!".
I know, I'm asking for too much. Still a little pat on the back would have been nice. Oh well. 
When I asked about the other test I heard, "The doctor would have told me if there was a problem!". Gee, I'm sorry I asked. But I didn't let it bother me, as to me it was good news. 

So it looks like I'll be around for a bit longer. That is if I'm careful on the new bike! Yikes, it's been about forty years since I've ridden one except for the little spin I took when we bought it!
I have a new look on my blog as you may have noticed. I can't take credit for it as I am technologically challenged. 
All of the credit goes to my daughter, Virginia. But don't call her that, she likes Ginny. She is the computer genius in the family and even designed my new header just for me.

She sent me this photo about a week ago titled "Me and your grandkids!". I love it and I love her. Thank you my sweet daughter for doing this for me.
I have no doubt that I could do it myself but I would feel more comfortable with her showing me first. I like to take notes, it's the best way for me to learn something. 
I am hoping to be able to visit her in the late summer or early fall. I've never been to North Carolina. I've been told that it is beautiful there. And a weekend away from the house sounds like heaven to me!

But I won't plan anything definite. We all know what happens when Di plans things!!!!

I hope that you were able to get outside this week to enjoy a bit of nature. I have heard that some of you are still having snow. I'm sure that it will end soon.
I had to laugh about something I saw on the weather channel. Do you watch the weather channel? It is one of our favorites around here! Anyway they keep advertising "Tornado Week, April 4th!". They seem so excited about it. I think that the thought of one's house blowing away is a bit scary.
I realize that their job is to make us aware and to keep our eyes to the skies for safety reasons, but I still somehow feel an undertone of excitement there!
Oh what do I know!
Have you bought any plants yet? I would like to get some flowers for my hanging baskets on my porch. There is still so much outside work to be done!
On that note, lets all daydream about beautiful spring days in the garden and the yard. I think we are going to break out the grill this weekend. That sounds good.
Thanks for stopping by today. I love visiting with you. I hope that we all get to see some sunshine this weekend.
See Ya!


Rebecca said...

Kudos to Ginny! It's very attractive, Di - although you're a smart lady and I know you could have done it yourself. Congrats on dropping 50 (chol. pts. that is).

I applaud all your gardening efforts, too. I've never been tempted to fiddle with dahlias and cannas, etc that need to be dug up and replanted. I love to see them in other people's gardens, but am too lazy to do the work.

As you recount your efforts and plans to finish the painting, etc. I think I can hear a little spark returning. I pray that it will go smoother for you as we move into spring and summer months.


Linda Higgins said...

Wow Di I JUST LOVE THE NEW LOOK I was going to ask you to call me and walk me through redoing my header. I don't know how or even begin to understand how to shrink photos and write cute stuff on the header. ARGH, I loved your post today and all that you have been up to. My daughter lives in Greensboro NC. I haven't been for almost 18 months to see her. I use to go every 3 months! She will be here for 3 weeks this summer with her 2 daughters. I am so excited to see them. I know what you are saying about doctors! well their assistants anyway, so cold! I am there with ya on cholesterol, just waiting for my results too....I am afraid it won't be good either... LOl oh well. Yes break out the grill! we have been cooking on it ALL WINTER LOL! luv ya girlfriend!

Wanda said...

I love the look and color of your blog Di, and the header is especially nice...and so is your new profile photo! All is very easy to read too!
It's been raining a slow stedy spring rain here too, at least it's making the field green! I'm so tired of brown!
Before and after photos of the livingroom will be fun to see!
Isn't it nice of Ginny to send you photos of the grandkids.
I don't like it either when they refer to this area as Tornado Alley...just too cute for such a scary happening. Like Rebecca says, you've got your zing back!

Barb said...

I really like your new springy look, Di. I AM daydreaming about spring, but I may have to resort to your blooms for awhile. Glad your cholesterol is lower - 50 points is a lot! Have Katie take some pics when you try the new bike - be careful, though! I still haven't gotten back on mine due to dizziness. Enjoy your weekend, Di.

Dee said...

Great new blog look. I wish your cute Ginny could visit me! I will be stuck with my old fashioned original blog for the rest of my blogging days! Sigh! Glad your on your bike and in out and about in your yard and it is good to here your cholesterol is down. I have a physical next month and I fear mine is up! Thank you for the nice compliments on my art and crafts. I now basically just doodle or do needle work because of arthritis. I hope the sun keeps shinning for you in Illinois because it will be also shinning for my Grands.

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Morning!
So nice to be at your space in the morning hours.Good look for your site,dear;congrats to Ginny.Kudos for dropping in by 50 points.Really great.
Di,slow down;you are doing too much of work.''slow and steady wins the race.''
Take care of your health.It's summer here and too ho.We are waiting for rain.
By the way,when is your birthday,dear?
Wishing you a very bright and beautiful day ahead,

Bernie said...

I had to smile as I read about you raking your yard and preparing to plant bulbs....we had snow off and on all week, not today though. I think we have made the sun mad as we haven't seen it for a few days, it was warmer today but cloudy.
You will love your bike, even to go to the store and back, good exercise for you Di.
Ginny is wonderful to help you, honestly I depend on my blogging friends and between us we manage to get through. I think everyone is spring cleaning their blogs, I noticed yours a couple of days ago.
I can read it better now as well.
Take care sweetie, don't over do it, am looking forward to the before and after pictures.....Hugs

Andrea said...

I know how you feel. I dropped my cholesterol by 60 points and still had to go on meds. It is frustrating and I did NOT get a pat on the back, either.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi my friend...I'm adding my kudos for your blog; it's very pretty.
I'm glad that your cholesterol was down, and with the change in meds it should drop even more. I'm glad that you got a good report.
As you are pedaling your bicycle, enjoy every moment, Di...each and every moment. I smile as I think of you riding...and having fun doing it.
I'm glad that Jake is coming home; I hope that you have a great weekend.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hi, Di! Ginny did a fabulous job!! Your blog looks terrific! I love red and this is going to be a fave!!! Great job on dropping 50 points...there! You've heard it from me anyway!!! I'm impressed! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see the makeover when it is all done! I'm sure it will be just as wonderful as your new blog look! Love you! Janine XO

linda said...

Your new look is great! So glad Ginny was able to help you out. I'd be so much more computer advanced if my daughter wasn't away at college. I have to learn everything by trial and error.

No outside planting for me yet but hopefully soon. Like you, I enjoy working in the yard. It was overcast today but it's supposed to be nice this weekend.

I hope you get your ceiling painted this weekend. It's such a great feeling to get jobs done that have needed to be done for years. Don't forget to take pictures!

Donna's Book Nook said...

It sounds like, in spite of what you think, that you got a burst of energy. Wow! You're getting a lot done.
My cholesterol dropped 103 points in 4 months with medication. It's actually well within normal limits now. I asked if I could stop the medicine; she said No, because it's working--you need to keep taking it.
love your new blog look! Wish I had a new bike--my hubby has a really old one that we're going to fix up.
Take care! Have a great Spring.

Eileen said...

Ginny did a wonderful job! It's such a happy place here! Makes me smile before I even read one word.
Your post title "This And That" is a popular one, another blogger friend of mine had that title last week, and it was on the exact same day that I was going to have my post title be 'This And That' (that was the day I lost my photos though, and then I pilfered from my friend Jill for my post that day).
I enjoyed reading all about your this and all about your that, and I'm especially happy to hear that you have mended and got good news from the doctor (and I agree that lowering your cholesterol level 50 points is a celebration!). Good for you, taking care of yourself!

You sound like me with doing a little of this and a little of that, I'm sort of all over the place lately, working on a project here and there. Slowly but surely things are getting done here, but it's certainly not moving along as quickly as I would have liked. I'm going to try and tackle my back room this weekend. It would be nice to have that done before Easter, but I'm not going to hold myself to that. There's so much to do!

'Can't wait to see your before and after pictures of your paint job, and when you get a chance, post some more pictures of your yard.

Great post!
Pretty blog!
Love you!, E

Lynilu said...

Hi, Di!

Like everyone else I like the look of your blog. Ginny, you did a wonderful job!

I was sitting here earlier, sipping a second cup of coffee, and thinking about things I need to be doing, and found myself actually glad the wind is blowing like crazy today. I have an excuse to put it all off!

I had a doctor in KC whom I actually loved for his way of dealing with things. He always said something like "Things look good. Your cholesterol is coming down, 50 points already. Now we need to work on getting it down farther so I want you to increase the meds for a while." He made everything sound like a success! I miss him so much!

Have a good day and a better weekend, Di!

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
It has been awhile since I have dropped by your world, or anyone else's, or even my own. I think I have been living a type of 'out of mind and body' experience, if that is possible.

I settle down a bit this morning to read some blogs, and I really enjoyed your post. It does seem to me you are a bit scattered, but that happens when life does not go as planned. Sorry to hear about your car, as I know how that can throw a wrench into things.

I do love the new look of your blog, so simple and uncluttered! I love the colors too, Springlike and sunshiny!

Good work on bringing down your cholesterol by 50 points, that is an amazing feat!

I have really been missing everyone, seems I have distanced myself from a lot of the things I love...I wonder why I do that?

(((HUGS DI)))) TT

Ginnie said...

I've been remiss in keeping up with my bloggers. You seem to be very busy and all in a productive way. Great.

Terrie said...

Hi there Di.Love the new look. I am so jealous that you've got your gardening started. Here, it's ne day in the 50's and the next day snow. I'm going to have to keep track of the upcoming weather so that I can schedule a day off from owrk so that I can start my garden too. My flower beds are over come with weeks and the tulip popping through don't look as pretty as they should. Thanks for the inspiration...I think I just may go next week and buy a few hanging baskets too.

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
I do like this new look ~ I remember calling dandelions when it looks like the header photo: "wishes"
I do wish good things for you, Diana~
So glad your foot is better ... and
I'm joining you in the cholesterol battle... mine finally dropped {with Crestor} not my own doing! I tried for years to get it to stop going up... it kept creeping up 5 pts at a time... until the dr. finally said,'s time!
{5 mg} ...
I love it how Ginny calls the cats your grandkids... I have 'grandpups' from my daughter, Amanda.

I hope you have a wonderful week... wishes for a great ceiling, dry weather for bulb planting and a nice ride on the bike!
Blessings to you ~Maria

Jules said...

We haven't even started our yard yet. The snow is gone but it's way too cold out there yet.

I can't wait to see your living room. I love to paint and it seems as though I am painting something every few months.