Monday, May 17, 2010

" I Apologize "

I feel the need to apologize to all of you and to myself as well. You see I have been a Lazy Blogger as of late.

Please pay no attention to the woman on my sidebar as the above photo is the "Real" me!

Not only have I been a lazy blogger, I have been just plain lazy. Physically I have felt like doing nothing. I have plenty of great intentions and great projects going on in my mind but my legs have felt as though they've been filled with cement.

We have been encircled in this huge translucent sheet of gloom in our region lately. Katie and I both keep wishing that it would storm already. All we've been having is intermittent rain drops here and there.  It's as though the clouds are stuck in a pattern just above us.

The gloominess makes it difficult to feel motivated. I had several errands to run today and while talking to other people I discovered that I wasn't the only one that just wanted to stay in bed.

I felt energetic enough while out and about but as soon as I enter my house all I want to do is sleep. I have no doubt that seeing sunshine will help with the energy level!

Well it seems as though it will be another day or two before we see sunshine so I will just stare at this photo for a bit!

We have some birthdays coming up this month and next. My daughter Ginny's birthday is next week. I thought it was the week after next! Oooppp's! In my defense my time frame has been so thrown off lately. I think it's from the cloudy, dreary days. Yeah, that sounds good.

While I can't speak of Ginny's birthday as she already knows how to read, I can speak of my grandson, Jack's birthday. He will be two next month and I went to get his gift today.

I spotted  this a few months back and when I went to go find it a few weeks later, they were all gone! I went back to the same store on Saturday and they had gotten three more in! So I put a deposit on it and today, went to pick it up. This is something he doesn't have yet and I do believe this grandma did good!

What do you think? I think little Jack will be very happy since I have heard that he is trying to take his older sisters bike from her, despite his lack of biking experience!

After school today Kate and I had to do a little shopping. Next week is her last week of her freshman year of high school. The first week of June she will be going to a week long Bible Camp that she is very excited about.

She wanted a teen study bible so we went and found a nice one for her. She has her own bible but it wasn't a study bible and oh my gosh was that print small!

The next thing on the list was new flip flops. You can't go to camp without new flip flops after all!

Time is just flying by me. Am I the only one? Kate has been doing great with her driving and will start driving with her instructor the second week of June. Her dad is going to let her drive on the highway this weekend. It will be her first time merging and all. I think she'll do well. She is very focused.

Well lets see now, I managed to go on about pretty much nothing for awhile now, so I am thinking that this post makes up a little bit for the lazy blogging.

If only I could figure out how to get over the rest of my laziness. 

Maybe tomorrow!


Bernie said...

Hey your not lazy, if your like me it takes a while to get around to read and comment on our favorite blogs which takes time away from posting ourselves. Actually doing a post takes far less time but I just don't feel right about it, I want to be up to date first then post. Usually I am done/tired with the computer when I do this....I have to get myself on a schedule.

Jack is going to love his bike, I think Gramma did really well, if it is a bit big can Frank put blocks on the pedals for him, he just looks so tiny in his picture.

Katie will do fine on the highway, I think Miss Katie will do just fine at whatever she puts her mind too...she's a keeper.

It has turned very hot here the past few days and I am enjoying it so very much, suppose to turn cold on the weekend so I am outside as much as I can be now.

Take care,......:-) big hugs

Diana said...

Bernie, you are so right. I try to keep up with everyone's posts and it is so time consuming but that is good as I've had nothing to say LOL!!!

Jack has grown quite a bit since the photo and the bike seat adjusts forward or back. I had thought of the blocks just in case.

It hasn't been hot here just humid, dank and depressing!

Love Di ♥

Jules said...

I'm back into the real world now and I've so missed everyone's blogs.

I think that is a perfect gift for Jack. That gives me a great idea for Felicity's 2nd birthday coming up in a couple months.

Wanda said...

Do you live next door to me Di and I just don't know it! I am so tired of dreary days with either rain or a fine mist...I'm drooping! I haven't posted in over a week myself!
Jack will love his present, it looks like a cross between a big wheel and a bike.
Time 'IS' going too fast, my third oldest grandchild Nathan graduates this year! Before you know it, your Katie will too!
I may post tomorrow!

Andrea said...

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

PS: I am feeling a bit lazy, too.

Rinkly Report said...

What an interesting blog. I'm on the hunt for 'diary' bloggers and you seem to fit the bill! I'll be back.

Eileen said...

You are FAR from lazy!! That's crazy talk!

And I have so many blog posts sort of sitting in purgatory here because I'M LAZY!! Seriously, it has gotten so time-consuming to load pictures that I rarely post, I have things written but they are awaiting pictures to go along (a trip we took to Mystic last week, Jayden's Spring Show at school, Mother's Day, my sister Diane & I have been walking and taking pictures around the neighborhood, etc.), then by the time I get around to them, it's old news and I don't bother!

So, my friend, YOU ARE VERY GOOD HERE!

Sorry about your weather, ours has been very nice, but tomorrow is supposed to rain, and then for the next few days. I hope your weather clears up and you have blue skies and sunshine!
And I love Jack's birthday gift and I'm sure he will love it too!
And I am going to dig out all my flip flops now!

Feel good, Di!
Love to you, E

Jerelene said...

Hello Diana! I think the weather has been getting to me too! I would love a week full of sunshine and warmth..not hot, just warm :)
I hardly doubt you are lazy in any just have the gloomies:)
Hugs to you dear friend:)

Robynn's Ravings said...

Sometimes being away from blogging and being "lazy" is a good thing! But even though I like gray skies and threatening clouds, I DO like them to get with it and not just hang around. Fog gets me down and that's what we get here.

I LOVE the bike and you are gonna win the good grandma award with that one! You'll be a HIT! That study Bible is a great one, too. Gave it to several of my high school Sunday School students. :)

Anvilcloud said...

Fantastic weather here right now. Hope you get some soon.

Teacher's Pet said...

Good morning, my friend.
I know you aren't feel like almost all of us feel right now, Di. I know that's not going to make you jump for joy...but maybe comfort in knowing you are not alone in your feelings. I do the same thing... IF I manage to drag myself out of the house, I tend to be OK and get going...but just let me stay inside and I'm quite happy!! Sigh...
Now...let's talk about the tricycle! Wonderful gift!...and I can just see little Jack having himself one good time on it. You are getting him ready to ride with you, aren't you? :)) You're coming to my house, aren't you? I just knew it. I can't wait. Love you and think of you every day.

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning, Diana,

What a cool gift for the little guy! His bike will be the center of his birthday world for sure! :) Yep, you did very well on this one!

What a sweet Granny you are !

Love and hugs,

Diana said...

Hi Jules,
Schwinn makes the bike and the only other color it comes in is pink! Perfect for Felicity!
Hope you had a fun trip! I loved your sisters post! Welcome home!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Oh Wanda I looked at the radar last night AGAIN, and noticed the cloud cover all over the midwest. I don't think we are supposed to have sun here until Saturday and I feel like I am going stir crazy!
I think having children is a real blessing but time sure does seem to fly by after that!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Dear Andrea,
It is good to know that I am not alone in feeling lazy! Thank you.
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Rinkley,
You will find a bit of everything here! Hope to see you back and thank you for stopping by!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
I am sorry to hear about your blog posts but you don't always have to post photos. I read many blogs without photos and they are very good and interesting. When I had to use my old computer I had to do without photos several times but hey it is what it is, right?
You are a very interesting writer,please don't let the photo thing stop you!
A trip to Mystic sounds oh so interesting! Is there really a Mystic Pizza Place there?
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

You are so right Jerelene, I do have the gloomies and I suppose your weather is pretty much the same as ours, as close as we are!
When I woke this morning I looked out the window and thought " Oh crap, another gloomy day!"!
It's good to see you back, you must have been very busy lately.
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Robynn,
Thanks for the heads up on the study bible. They had others but Katie took her time looking through them all. That was the one she wanted!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi AC,
I am so happy that you are having good weather. I know I shouldn't complain as soon enough it will be intolerably hot!
All these clouds just get to me after a time! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
I think you are right, Jack will love the bike. and we have actually talked about going to their town and riding together, all of us. Not as much traffic there!
As for the laziness, usually I am not lazy thats true, but lately these clouds have done a number on me!
And you know Jackie that I would love to go ride bikes with you one day, I am looking forward to it!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Lois,
I am pretty sure that Jack will love the bike! Maybe this granny will earn some extra points! He is still such a mama's boy! Love Di ♥

Rae said...

I sure understand that lazy feeling. We haven't had any sun in about a week and the cloudy dreary skies make me feel like staying in bed with the covers over my head. Your little Jack is a sweet ray of sunshine though. I bet he can make you smile. Such a cutie.

Diana said...

Hi Rae!
News Flash: The sun is out and oh what a difference it makes! I hope it goes your way!
Thank you for thinking Jack is a cutie! He is but he is such a mama's boy that he won't let me cuddle him much :( But I am working on him!

Love Di ♥

Linda Higgins said...

Hey Di, ya know what, I feel the same way. I am sure it is just this time of year and the transition we all go through. Spring, NOT SPRING, summer, NOT SUMMER, rain, rain, rain, the weather is confused and so are we! Your little Jack is the same age as our Koltyn just 2 months difference. They are so cute at this age, I am sure he will love this new trike, our Koltyns legs are so short he can't reach pedals yet. He got a scooter and gets around great! They are such little devils at this age! Well in a couple more weeks I am hoping the weather will finally make up its mind and give us some weather we can count on! MY only days off it always rains!

Rebecca said...

My goodness, Di! You get more done when you're lazy than I do going full speed! I'm sure Jake will enjoy his birthday gift. Katie's week at camp sounds exciting. What are YOUR plans while she is gone???

I think (hope) the sunshine will perk ALL of us up! I've got to make some tracks this week because I'm going to spend a few days with my daughter in Chicago while her husband is in Africa next week!

Rebecca said...


Diana said...

Hi Linda!
You are so right about the weather and I had actually thought the same thing!
Jacks legs may be too short too but I suggested to Frank that they could buy those blocks that strap onto the pedals. I want to get a little license plate with his name on it for him! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Oh Rebecca I don't have a clue as to what I will do when Katie is away for a week! I will probably visit with my son's family and hopefully Sarah will have a ball game that I can go see!

If I didn't have so many pets I would probably go with Jake for a week! But I do have projects. I plan on painting the dining room next. I suppose that would be the perfect time! There ya go! Problem solved!
Love Di ♥

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, are ANYTHING BUT lazy!!! I don't know how you post so regularly and do everything else!! You are amazing...and you have the most marvelous sense of humor! I love you!! Janine XO

Barb said...

Hi Di, I'm catching up with your Blog. I think Jack's trike is really cool. (My Jack LOVES his bike.) It's hard for me to believe that you're unmotivated.