Tuesday, May 18, 2010

" Pinks "

Today was such a pleasant day for me. The sun decided to pay us a visit and boy did it make a difference! As I was out in my yard today I noticed that I had several beautiful PINK flowers blooming, so I thought I would just post them randomly throughout today's post.

The day started out cloudy again! But I couldn't allow myself to sit and wallow in the dreariness anymore. So after coffee I set out to clean my house. 

I had almost finished the entire downstairs when my son called to say he was on his way to mow. He's been meaning to come for a few days but it's just been too wet.

About five minutes before he arrived, the dogs started barking wildly and I noticed a young man around twelve years old, walk onto my front porch with a man. I had my door open with just the screen door closed. As I approached him I said "Can I help you?". He then asked me if I needed my lawn mowed. I thanked him but told him no as my son would be here in about five minutes to mow for me.

He then turned and started down the street. I had a sudden thought 
and ran out the door to call him back. I explained that actually there were times when I needed someone to mow for me. 

Sometimes on the weekends when my husband is home it may be raining out. And there are weeks when my son just can't make it over here.

The man that was with him was his father, I found out as we were talking. I asked the young man if he had mowed before and he replied "Yes ma'am ". Then I said to him " You do know not to mow over plants right?" to which he replied, " Yes Ma'am."  His father quickly piped in saying " I would be with him every step of the way!".

Then I said to the young man, "How much would you charge me to mow this lawn and the backyard?". He looked up at his father and his father looked at him as if he were thinking "Speak up boy!".

The young man then blurted out nervously " Five dollars !". I glanced over at his father and said, "Well I'd pay him more than that!". After that I took his name and phone number and told him that I would be calling him. He thanked me and continued going door to door.

How enterprising he was. And even though I didn't know him I felt proud of him. It would take some of the pressure off of my family at times so I probably will be calling him in the near future.

My son showed up within minutes and mowed for me. Now I have a question. There is this very tall (about 14 feet) weed looking plant that is growing on the other side of my fence in my neighbors drive.

They never trim their weeds so I assumed that this was just one giant pesty weed. Until I noticed something on it. I had my son cut part of the branch off as I pulled it down with a rake.

Here's another photo. It has beautiful flowers that look like Irises and the leaves are huge!

I would love it if someone could identify this for me. 

Katie and I took a ride out to the lake where the summer bible camp that she is attending will be. She drove. Very well. However I did notice that she is acquiring a fondness for speed as she drives up and down the hills! This makes me nervous.

Still, she seems to maintain very good control and has much confidence. I am proud of how she is improving. On the way there I noticed several trees that had the same flowers as the white ones in the above photos. So I guess what I thought was a giant weed is actually some sort of tree.

Most of the day was sunny today but as we headed out to the lake I noticed the clouds rolling in. 

I tried to spot a place where we could park and take more photos but there were fishermen at each spot and I couldn't bear to spoil their peaceful moments!

Jake and I had driven to this lake about nineteen years ago when we first moved down here. It is only about five miles from our house. We've been to other lakes since but I think while raising our children we had forgotten about this place. I think I will suggest that we take a ride there one weekend to just sit and enjoy the peacefulness.

Kate is so looking forward to camping here. I hope she has a wonderful, good memory filled time. On the way there and back we had to cross over not one but two, one lane bridges. This made Katie a bit nervous to drive over!

It made me a bit nervous as well. As you can see when I took this photo, we were very close to the edge!

It was just one of those days. You know the kind that I'm talking about. You wake up knowing that anything can happen.

I accomplished much, had a nice visit with my son and met a nice young man. Katie and I had some more bonding time which we've been doing more of lately. She's growing up fast.

I hope you enjoyed my "Pinks".




Wanda said...

Di...I did enjoy your pinks and everything else.
The white flower looks just like an orchid tree to me, both the flowers and the leaves, but I can't imagine one living through our winters.
It's still dreary and wet here, maybe tomorrow the sun will come out!

Diana said...

Hi Wanda, Is there such a thing as an orchid tree? I will google it and see if I can find a photo. I have never heard of this. It is very beautiful. I hope the sun comes your way soon! Thank you for the info, I will check it out! Love Di ♥

Bernie said...

I always thought an orchid tree was a fruit bearing tree which grew in an orchid, let me know what you find out okay.
I love your pinks, but then I love everything pink.
It was in the high 80's here today Di, so beautiful. I have all my ceiling fans going.
So glad you found someone you can call to mow your lawn, that may even give Jake more time with you and Katie when he's home.
Take care.......:-) Hugs

Rinkly Rimes said...

I enjoyed this account of your daily life. My main blog (http://rinklyrimes.blogspot.com) is all in verse, but sometimes prose is best, and, with a journal-type blog, one can always miss a few days. My verse blog is different, as I've made up my mind to write a poem a day till I fall off the twig!

Maria said...

Oh it's great to know the name of this plant... I have a few of those I pass by... We have some pretty savvy people out here!

Diana, your flowers are so sweet and love love love the pinks!

$5 for lawn mowing... that's a flashback!

We're getting some rain now... for a few days... then it will be in the 80's ... typical northeast weather!
I like the cooler temps though...
Hope you are having a great week, Diana!
Take Care! * Maria

Wanda said...

There really are orchid trees, but most are tropical, but the way they cross-pollinate everything now who knows what they can do! This on looks just like a Brazillian White Orchid tree, but it may be something else.
Wish I had one whatever it is!

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I looked up the tree but couldn't find one that looked just like it. But Wanda said it may be a white Brazilian orchid tree. I'll have to look that one up next.
It is sunny this morning again. I just hope it stays that way for a while! Glad you are having nice weather, anything is better than snow in May! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Rinkly,
I will check out your other blog. I have written a bit of poetry but a poem a day, I don't think that my mind could handle that! I'm not that good LOL! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
Usually it's hot here by now so I can't complain about the cooler weather as I prefer it! I do hope your rain doesn't last too long. It really played a number on my mood this time! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
Thanks I am going to look this one up. I looked a little and the ones I saw weren't exactly like it. I will keep trying! Love Di ♥

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hey Diana! Nice to be reading your posts after so long. I loved all the pictures but the lakeside pictures took the cake!

I am glad the dad allowed the son to quote the price. And pat the young man on the back when he comes in next and tell him someone from far away thinks he is extremely hardworking :-)

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

That white flower is from a catalpa tree. I have them on my property, especially a HUGE one more than four floors tall. I have an image on line here:


The tree is the very large one with white flowers to the right of my home in the second set of pictures. I put those images on line many years ago. We are missing the blooms this year because we are still traveling.

There are MANY catalpa trees in Cincinnati. They were originally brought to the city from India to be part of the elephant display at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The trees escaped (the elephants didn't!) into the neighborhood and have spread through other parts of the Midwest USA.

I just loved going with you as your shared your day with us today.

Very best,

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Wonderful Post Di, I do love Spring, and I can tell you do as well. Glad that the Lord sent someone to your door to help in the Mowing of your Lawn when your Son or Jake isn't around. Beautiful Pictures Di, I liked them all, the one with the Bridge over the Railway Tracks, needs a Train.

You have a Wonderful Week.

Jerelene said...

Hello Diana! I am hoping to see some sun here today...still cloudy so far :(
I loved all the flowers...esp. the roses. But, what are the 1st ones under the roses? I can't tell what they are..they are pretty!!
Have a happy day!

Diana said...

Hi Tranquility!
I loved the lake pictures too. I want to go back there soon! I know how busy you are and it's nice to hear from you! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Lois,
Thanks so much for the info. I looked on your site but it was hard for me to tell. I will Google Catalpa Tree, maybe I can find a closer view!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Yes Bill a train would have been nice! It was hard getting the photo as Katie was too afraid to stop on the little bridge! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
Actually the first photo wasn't roses. Although they look very much like them, they are tuber Begonias. I love them but sometimes have trouble with them. These ones however seem happy so far!
The ones underneath are Pink Coral Bells. When my son and his wife moved from there first home about eight years ago, I dug them up and planted them in my yard. They have been going strong every since!
Love Di ♥

arlee bird said...

I enjoyed all of the pictures as well as the story that went with them. It all seems so idyllic compared to my life here in L.A.

Tossing It Out

Diana said...

Well Arlee I guess we all sometimes see others lives as idyllic at times compared to our own. It does seem that way here at times then other times, not so much! I love Ca. I lived there as a kid on and off. We would move back to Il. when summer came. We lived in Burlingame, Santa Rosa, San Francisco and Sonoma. I was very young but I remembered how much I loved it there. Glad you liked the photos. Thank you.
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hello Everyone!
I researched the tree. I do believe that Lois is right. It is a Catalpa Tree. The flowers on the web that I found are exactly like those on this tree that I thought was a weed! Which by the way doesn't surprise me at all!
Love Di ♥

Rebecca said...

I DID enjoy your pinks - as well as reading of the enterprising young man and his responsible father. That kind of relationship & industry needs rewarding!

Glad you made it home safe and sound from drive with Katey :)

Jenny said...

Thank you for sharing all the amazing pictures! I especially enjoyed the ones of the clouds - we don't see too many of these in Arizona...

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Your pinks are simply GORGEOUS, Di!! And it is always such a delight to hear what you are up to! Love, Janine XO

Linda Higgins said...

What a wonderful day you had! I think that the young man who offered to mow your lawn will do a wonderful job for you and just think...you will have encouraged him to actually think of himself in a different way, maybe...you will be an influence later just by getting to know him. We have maintenance people do our front yard and I hate it....they do such a horrible job but it is part of the community deal we pay for or have to pay for, Huhoney always goes behind them and redoes the lawn LOL. love your pinks!

Anvilcloud said...

Old expression: In the pink of condition. And I think you are.

Dee said...

Great pinks. :) and the young man at your door may just be a God send for you. When you get a chance to bond with your daughter savor the time.:) Doesn't it feel good to have the warmer weather?Tomorrow it is suppose to be in the 80's here in my part of Michigan and I am going to garage sale.:)

Teacher's Pet said...

Di...I had to scroll for an hour or two to get here...but that is a good thing!!
Di...You've missed your 'calling'...photography! These are spectacular photographs...I love them!!!!!
Warm hugs to you, my friend...

Jules said...

I LOVE your pinks. I am so waiting yet for flowers here. Pink ones are my favorite for sure.

I could use a little guy like that to help with my lawn. Maybe I could put and ad in our local paper to find some help for me.

Barb said...

You were definitely in the pink on this day, Di. See how the sun improves our mood?

ethereal-lily said...

the pink flowers are very pretty indeed.. a well maintained garden i must say