Thursday, May 27, 2010

" May 27th, A Very Special Day "

May 27th is a very special day for me. You see there are two women in my life that were born on this date.

The first one is my oldest daughter Ginny.
Virginia Anne is what we named her, but likes to be called Ginny.

Ginny was a very sweet little baby. As she grew, so did her infectious smile.

As a little girl, Ginny loved to play dress up. She was always smiling, laughing and trying to provoke her older brother.

You can almost see in the above photo the mischief in her little face.
Ginny always loved to have fun and still does. She was, and still is the person to be around when you want to be happy and have a good time.
We started camping when our children were very young. They always enjoyed this very much. This I know to be true because they all still go camping!
Ginny also loved to climb trees. She used to sit up in a tree at our old house to study. I can imagine that even now, given the opportunity, she would still climb trees today.

Ginny has always been adventurous. This trait is one of hers that I admire so much. I have always been somewhat afraid to try new things but my Ginny will just jump right in if it feels right.
As a teen, Ginny was very athletic. She had won so many trophies and ribbons when she ran track and cross country in grade school.
She also used to get my heart pumping when she was playing basketball and fast pitch softball!

At a very young age, Ginny acquired a strong interest in journalism. She wrote for all of her school newspapers and after graduating from high school, went on to pursue her dream to become a journalist.

" The Dorm Room "
Ginny received a Bachelor and Masters degree in journalism. She was also the first person in our entire family to go to collage.
What a dream come true. This however did not surprise me or Jake as we always knew that Ginny was capable of great things!
Ginny's first journalism job was working for the A.P. as an intern out of our Capitol building in Springfield which was great for us as we once got  a " Private " tour of our state Capitol. It was truly amazing!

It wasn't long after that that Ginny started getting offers from other state newspapers. She was now headed to North Carolina, a very long way from home.
I cannot describe my sadness that moving day. Jake, Katie and I, had drove to Springfield to say our goodbyes. Heart wrenching goodbyes for all of us. I still, today, tear up at the thought.

But she was after all her own woman now. And a beautifully strong one at that. However the not knowing when I would see her again was so painful.

Ginny did well in her chosen career, unfortunately it also came at a time when newspapers were being superseded by the internet. Still she forged on to a local news station and continued to report for the daily on-line news updates.

After being there for a time, she did something that I considered totally brave. She took another job in a completely different profession. I remember her uncertainty about it. I also remember telling her that if she was to do something like this, a total career change, that it would be better to do it now while she was young enough and brave enough!

So now she is in marketing for a majorly green company. And we are all so proud of her. She is truly an amazing woman. One that I am blessed to call " My Daughter ".

Yet no matter how much older she gets or how successful she will become, she will always, always be my princess!

Happy Birthday Ginger Peach !

Birthday # 2 !!!
One of my very favorite blogger friends is also celebrating a birthday today! You know who you are!!!!

Bernie is a wonderfully warm and compassionate woman.
I feel blessed to have gotten to know her and call her my friend.

She also has a great sense of humor, but then she's Canadian.
That explains that!

I wish you Bernie, the best Birthday ever and I would so love to celebrate with you!

Please pop over to Bernie's blog " On My Own ",
and wish her a Very Happy Birthday!

Thank you all for visiting and God Bless you all.



Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Ginny and Bernie...two awesome ladies!

Ginny said...

Thanks for making me cry at work, Mom! I've never seen some of these pictures before. I love you so much!! Thanks for always supporting me, my dreams and my wacky ideas.

Wanda said...

Your post and Ginny's comment made me tear up, Diana! You have to be so proud of Ginny, a talented lovely girl with lots of ambition and drive. I see similar qualities in my g/daughter Amanda, so I know how you admire Ginny for her adventurous nature! Ginny is a beautiful young woman and a Great Daughter!

And...there is no nicer or caring person than our Bernie!

Happy Birthday to them Both!!!

Lynilu said...

I really like that close-up picture of Ginny! She is beautiful and looks so much like her (ahem) mom!!! Happy birthday, Ginny!

And happy birthday, Bernie, also!

Lois Evensen said...

Happy Birthday to Ginny and Bernie! :) It's so wonderful to have daughters who grow up to be our friends and make us so proud and to have friends who are so near and dear.

Very best,

Ginny said...

Oops, forgot to say happy birthday to Bernie too! She must be a multi-personality Gemini just like me!

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening
Happy Birthday,Dear Ginny and Bernie!May God Bless You!Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!
I love all of you,so happy knowing you through blogosphere!
How talented Ginny is!She is your blessing ,D!
And Ginny,you are lucky to be born to such wonderful parents!
May Lord Shower His Choicest Blessings On you!
Wishing you a wonderful celebration,

Bernie said...

Happy Birthday Ginny, it is such a pleasure to share a birthday with you and we have something very special in common...we both love your mom...thank you sweet Diana, and I love having you as my friend, ....... :-) Hugs

Eileen said...

Happy Birthday, Ginny!
Happy Birthday, Bernie!
Enjoy your special day, girls!

Two beautiful tributes, Di, to two beautiful women!
Your Ginny sounds wonderful and you sound like you have such a special relationship! You are Blessed to have each other!
I loved all the pictures! And you were such a pretty young Mom!
You're still beautiful! I can see where Ginny gets her looks from.

Love you!, E

Eileen said...

PS ~ 'Read your last post too, very pretty flowers! You have a green thumb!
I hope Jake is feeling better! And I read on Facebook about your knee, I hope you are feeling better too and that the pain subsides. (My chat is not working on Facebook, and many times when I comment it doesn't show up!)
I also read about your new sewing machine on Facebook! Good for you! Enjoy!

I haven't been feeling well for a few weeks now myself, I feel like my head is going to explode. I guess it's allergies but I've never been bothered by allergies before. Oh well.
Love you, E

linda said...

Diana, your daughter sounds amazing and one that any mother would be proud to call her own! Happy Happy Birthday to your special Ginny!

Happy Birthday wishes to Bernie too! I'll go by and visit her now.

arlee bird said...

Our kids grow up so fast. Sometimes I wish they could have stayed one age, but which age? There was something special about every age including where they are now. I guess I wiah I would stop getting older-- maybe stopping at about 35 would have been nice.

Tossing It Out

Dee said...

Happy birthday to your Ginny. She looks a lot like you and what a cutie shewas! She definately has a winning smile. And Happy Birthday to your friend Bernie. :)This is such a pretty time of the year to have a birthday!

Gail said...


great post - I am around some - reading as I can - loving you all - happy birthday to your Ginny and our Bernie too -

love you SO much Di and thanks for ALL your kind words to me.


Blessings each day said...

What a great way to say happy birthday to two very special people...may your Ginny be blessed with a super duper day! And may our Bernie have a day just like Ginny's!

Barb said...

You celebrate the birthdays of two fabulous Ladies today, Di! Happy birthday to both Ginny and Bernie.

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Happy birthday to your daughter Ginny!
You must be so proud of her!
Your description of your good-byes had me choked up... It was the same for us when we helped Amanda move to a new town. She is not as far away from us as your Ginny, but WHAT MIXED EMOTIONS! We were so proud of her, but wanted time to stop so that we didn't have to part.

Happy birthday to Bernie too!
What wonderful people we meet here in blogland!
God bless you all!

Anvilcloud said...

Ginny sounds like a wonderful human being.

I can't remember if I knew it was Bernie's birthday or not.

Are you saying that Canadians are funny people? ;)

Wanda said...

Thank you for sharing Ginny....Almost feel like I know her. What a special daughter.
Happy Birthday and wishes for a wonderful year.

And to your blog friend... don't we love blog friends... Happy Birthday!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What an extraordinary woman Ginny is! I love her...and I've never even met her! You must be so proud of her! It's obvious to me that she inherited her gift for writing from you!! Happy Birthday, Ginny!

And Happy Birthday to Bernie as well! We all love her! And what a lovely way to honor her, dear Di!

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!! Love you so much!! Janine XO

Rinkly Rimes said...

I couldn't get into your most recent blog to comment on it so I hope you see this at some point! The photographs of your daughter's life history were very evocative and I'm sure you're very proud of her.

Rebecca said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Ginny. (Don't know how I missed these last two posts.)

I didn't realize she was "out" of journalism/news reporting. I suspect her experience serves her well in this current position. You raised a FINE one, Di!

Linda Higgins said...

Di, I can tell you are busting at the seams about your daughter! I would too if I were you! She has accomplished a lot in her young life. Isn't it amazing....when I was young all I could think about was getting married and starting a family...which I did! PHEW and now I can say I am not sorry that I did. Some people are just made up to do that at a very young age and actually make it work! Your Ginny is adorable and a wonderful image of her mother YOU! So fun for you to share in you love for your sweet daughter! sigh can't wait to see mine in 2 weeks!

Tranquility Speaks said...

I am extremely late here, but here's wishing your daughter a belated happy birthday! I hope it was a good one :-) It was nice getting to know your daughter better through this. I wish her luck in all her endeavours!