Thursday, June 17, 2010

" She Made Her Parents Proud !"

Do you remember this photo? Well if not, it was a photo that I took of our fifteen year old, Katie, several months ago. It was her very first time behind the wheel.

Her dad was in the passenger seat and they were in our church parking lot.

The state of Illinois requires that when she received her drivers permit, she must log in forty hours of driving with a licensed driver over the age of twenty-one. I think it's twenty-one, either way my husband and I are way over that so who cares!

She also has to drive for six hours (Whoopty Doo!) with her schools driving instructor. Today was her first day with the instructor and one other student. She will be doing this over the next six weeks.

I left my house to go clean for my people this morning and my husband was somewhere in Ohio when she did her time with the instructor.

Well you can imagine how curious Jake and I were about how she did this morning. So I had called her from work and I found out that her dad had also called her from work, to see how she did.

I will tell you that the drivers education instructor has a brake on the passenger side of the car. If he has to use this brake, that's it. They lose their permit until the next year.

Jake and I have worked a lot with Katie on her skills. We even took her on the interstate twice already in preparation for this day.We have until her birthday in December to log the forty hours. So far we have logged about half of that.

So I think that you can imagine our surprise when she told us what he said about her driving. He said that she was a very good driver. And that she was one of THE BEST first time drivers that he has had!!

Yippie! Jake and I were so, so proud! Now granted, she still has five and a half more hours to go with him but I'll tell you, I haven't felt that much pride in a long time!

My husband said that we had a lot to do with it. I suppose we did but I sort of felt that she had a natural feel for it. 

I pray that she continues to be a safe, responsible and conscientious driver. Way to go Kate!!!



Amity said...

Wow Diana, I could feel that pride in you...It's a parents' button that when our kids achieve something as best, we are the proudest lot. And I could also feel that excitement you've had of knowing how she fared for the day with her instructor.

We could only wish she'd be really a responsible driver from now and thereafter.

Way to go Kate...:) (sounds like my 19 year old daughter's name - Kaye)...

Lynilu said...

Those first days of our kids driving can be unsettling, but it is so nice when they are conscientious. Wishing continued good attention. :)

Maria said...

Awwww you two look so adorable together... I can feel that spark and sparkle from here...
*Still huggin' like newlyweds*

Awesome for Katie!
I use my "imaginary passenger brake" all the time! LOL

I think my kids now use it when I drive ;o)

She must be a very good driver!
Congrats, Diana, Jake and Katie!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm reaching the age when I'm thinking of giving up! But I can still remember the thrill of learning to drive. I was already 25 though! Not to mention that I backed into someone on my very first solo outing! (Don't tell Kate that!)

Bernie said...

Di I feel so happy for you and especially for Katie. She has done very well and Jake is right you both have helped her tremendously. You should be proud, she is doing so well and becoming more independent each day. They do grow up so fast don't they.
Well done Miss Katie, I know you will complete those hours with no problems at all. Big Hugs to all of you.....:-)

Lois Evensen said...

How wonderful for Katie! And, I just love that last picture of you and your honey. :))))


Wanda said...

Katie really caught on to driving quickly. I don't remember you writing of any scary situations, while driving with her.

She's becoming a very responsible young woman! Happy that she is a confident driver with the ability to concentrate, eases your mind a bit, I'm sure!

Love the photo of you and Jake, Di!

Quick l

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Congrats Katie, Di I can see how Proud you and Jake are of her reading this post.

I've found that some of the worst drivers on the road are the older drivers, who never had to take a Defensive Driving Course, and basically had to have a learners permit for a couple of months, take a driving test and if passed was a Full Fledged Driver.

I have more confidence in our younger drivers than the Older Drivers.

Again Congrats Katie, Yaaaaaay

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
I just love the way everyone helps young drivers in your state, and they just don't allow any teenager behind the wheel.

Katie seems very responsible, and sees driving as a privilege. Some kids think it is a right.

I wish they took the same care and attention here, although I must say it is far better here now than it used to be.

Good for Katie! You should be proud, as good driving skills are good life skills!


PS... I am not a BITCH! I am just starting to look like one...LOL!

Gail said...


very proud moment indeed. you and Jake have done a wonderful job instilling responsibility and respect in Katie about driving. I am thriled for all of you. :-)
And great picture of you and Jake. Wow!!

Love toyou
peace and hope.....

linda said...

Yes, way to go Kate! I'd be a proud momma too!

Here in CA, you have to pay for your children to take driver's training classes. It's not offered in the school systems.

When I was in high school, we did our driver's training at the high school, usually the football coach was our instructor!

Teacher's Pet said...

I remember that photo like it was YESTERDAY!...It seems like it was just yesterday....and how very proud I am of Katie...and you and Jake have soooo much to do with her being such a great driver! Way to go Katie!...and Mom and Dad!
I'm so verrrrry happy, Di.

Barb said...

High Five for Katie! You and Jake have been patient and have taught her well. Great pic of the two of you. Jake doesn't truck through CO does he? I saw lots of long-distance trucks today on the way back home to the Mts from Denver.

Eileen said...

I love the picture of you and Jake! And I agree with him, Katie's good driving skills are a feather in your cap too!
And remember how you were dreading this, and your daydreams of running out in the street? Must make you feel proud to hear this and you can now relax a little.
Continued success for her! And God Bless!

Thanks for writing me, Di, it was great to hear from you!
Love to you, E

quieten said...

Whoo Hoo Katie! Way to go!. You guys should be so proud. It won't be long before she's borrowing the car and going shopping for you!
Huggz to you all!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Fantastic!!!! You should be proud of her!! What an accomplishment!!! And good show for you and Jake as well!!! You are awesome parents!!! Love the picture of the two of you, by the way!!! You are such a handsome couple!!! Love, Janine XO

Jenny said...

This is so neat!!!

Soon enough she'll be taking your car every night ;-)

Rebecca said...

All THREE of you are to be congratulated - you and Jake for being GREAT parents and taking this seriously - not just giving someone else the responsibility! And then checking in, too! If ALL parents did that, homes & families wouldn't be in the shape some of them are in!

I, too, love the picture of the proud parents!

Be safe. Stay well. God bless you all.

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
I can feel the proud mother in you!Today being Father's Day the comment Kate received from her instructor could be the best gift she could give to her DAD!
All of you look very good in photos!Hearty Congrats to Kate!
Wishing you a beautiful week ahead,

arlee bird said...

I'm glad all my kids have their licenses and that's all behind me. I was never in a big hurry to get mine when I was young. I was 18 and a senior when I took driver's ed--the oldest student in the class--but I didn't really care that much.

Tossing It Out

Mar said...

Hi Diana. Thanks for stopping by to say Hi.
I remember the days of my four kids trying for their permits. Scarey and proud moments all jumbled together. Once they get "wheels" it seems they get more and more independent, but that's what we raised them to do. Get out there and make their own way. You have a great family, a true blessing in this harried, hurried world. Peace and Goodwill, Mar.

Danielle said...

Hi Di!!

Way to go, Katie!!! Those hours can be stressful! I was always most nervous with my mom sitting next to me when I first started. Next to that, trying to get those first hours in, they can be interesting....hehe...

I also want to thank you so much, for always responding to my posts, and being so positive...I really enjoy your comments and take them to heart. Thank you!