Thursday, June 10, 2010

" Wait, How Old am I ? "

Have you ever caught yourself asking this question ? I know that I have, many times. Usually it is because the years seem to fly by so quickly. I don't dwell on how old I am. Well I did when I turned sixteen and then twenty-one. But for the most part I have asked myself that question simply because I have lost track of time.

I asked myself this question today but it wasn't because I couldn't remember how old that I actually was. No, it was because of how hard that I pushed myself this week. I had and still am having this entire week to myself. My silly husband thought, seriously thought, that I would relax all week.

You would think after twenty-one years together, he would know me better! Well I would think anyway. 

I recently had a total of six shots of cortisone and Synvisc in each of my badly degenerating knees over the past month and a half. So I have been feeling pretty good. Why I have been able to even dance a bit lately! 

Since I have been feeling physically spry lately, I have taken full advantage of this fifty plus year old body and the week to myself, to get some projects done. Now when I say projects I'm not talking sitting in a chair crafting although I have fit a bit of that in too.

No I am talking about spending hours in the yard on Monday, working. Working hard. Lifting and toting forty pound bags of mulch and dirt. Weeding and lots of digging and planting.

Tuesday I spent the entire day cleaning up after the tornado's, Jake and Katie. Which included nine loads of laundry. I washed all of the bedding in the house since everyone was gone, along with towels and clothes. My washer and dryer are in the basement. That's quite a few trips up and down the stairs. But that wasn't enough. I also decided to clean Katie's carpet in her room since she was gone. And then I cooked myself a full meal of broiled salmon, Chinese noodles with freshly chopped veggie's mixed in and brussel sprouts. What, you don't like baby cabbage?

On Wednesday, well what can I say. We have a spare bedroom that has gotten totally over taken with miscellaneous crap. Yes, crap! So I rearranged the entire room which involved moving around one-hundred or so books and lots of crap. The room was named "Happenstance" for a reason! I moved two bookshelves, one desk and a very heavy filing cabinet. I must say it looks rather nice since it had a good cleaning and vacuuming. I also took a little trip to the grocery store for some vegetables and a pizza.The pizza was fattening but I bought plenty of fresh veggies to counteract the fat!

Then today, Thursday, I had to clean house for my people. I did an extra good job as I had an appointment last week and couldn't give them my "All" ! Well they got my "All" today! I washed all of the ceiling fans along with cleaning the entire three bedroom house. 

Well when I got home today I was shot. I mean, worn out and exhausted. I fell asleep for a bit and can still, at will, just nod off.

You are probably thinking that I am a little crazy, maybe at the very least, slightly compulsive. Well you're probably right on both counts.

The real truth is that when I get these shots in my knees I feel so much better and I tend to get carried away. I forget that I am a fifty plus woman. My mind still feels like a twenty plus woman when it comes down to all of the things that I want to accomplish. I tend to forget that my body does not have the stamina that it once had. I get carried away.

Tomorrow I have work to do at church and several errands to run.
And believe it or not, I really wanted to get the garage and basement cleaned this week too!

So here's the question. Do you ever forget how old you are and over do? 

If you don't hear from me in a few days, don't worry I will just be moaning as I am laying in my recliner!


Teresa said...

I love ya are a real trouper!!!! Miss ya! I have had a hard time thinking of something to blog about. I have been busy, but I have total writer's block! Not sure why really....guess too many people get upset by what I write. I don't get it really!

Lynilu said...

Me?? Overdo??? You are kidding, aren't you??

It is easier for me to count the days I DON'T, than those I do. Yesterday was 5-50# bags of salt in the water softner and a 40@ bag of dogfood up the stairs from the truck to the deck. Today was around 100# of rocks from one place to another (1 at a time, of course). Tomorrow? Who knows.

The similarities just keep coming, don't they? Be nice to yourself, Di!!

Barb said...

Di - When I mentioned having some "me" time I knew what you would be doing! I also had a busy week - the 10 bags of cleanup from the yard and gardens were proof of that plus today I took my 3 oldest Grands (two 7's and a 5 1/2) to the Nature and Science Museum for 3 hours. I am pooped tonight, and I remember vividly that I am 66! Have a good weekend, Di - I know that your house will be organized and gleaming when Katie returns!

Diana said...

Oh Teresa I miss you so much! I am happy to see you here and I know without a doubt that you are busy too! I hope that you find some time to let us know what you've been up to!
Love ya, Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Lyn,
It's scary, you working your behind off and me sitting and doing nothing! Only kidding, LOL! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I have a feeling that you and I are the same in so far as we would work until we drop! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

You know Barb, I would really like to get a hold of the person that said , summer is supposed to be relaxing. I mean really! Work, Work. Work!
When do we get to just lay in the yard and enjoy it?
I get to go see my grands tomorrow. Now that's something to look forward to!
Love Di ♥

Bernie said...

Hello my friend, so glad you are having a relaxing week....NOT!
I'm not surprised and in a way I think it is good, age shouldn't dictate what you can or can't do, your body will though.
Your house sounds really clean and your lawns lush....good for you.
Take care of yourself, talk soon.
.........:-) Hugs

Wanda said...

I haven't been overdoing lately Di, but have been overly tired, tests show I have a low functioning thyroid, so I've had an excuse!

You sure accomplished a tremendous amount, Di. I did manage to weed several flower beds, deadhead some flowers, cut back poppies, fill the birdfeeders, sweep the porches and make lunch...most of those things I enjoy though.

Rush back to that recliner tomorrow, after the church work is finished. You want to be well rested for the weekend!


Diana said...

Oh Bernie, you know how hard it is for me to sit still!
I have been wondering about you and how you've been doing.
I hope all is well and maybe your summer might have finally arrived?
Miss you my friend, Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
I do believe that you must be a bit frustrated with feeling tired. I know how much you enjoy your yard and your walking adventures.
Isn't it just wonderful when nature bonks us on the head and says "No"?
It is why I do so much after the shots. I have a bit of time to get things done before they wear off!
I can actually have the knee replacement any time that I want. Just a bit scared yet.
Love Di ♥

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
You are so young,dear!But remember,health is wealth.Don't overdo things.
I pray to God you been energetic and active always!
Your hubby and children are so proud of you!
Wishing you a lovely cool night,

Gail said...


My goodness - you are amazingly strong. I couldn't do 1/10th of what you did. Please take some time to relax, read and pick your feet up for a bit. And did I read tornadoes? How bad were they in your area??!! <:-0

Love you
peace and hope.....

Being Pramoda... said...

often, i too have the same phenominon...ii used to feel happy fr the age i'm its running out.. i need to hurry uppppp!!!

lots of love to u..
happy living...

Jerelene said...

Hi Diana :)
You are sure a go getter aren't you? I just wish I had all your energy :):) Most days I feel way older than I am. It also seems like time is flying! Like I'm in a big snowball rolling down the hill 100 miles an hour..
I love brussel sprouts. I planted some in our garden this year. Yummy!!
Glad that you are feeling so great and that you are able to be a busy bee....Maybe you can come this way and energize me:)
Love and hugs...Jerelene

Anvilcloud said...

Cuppa and I were born in the same year but she in March and I in September. So, whenever her birthday rolls around, I tend to advance my year too. So, I consider myself to be 63 right now, but I'm really only 62.

A great cure for thinking your younger than you are is to walk past a mirror, particularly with few clothes on.

Teacher's Pet said...

Di...You worked hard this week...but it sounds like you had a fantastic time, and that makes me happy.
In answer to your question, I do forget how old I am and I do tend to overdo. That just happened this past year. I used to never feel my age...and I am beginning to feel aches and pains and this and that...but, that does come with getting older.
I'll be 60 this year....and I can't do things that I could do at 50...but, I am still thankful for the things that I can do.
Much love and many hugs to you, Diana.

Linda Higgins said...

OH MY GOSH! you are a crazy woman you know! Totally insane! I know, when I feel good I am like a tornado going through and doing stuff I put off! I haven't had the total use of my hands since March. This arthritis is absolutely killing me and I guess I will never be the same again. If it were not for this arthritis in my hands I would feel like a million bucks. 50 something SUCKS and I can't imagine what 60 PLUS will be like. I just hope and pray that there is a new drug that will make me ME again! ARGH OH BTW Huhoney is really doing so well. His attitude is amazing and after a few more visits with doctors (heart and genetics) he will be at his best again! lol

Lois Evensen said...

Oh, the age thing. Gee, what are we supposed to feel like at what age? Yes, I sure do go through days when I think I'm on the verge of death, but fortunately those are few and far between.

Great post with which I'm sure so many of us can identify. :)


Dee said...

I always over do..and as soon as my Frank is out the door for any length of time I am just like you and start deep cleaning. Next to my doodle's it is very calming to my brain but my body complains through every minute of it.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

All. the. time. Overdo is my middle name...LOL...Please do take care of YOU, Di! Those cortisone shots can be dangerously easy to overdo and hurt yourself when you are on cortisone...

But no matter what you write about, I always enjoy it! Even if you DO remind me that I'm getting older. Can't remember how old I am though...guess I better do some mental calculations...ha! Have a great weekend! Love you, Janine Xo

Jenny said...

I totally know exactly what you mean!! Wouldn't just one day of doing absolutely nothing be wonderful!!!!

Lena said...

I tend to forget my age, yes... Last time I told my age I was 20... and got summoned by my singing teacher who told me singers have no age...
Whenever people ask now I just go: "Anything between 18 and 98... Pick your favourite..."

So maybe your knees hurt now... But you had a blast, I can tell!!!

Tons of love, XXX

Rebecca said...

What can I say? You ARE a little crazy! I REALLY feel guilty now for having such a low-key week at the Abbey this week. There's no sense trying to make up for it this coming week. I'd definitely "pay" for it with sore joints, etc. Slow and steady for me. Still, I AM older than I feel!

Eileen said...

Di, I have a feeling after getting to know you this past year or so that this was you relaxing! I think you thrive on hard work and I think it keeps you young!
So glad the shots make you feel so much better, but please don't over-do it!

LOVE the picture of you sitting and cleaning your stove (hee-hee)!
And I forgot to mention in my comment on your last post that I loved the picture of your toad friend! Very cute!

Take care!
Love to you,

Eileen said...

PS ~
I keep making myself older than I really am ~ when people ask how old I am I say I'm 57 and Ray keeps saying, "You can't be 57, you're a year younger than me and I'm 57!"

Ginnie said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all you did this week. I think I'm getting whimpier as the years go by !

arlee bird said...

For several years I didn't think about my age and if someone asked I would have to stop and do the math from whatever the year was and the current year. Now I have no problem remembering that I'm 59 because next year will be the milestone 60.
Physically I usually am pretty careful--I probably am really capable of much more than I do, but I don't exert myself much. I think I would feel better physically if I did more physical activity. I say good for you for keeping busy.

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