Friday, July 15, 2011

"Hurray for the Weekend!!"

The weekend is upon us and this will be a hectic one for us. My daughter Kate and her friend Natasha have been staffing at camp every other week this summer and this is the weekend that they will start the next week off with.

Natasha on the left and my daughter Katie on the right.

This week they will be in charge of girls the ages of 3 years  through 8 years.  
My granddaughter Sarah will be attending for the first time. She is eight years old and this will be her first time away from mom and dad for an entire week. They don't always make it through the week but at least Sarah will have her Aunt Katie in her cabin. That should help.

My sweet granddaughter Sarah when she spent the night a couple of weeks ago. 

The girls kept themselves busy last night painting rocks. I am going to put them in my garden.

I haven't done much today as I cleaned house yesterday. I've been cleaning for this family for about six or seven years, maybe more I'm not sure!

It is very hard on me and I do have to take a pain pill before I go but I just love this job. The next day I am exhausted from it but still I enjoy doing it. I had to tell Linda, the woman that I clean for, that I can only clean for four more weeks and then I'll have to quit for awhile.

She knows why and I'm pretty sure that I can go back to it eventually, but I will miss it. Hopefully after the surgery I'll be able to do much more for longer periods of time. I just pray that all goes well.

Just 32 more days. I'm still so excited even though I know that I most likely will be in quite a bit of pain for awhile. I just keep seeing the bigger picture you know? I keep thinking of all of the things that I will be able to do again instead of sitting in this chair most of the day.

Everyone thinks that I am so busy and I am but most of what I do, I do sitting. Even my gardening. And I so miss walking. My husband and I used to walk through the woods together quite a bit.

I think we both miss that.

Well back to the weekend. Katie will spend most of it in a frenzy packing her things for camp and you wouldn't believe the amount of stuff she takes with her!!! It fills the entire back of my station wagon.

After church on Sunday, I will take her out to the camp and then I will have the week to myself again. Sometimes it's lonely. Sometimes it's relaxing. It just depends. After this week of camp, Kate will be home for a week and then back to camp for one more week.

After that school starts. Right about the time of my surgery. It all seems to be going by so quickly. One thing that I will have to do with the help of my husband is move downstairs.

My bedroom is upstairs right now. So we will have to relocate my things to the bedroom downstairs. I hate sleeping downstairs!!
I have a feeling that with the pain after the surgery, I won't care much! There is also a possibility that I may have to stay in a rehab center for a bit after the hospital. I should find out next week when I go to my class.

It may all sound boring and if so I apologize but you never know when you may need to have a knee or two replaced. I'm just trying to give you the heads up!!

Have a fun and interesting weekend !


Anvilcloud said...

Time is flying by for sure. Our little one has a warm-up week for JK next week. She'll go each morning. I feel a bit conflicted. I imagine that I will blog about it next week.

Diana said...

While grandpa is conflicted,the little one will have a blast I'll bet!! Love Di ♥

Rebecca said...

It's not boring at ALL, Diana. I'm following with great interest and much prayer.

It should be a great week for your granddaughter - and what a great summer for Katie & Natasha, counseling and all...

We're sapped tonight. Just spent a lot of outdoor time with our daughter & her family. They're on their way back home to Kansas. Sure was good to see them. The kids are lively. :)

Sharon said...

It's good that you have an extra bedroom on the first floor. I'm sure you will appreciate it when you come home from the hospital! The time is going rather quickly now.

Wanda..... said...

I know you have been wanting this for so long, Di. I didn't realize they would do both knees at the same time. You'll be running around like a spring chicken come spring. Wishing you all the best.

Sarah, Katie and Natasha are as pretty as ever! Hope they have a great week!

Lois Evensen said...

I am delighted to hear the plans are progressing for your surgery. From all I hear from those who have had it, including my brother and other close friends, it is the best thing they have ever done. I'm glad you're able to rearrange the house to be able to sleep downstairs. You have a wonderfully supportive family.

Your daughter looks so much like you. She is just beautiful!

Big hugs,

Bonny said...

I'm so glad you will be getting your knees done. I think it will be such a blessing for you to be able to do things that you have not been able to do with the bad knees. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Jilda said...

beautiful girls. Knee surgery...I spend a lot of time with those who have had joint replacements, take care, follow up with as much rehab as you can.

Lynilu said...

Let's hope you're not off your feet too long. I'm pretty sure you will be bored with that! Just keep telling yourself all those good things that you will be able to do again later on. That should help you hold out!

Ginnie said...

Your daughter is lovely.

Tranquility Speaks said...

I am as eager for your surgery as you are. I can't wait for your post which says that I am pain free! Loads of love :)

Barb said...

Katie looks lovely - she's growing up! Di, if you can stay in rehab a bit after the surgery, I think you should. They'll evaluate and teach you PT exercises. Do you have a stationary bike at home? I'm excited for you, Di!

Graceful Moments said...

Di, you are never ever boring! You pack so much into every day. I am sure you will be in pain after the surgery...just keep your eye on the prize. You will be dancing a jig in no time at all! My knees have been giving me trouble...torn meniscus in both knees. One will become painful, then the other. I am sure my pain is nothing like what you are experiencing. Anyway, I'm very interested in your knee replacements in case I do have to have one someday. Love, Vicki