Monday, July 18, 2011

" Nesting with Weeds "

Yesterday afternoon started off camp week once again. This is the fifth week for Katie and Natasha.

I'm sitting at the edge of Kate's bunk in the above photo. Natasha quickly grabbed the full size mattress, smart girl!!

This is one of the largest cabins, it sleeps 15. most of it is behind me but trust me it's large!
I hung around this time with Katie and Natasha while they waited for their group of girls. I have a feeling they are going to be exhausted at the end of this week of camp.

Katie hanging up church clothing. No closets, just nails. Rustic!!

Finally, their first charge! My granddaughter Sarah. This is her first time at camp and away from mom and dad for an entire week.

Think she'll make it?

She looks pretty happy so far and they are allowed to go home if they can't handle being away but I think she'll make it.

She is my granddaughter after all!!!

So now I am alone again and I spent my entire Monday cleaning my house. Everything. The floors, laundry, the kitchen, the basement.

And then it hit me. I was on the phone with my husband and I said "I'm nesting.". My husband said "I know, I wasn't going to try and stop you!".
I'm not pregnant. It's a bit past my time with that. I am however
anticipating my surgery. Somewhere deep inside me I feel as though everything has to be just so before the surgery. And I realize that my house will get messed up again before that but I just can't help myself so I popped a pain pill and went nuts.

Tomorrow afternoon I will go to the hospital at 2:00 p.m. for a class about joint replacement. It's required. That's fine though as I have many a question written down to ask. It's a two hour class and they'll probably have trouble shutting me up. I like to know how everything works!!!

So this evening I had to water the plants. This heat wave takes it's toll especially on new plants. And I noticed how many weeds are taking over the yard. It's been too hot for me to work much out there and Jake hasn't been home to help with the trimming so,
it's weeds, weeds everywhere.

So I decided that I don't care about the weeds at this time as it's just too hot to matter right now!!

But I will tell you this, I will try to have the whole yard in shape before the surgery too!!!
Just give me a couple of weeks!


Rebecca said...

If you get tired of "nesting" there, you can come HERE!

We've watered our flower beds today. I'm afraid it may be too little too late.

It looks like your girls are going to have a great week - although I'm guessing the cabins are air conditioned? That could make for a l-o-n-g week.

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
I haven't decided what I'm going to do after the surgery and recovery yet. I have a few things in mind. I love cleaning so have thought about doing more houses, in which case I would be happy to clean your home.
The second thing is a long time dream, I prefer not to say right now.

The cabins are air conditioned. All of the buildings are. It's an awesome camp. Actually, I think even you and I at our ages could have fun there!! It's all about Jesus my friend!! Love Di ♥

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Hi Di,
Those are some might beautiful weeds you've got there! I see nothing but pretty flowers and plants and one slightly ripened tomato! Yummy!

Enjoy your week of quiet and don't work too hard.


Lois Evensen said...

Nesting is a good thing. And, cleaning always makes me feel good, too. I've given up on our yard this year, though. We were gone until July, then will leave again in September just about the time the weather would be cool enough to get outside and do things.

I have great confidence your surgery will go extremely well.

Big hugs,

Anvilcloud said...

As I was pulling weeds the other day, behold, I didst firmly grasp stinging nettle. And lo it dideth hurteth.

jules said...

It has been pretty toasty up here in Wisconsin the past few days too.

I miss my daughter being really excited about a week at camp. She loved it so much!

Lynilu said...

I'd love for you to come nest at my house for a couple days!!! I'm finding in the last year that I can't go all day, even at a reasonable pace. I go in spurts, work till I feel it, rest a while, then work again. The trouble is .... I never quite get done!!

I'm betting that little grandaughter will make it the whole week, especially since she has her auntie there. What fun!!

Rob-bear said...

Give those weeds an inch, and they'll take a yard. A whole yard. Maybe both front and back. Better get on that.
I've been hearing about the brutal weather in the midwest and plains states. We're starting to get the same, and we're way up north. Fortunately, our air conditioning works just find.
I could say more about joint replacement, but this is a family-rated blog.

Sharon said...

I sure could use a nester here, but sadly, Hazel can't come back until school starts. :(

Your weeds look good to me, now I have real weeds, actually more quack grass than anything, but with it so dry, well.... green is green!

Graceful Moments said...

Hi Di, your granddaughter is such a little doll! I'm betting that she will make it the whole week! I can relate to your cleaning the house in preparation of your surgery. That's the way I am when I have a procedure or when we are going on vacation, etc. I want to come home to a clean house! Don't overdo in the heat! If your temps are anywhere near what ours have been, it is dangerous to work too long or too hard outside. I'm sure you are smart enough to know that. LOL Your yard looks great to me...I didn't see any weeds! Nice tomato plant! Well, have to run. xoxo Love, Vicki
P.S. Starting a new job next it will probably be awhile before I check in again but I have you on my prayer list so I won't forget to pray for you and your surgery. Love V.

Gail said...

Oh yes, nesting. It is how we take charge, mark and claim our territory. And doing so becomes increasingly important when we are facing any 'new' challenge. SO nest away, take charge and feel the power. :-)
Love Gail

Bonny said...

Those are beautiful plants you have there. I don't envy you with the weeding, not one bit!
Can you let me know if you are able to get to my blog?

Life 101 said...

Beautiful photos. I'm saying a prayer that your surgery goes well.

Ginnie said...

You just nest away! It's going to be hard to keep you down after your surgery...but I know it will turn out to be one of the best things you could do.

Barb said...

Oh, Di - like Jake, I just knew you'd go wild cleaning before the surgery. It's just your nature! I don't seem to have any (negative) influence on you! You need to stay out of that heat, Di! Love the Rudbeckia! Hope little Sarah has a great time at camp.

Talin's Corner said...

Oh your too funny. You know the weeds will wait, the dust can sit, etc.. Relax! I am laughing as I am typing this because I am just like you. I would be doing the same thing.

Wanda..... said...

Cleaning? Like Barb said, it doesn't surprise us! Sarah looks very excited to be away at camp, nice tho have her Aunt Katie nearby. Your yard and flowers look great Di and I envy your red tomato....mine are still green, but I have cucumbers and gr. onions, we could make a salad together!

naida said...

I think nesting can be a bit therapuetic much as I hate housework cleaning house helps me get rid of my nervous energy
Nice garden!