Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Hot, hot, hot !"

I just came inside from watering my flowers, it is very HOT out there. When I watched the weather channel they said that it was 93 degrees here with a heat index of 110! 

I wouldn't have even ventured outside but I have a lot of new plants that aren't yet well established, so outside I ventured.
Do you remeber when we tore down the old fence? Well I should say my husband tore it down while I watched!

The above photo was taken shortly after the fence came down.

This is how it looks now. I have a long way to go but it is showing some promise. I have divided some Black-eyed Susan's and Purple Cone flowers. I also bought some new perennials.

It's been very slow going for me with my knees and all of this heat. I've been trying to get up early and work before the sun hits this side of the yard. Since finding out that I can have the surgery, I have been able to sleep much better!

I love rocks. I started this rock flower bed a few days ago but had to quit because of the heat. I don't have to kneel. I have a very nice little Lawn Buddy Cart that enables me to sit and just roll along in the grass. One time while working on my little cart weeding in the driveway, I actually started to roll away! You see the driveway slants and if I lift my feet for just a moment, I can easily roll right out into the street!

I've often envisioned this scene where a car is driving down the street, when all of a sudden this short, fat, screaming woman
with garden gloves on,
comes swiftly rolling out into the street as the car tries to stop in time to miss me!

I guess I have a strange sense of humor because that sounds so funny to me. Anyway the plants are watered and I think by next year things will be very nice back there.

I bought an "American Girl" magazine for my granddaughter Sarah. She spent the night with me on Friday. I had a plant that needed to be put in the dirt so Sarah sat and read her magazine while I did that.

After that we went inside where I made us some homemade cheeseburgers and fries and we watched " Gnomeo and Juliet ".
Oh my gosh that was such a cute movie and right up grandma's ally since she collects gnomes!! 

It was a good night.

Notice Mr. Grumpy face! Not my son but my grandson. Wait I will try to find a smiling one....

There, I knew I had one! 

I think I'm going to throw something out here. Not that ANY of my kids read my blog but just in case,

I would really like a new camera for Christmas this year. It doesn't have to be very expensive. Just something a little better than what I have now!

It seems that most of my photos are blurry anymore no matter what settings I use. So kids, pool your cash and get mom a new camera!!!

I love you all!!!

What's the use, they'll never read this!!
Ho, Ho, Ho !


Rob-bear said...

Ho, ho, ho is what you do all summer in the garden to get rid of the weeds.
Btw, I love the story about your Lawn Buddy Cart, and understand your concern about what it might do. To you. And the drivers you scare silly.
I also love the way your new garden is coming along. Really, it rocks.

Lynilu said...

Wrong-O!!!! They will too read this!!

I have a little platform on wheels that is use i many ways .... putting potted plants on it to move them in/out of the house with the seasons; putting my butt on it to do tasks close to the ground, and like you, I scoot along and it saves getting up and down which is so hard on me. I love it!

Sharon said...

I don't think you are strange the picture of you rolling out on the road struck me as funny too!

I need one of those bun wheelers myself!

This weather is madness, I tell you, madness! So very hard to breathe!

DeanO said...

I'm with you Di, it's to hot, to much humidity, I need a new camera and landscaping is a lot of work :)
Looking good

jules said...

Your weather sure has been hot down there. We've been in the mid 80s and very humid here. But I am definitely not going to complain! Our winters are waaaaay too long here.

I love your grandson's smile. So cute!

Gail said...

HI DI - great pictures. I love rocks too. Beautiful rock garden. And I must have a sick sense of humor too cuz I laughed right out loud with that scene of you rolling out in to the street. :-)
You sound happy again and I love it.
Love Gail

Rebecca said...

Wow! You've done some sweet things, Di! I know you're going to enjoy this space even more after the surgery :)

We're sitting here along the river taking a break after walking neighborhoods this morning looking at beautiful front yards and quaint old homes painted so creatively.

There are well-tended gardens all along this river in the Erie Basin Marina. I'll have lots of flowers pictures on my garden blog....maybe tonight!

One man invited us into his backyard and gave us a couple of starts of some plants from his yard. Hope I can keep 'em alive till we get home.

Wanda..... said...

HOT is right,'s 'only' 91 here, but I'm staying inside. It just feels different out there this year, even my flower garden looks a little stressed, your flower beds look nice. Where do you get your rocks, Di? I have to lug mine up from the creek.

I keep forgetting how BIG that alligator is on your sidebar, until I notice tiny little you standing there!

Enjoy your week, Di.

Anvilcloud said...

The "We" is fine: cheering and supervising is a very important part of the job.

Erik's RV Blog said...

I'm crossing my fingers on you getting a new camera. :)

Now I can't stop picturing you rolling up and down your driveway! Too funny, but stay out of the street! :)~


Maria said...

Hi Diana!
I'm just catching up now... Chris and I have been away since school let out... to Texas to see Jason and then to Chris' Dad's ... We just got back last night.
I enjoyed catching up on your gardens ~ have you seen Mr. Toad anywhere? Isn't it funny how I still think of Mr. Toad?

I'm sooo happy for your GREAT news about the knee surgery too! How very thrilling! I know that people who have had this are so happy that they went through it. I'll never forget the image of my uncle on his bicycle {after recovery} He really missed riding it. That was years and years ago... imagine what they can do now!
So nice to "visit you" again!
Wishing you sweet summer days and as little pain as possible while you wait for your surgery!
God bless you always,


Barb said...

I'm counting the days until your surgery, Di! Let us know just before you go, OK? Any sign of Mr Toad this summer? (I think he might have moved to Wanda's house - it's wetter there and not as hot!) My perennial gardens are so green and lots coming up, but only a few blooms. However, it looks great (better than snow)! It has been raining here late in the day and the temps haven't gone above 70 - nights are low 40's. I still have to wear a fleece early and late. Take care, Di - good luck on the camera wish!