Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We are having one heck of a thunderstorm right now and I am just loving it! The lightening is a bit unnerving however to me and my doggies. Roxy, as is usual for her is trembling and panting even as I type this with one hand while the other is petting her!

Ruby is barking wildly while running all through the house as if to say "How dare you make such a racket whoever you are!". 
I'm enjoying it because it means that I don't have to water my plants tonight and it has cooled the air temperature sufficiently which in itself is a blessing. It was 118 with the heat index today! It is now 80 degrees, and it feels so good.

When I woke this morning there was no plan for the day in mind. So after a bit of morning Joe I decided to take a drive to here...

I was asked last week if I could run in for some more ex-rays.These in addition to the MRI I went for last week will be used for measurements of my new knees. I will be having one surgery. Both knees at the same time. Next week I have to go to a joint replacement informational class at the hospital. I am looking forward to that as you can imagine, I have many questions.

Also next week I will see my family doctor for a wellness check-up and more blood work. Hopefully all will go well and then I will see my Orthopedic surgeon on August 10th, six days before the surgery.

My husband has three weeks vacation coming. He will use it then which is a comfort to me. He really is a great help to me.

After the ex-rays I took off and went to church. I worked for a couple of hours. There was more work than I expected. I will probably run back there again later this week to finish a little more.

I went home from there and picked up my daughter Katie and her friend Natasha who had spent the night. We went thrift shopping. Something my Katie used to hate. For some reason she has changed her mind now, especially when mom is buying!

Yesterday I was playing around with my sewing machine and made a couple of wallets. Katie grabbed the first one and has it in her purse already. I was only able to get a photo of the other one.


I've never made these before. It was a bit of a challenge with no pattern but also kind of fun so I bought some fabric remnants today to make some more.

The other one I made was smaller with little pockets to hold small items. So now Katie's friend Natasha, wants one and my daughter Ginny in North Carolina wants one too. I sent her a photo over the phone.

I also found a jar of buttons and a long zipper that I will use to make a purse. Tomorrow is a free day for me so I think I'll get creative again!!
Well the thunder and lightening has all but died down. The dogs are much more relaxed. So I'm out of here for now but before I go I am posting a photo of my favorite flower in my yard. Same as last year. I just love these little beauties!


Enjoy your evening.


Lynilu said...

My goodness, you are talented! What a cleaver idea that is! have you considered selling them at a local shop?

I just SO impressed!

Lynilu said...

Oh, good grief! I didn't pay attention, and missed that I put "cleaver" instead of "clever." Well, maybe you're as sharp as a cleaver??

Anvilcloud said...

"Especially when Mom is buying." I'll bet. :)

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the very best with your upcoming knee surgery! Enjoyed your post...especially the "Cosmos"!

Rob-bear said...

Waiting for surgery in about a month, and still a busy lady — creating and shopping. Seems that nothing holds you down.
Don't know what use a Bear would have for a wallet like those, but they are lovely. Talented lady, you are.
It's not quite 118°F up here, but we've been given a tornado warning — the first time I've ever been in that situation. Now, where is my old winter den — and can I get there in time?

Lois Evensen said...

Very nice wallets! :) And, I am sure you are happy to be getting everything in order for your surgery, too.

Big hugs,

Lena T. Kaiser said...

I loved the wallets and the cosmos... We only have pink ones here in Mexico...

You do so rested and relaxed... I'm glad you're having surgery soon!! You are unstoppable now... I can't begin to imagine all you will do afterwards!!

Tons of love! XXX

Sharon said...

So busy! I am surprised they will do both knees at once - I suppose they have it figured out now! That's great!

Cute little wallet! I wouldn't have any idea where to begin, to make a pattern for something like that!

Love your cosmos - wonder why yellow is my favorite color for a flower?

Gary said...

Diana, I read about the where-with-all to get your knees done. I am excited for you. My wife has a knee she puts off checking out.

Thanks for your ongoing encouragements to my projects. Glad your husband has the time off to be with you.

Gail said...

HUI DI - you sound wonderful, like your "ole busy self". I missed you like crazy. :-) I put you on my Mom's "senior prayer line" for your knee surgery. It is a powerful prayer line.
Love to you

Talin's Corner said...

Your wallet turned out great. I made one and my daughter stole it the minute I finished it. And then she did not use it for 3 months...go figure. Can't wait to see the wallet you make with those remnants.

Do you have the date for your surgery?

Rebecca said...

Well. I'm impressed! Those wallets are really swell :)

I'm following your surgery prep & results closely. (I see my husband has already given you a clue why!)

I've not been thrifting so much lately....Did you guys find anything?

Talin's Corner said...

Hi Diana, I am not sure if you know, but you are a no-reply blogger when you leave comments on posts. I cannot tell you how many times I have started to write you an email only to find that it would never reach you. Any way, I just wanted to let you know that I would like to respond, but can't.

Diana said...

Hi Talin,
I think that I fixed the problem. If not, maybe you can give me a clue how!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
I will let you know everything that happens along this journey.
While thrifting, the girls found tee shirts and I found fabric remnants and buttons! I'm trying to stay away from more nick knacks!!
Love Di ♥

Tranquility Speaks said...

You are so very creative! Creating wallets was superb! You could actually put the items you make/ crochet work for sale. Sell them at an insane price. I am sure there will be people to buy them since they are so high in quality :) Loads of love!

Ginnie said...

You sound like you are very active despite your miserable knees. I'll bet you're getting excited about the operation and I'm so glad your husband will have the 3 weeks off to help you.
Nice wallets, too.

Graceful Moments said...

Hi Di, I'm trying to catch up on all that's going on with you. It's been kind of hit and miss with me in blog land lately.
Your purses are so cute! You are so gifted. Your cosmos are gorgeous! I love cosmos too! Okay, moving forward now to your next post! Love, Vicki