Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Sleepless Night, Random Thoughts"

It's one of those nights. Restless and therefore sleepless. I did a lot of housework today, got a bit sore and took a nice long nap. That probably explains the sleeplessness now.

I've also had a lot on my mind while recovering from this surgery. I can't drive yet so I can't get out of the house much or go back to work yet. I had such a down day yesterday. It was cloudy and rainy. Had the worst case of cabin fever. I was talking to my DIL on the phone and she suggested that I ride along with her to do her errands in town. Of coarse I jumped at the chance. Wore myself out walking but it was so worth it. It really picked me up. I do believe that was the most that I've walked in a long time. The new knees did good, I just discovered that I don't have my stamina back yet.

I am grateful for how quickly I've been recovering but am still anxious to get my life back and then some since I'll be able to do more. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do for work. I have my part time job at church which is just a few hours a week. I wouldn't give that up, I love it too much. I have my cleaning job once a week for about three hours and I wouldn't give that up either.

So I am trying to figure out if I want to go back into retail which I am very good at and enjoy immensely. I make a great sales gal. Really. I can sell probably just about anything.

There's also office work which I am qualified for but am not to crazy about sitting on my butt all day. Thank goodness I have plenty of time to figure it out. I'd really love to do volunteer work but right now we need the money. So that will have to wait for a different time in my future.

I already have a couple of places that I want to apply to. It's just a bit too soon. Maybe by November or December. We'll see how the healing goes.

I rode my stationary bike for five minutes today. I felt great after that and was proud of myself. I washed my floors, dusted, did laundry and cooked dinner. That's when I crashed!

I'm pretty sure that my husband will be able to put railings up on the walls leading upstairs this weekend. God willing. It seems that is all I've been thinking about lately. I've probably driven the poor man crazy talking about it. But if he got it done and I could move back upstairs, I'd probably be busy up there for awhile which would give him some gaming time.

I have some new photos of the grandkids but my camera is in the other room. I haven't posted many photos lately. I've really been missing my oldest daughter, Ginny, again. I wish she were here and we could go thrift shopping.

I guess I'll just give up on this post for now, I could just ramble on for hours and it's already too long. So Goodnight to all of you. Sleep tight because I'll be awake watching over things!!!


Rob-bear said...

Well, haven't you been the busy lady!
Sorry you're sleepless in Illinois. But I admire your determination to do as much as you can to get your life back to "normal." (If one can ever call anything in life "normal.")
I'm glad you're not in a rush to decide what to do next. First you get healthy and mobile, then see what else is possible.
Blessings and Bear hugs.

Rebecca said...

Since your sleepless, it's a good thing you have something(s) to think about!

It sounds like your outing was good for you...I think when you can go upstairs and resume normal sleeping, you'll make giant strides toward normalcy!

Re. a job, any chance you could pick up another cleaning job or two? You seem to really enjoy that and the flexibility of being your own boss is attractive. (Although if you really like sales....retail may be for you....) I'm a lot of help, huh?!?

I was sleepless and all I could think about was how to keep from scratching and what I had in the house to stop the itching. (Nothing I had tried worked.) I had to restrain myself from scratching my skin open! Dr. office opens at 8:00. I think I'll have to take myself there.

Hope you can grab a nap today. I'm going to try to myself!

Mama-Bug said...

I hate to have those sleepless nights. It's like I can't turn my mind off! So glad you were able to get out and about. Sounds like you're doing so well. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lynilu said...

You can ramble as much as you want, Di! It's just good to have you back at the blog again!

I hope you find the job that makes you happy. It's not always easy, but when you have one you enjoy, it makes all the difference in the world. Good luck on your search. And, BTW, I'll bet you are a good sales person! You have a zing about you that is contagious!

Eileen said...

I'm the same way on those sleepless nights, a million things running through my head.
And that's when I did most of my blogging! All those months when I couldn't sleep at night! (Now I sleep lots and lots and soundly all night long, so not much blogging anymore).

I think the retail job sounds good, Di, and really, November is a good time because the stores need the help for the Christmas rush.

I can't believe how much you accomplish in one day! Running errands with your daughter-in-law, all that cleaning and cooking, AND riding your stationary bike too, no wonder you needed a nap!

I hope your husband is able to get your railing up for you this weekend, I know you're anxious to get back upstairs!
Too bad we don't live closer to each other, I'd have my 'handy man' run over and put it up for you!

Love you lots, Di ~ E

Sharon said...

Good Morning, Di!

Pictures? You painted pictures with words and I didn't notice till you said something.

So happy for you that you got tired out from actual work and that shows how much you have healed, you just have to get that stamina thing going for you and you'll be golden.

I hope you get that railing up the next day after your husband gets home, so that HE can get some rest, haha.

So nice that you could go shopping and get rid of the cabin fever!

When I can't sleep, I have a really boring game on my computer, for some reason the repetition makes me ready for bed.
Have a great day!

Anvilcloud said...

Sleepless nights do have their upside for bloggers. :)

Wanda..... said...

Good thing it's Friday and Jake will be home to to keep you from overdoing! I thought one might need all winter to recoup from such're a Wonder Woman, Di!

Ginny said...

Hey Mom! I bet come November or December you can get a seasonal retail job somewhere and get your feet wet that way. Then if you like it you can stick with it and look for a permanent job in retail. If you don't like it as much as you remember then maybe you can look into office work. I miss you too! So proud of you and your recovery!

Barb said...

What a night owl! You probably had yourself so worn out, you couldn't rest. Take it easy this weekend, Di - and enjoy your Family. (Couldn't believe you did all that housework!!!)

Sandi said...

Oh Di, you are such a worker bee! I truly get it though. I remember the first day I felt like I just had to do somethings around the house, and I did the same thing. I wore myself out, took a nap, and didn't sleep that night after about 1 AM.

You are making great strides. Pat yourself on the back for riding that bike and keeping busy. It's a bummer when you can't drive, I know. I was so excited the first time I got behind the wheel after six weeks of being at the mercy of everyone else! Loved it! Your day will come.

Hope you get those rails up, because it's a whole lot safer for you!

Love and hugs,

Amity said...

Dear Di;

It seems that you're recuperating so fast and I am so happy about it...but please take your time...make your strides slowly but surely, don't overwork -

Don't think of working yet this early, just think that at the right time you can do all those things...:)

It is just hard to be alone, like I do but I am keeping myself busy - found a new passion Di - baking and it felt so good and makes me happy while I also earn a handsome amount when orders are many...:)

Just to keep me busy in between office work!

Take care always!



Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Di, that;s both sad and nice abt this post.. sad that it was sleepless and good that i've seen u saying that u have gained the momentum.. being mentally strong is so important..;)

Have a happy recovery Di.. many times, recovering from physical illness makes the mind so strong that we become very bold at the end..


Brenda said...

Hang in there! You are doing great! Are you a reader? I loved having the excuse to read! Blessings . . .

Ed Pilolla said...

i can't stand office work either.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Hope you are sleeping well again. Glad to see that you are getting better every day and that you are able to get around. Ginny is right with getting one of those seasonal jobs in November and December, this will be a good help with you deciding if a retail job is right for you. Take care Di, glad to see you back writing.

Lois Evensen said...

I'm so happy to hear you are healing so well. Those down days will surely become fewer and fewer as you are able to do more and more. :)

Big hugs,

naida said...

Those sleepless nights can be
bad :( Sometimes my body is exhausted, but my mind won't shut down for sleep.
I wish you luck no matter what line of work you go into!
Hope youre feeling better and sleeping better too.

Cinner said...

Diana, I was so glad to get your message today and when I came here I could not believe everything you have been doing. Your Wonder Woman, good for you for all the things you are doing....I helped at my sisters with the renovation as much as I could. I had my first soak in the tub today since having my surgeries in June...boy was I dirty. lol. not a big fan of showers....amazing what happens to our muscles when we have not used them for a while....As everyone is telling me not to rush things, I am telling you the same....just what you wanted to hear....just don't go back to work too quick...I like Ginnys comment. Be well, hoping each day you just feel better and better. love you too, c. sending a big word verification just came up and is bless, that is a sign dear one.

Leontien said...

haha sleepless nights sure come in handy for bloggers!

Thanks for the post!


Joy said...

I can tell you're the sort who does not let any grass grow under her feet! You are a regular ball of fire! All you do while you re-coperate, puts me to shame! Well, not really. Ha! I think as time passes and you heal, something perfect will come your way.

Maria said...

Well, Diana... you are springing back fabulously!
So glad you're feeling well and that you're on to new things, ideas and plans! Life certainly is exciting!
*bless you always,

Tamara said...

You are making great strides! Figuratively and literally! YOU GO, GIRL!