Wednesday, September 21, 2011

" There is Wrenches Being Thrown at My Monkeys. Post Op-Week 5 "

I've not been a very good Blogger as of late but you see for some reason unknown to me there has been some wrenches thrown at my monkeys.

Let me splain...
During week five of my recovery last week, I had noticed that my right knee wasn't lookin' so pretty. O.K. I knew it wasn't pretty to begin with but come Friday after I sent a photo of it to my husband, I was pretty sure it was infected.

When your husband is yelling "What are you waiting for call the freakin' doctor?!", that's a pretty good sign. Yup it is. So I called and they fit me in. I had to get Kate out of school so she could drive me there as I couldn't get a ride. Thank goodness the school is just three blocks away, walking distance for her.
So away we went and it was confirmed that I had an infection. I was put on a mega dose of Keflex and sent home with instructions to return on Monday for a follow up.The good news is that the whole knee wasn't infected but just the scar.


This is how it looks today. Believe me it looks much better than it did last week!

Fortunately for me, my hubby made it home that night for the weekend and took good care of me. He also worked so hard putting up new banisters leading upstairs so that I could move back up to my own room!! How wonderful that was and I can't even begin to tell you how comfortable that bed was! I slept good that night thanks to my sweetheart, Thank you Honey!
The weekend filled with work for my husband passed and he was able to go to the doctor with me. I only saw his P.A. but he said the knee looked good and that I could loose the cane and DRIVE!!!!

Yippy, I can drive!!! 
And then it hit me. A bug. I woke Tuesday morning feeling like crap. I've been coughing, sneezing, stopped up and have absolutely "Zilch" for energy. I did manage to take my husband back to his truck. And I made a couple of trips to the store although I was very dizzy and probably shouldn't have.

Well you know there is no stopping me. Well almost. I've pretty much done nothing around here except for my exercises and they were labored at best. So now that I have this new found freedom, here I sit waiting to get over whatever this thing is that I have.
I have to go see my surgeon on Monday. My six week mark is Tuesday. I just hope I am feeling better by then. I want to have some FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I haven't been to your blog, I'm trying. But I am really feeling like crap so I'm sorry. I will leave you with a little smile. It is a picture of my two dogs. Ruby and Roxy.
I call it " Ya Got to Have Friends ".

Love Ya !!


Lynilu said...

First, I'm glad the infection was not deep in the tissues! It looked awful!

Next, I'm so sorry you're sickie-poo. That's just what you needed on top of the surgery, right? Get well, soon or even sooner!

Third, Woo-hoo on driving again!!!

And finally .... I looooooove the puppy picture! How adorable is that?

Listen, you just work on getting well. You'll blog whenyou feel like it, and we will still be here waiting. Happy hugs winging your way.

Rebecca said...

Wow! That was a close one (the infection)! I'm sorry you've got a "bug" but thankful you're sleeping upstairs and have the nod for driving!

Gary had a cardioversion on Tuesday. They were able to shock his heart back into rhythm. Sadly, there is not a good way to tell if/when it goes out....I'm hoping & praying that it will stay longer than the last time....

What a great picture of your dogs!

Sandi said...

Oh, Di! I'm just so sorry that your knee got infected, but glad it was only "skin deep". I got one, too, but it healed up fine.

And, you don't need to be sick, too! I've had a sore throat the past two days, and I'm taking Airborne faithfully, but I might be too late. Getting sick is such a misery!

Now, don't over do it! You sound like someone who doesn't know when to quit! Don't get yourself worn out and set your recovery back, ya hear???

Love and hugs, Sandi

Sharon said...

That knee looks pretty bad, if it was worse last week... OOH!

Go to the doctor, wear a mask and use that germ stuff frequently. A Dr's office is where I catch my colds, flues, etc. Your immune system is down. So sorry you're sick now, so many are, about now.

Glad you have your hand rail and no more cane! Whoopie!

Take care now!


Mama-Bug said...

Thank goodness your knee is ok! Sorry you've been sick; that's the pitts. I know you're happy to lose the cane and start driving again. Sending you lots of hugs! The photo of the dogs is just precious.

Anvilcloud said...

Fortunately, it only seems like a little bit of a setback.

And yes, the first round of winter sickies seems to be going around. Sheesh!

Rob-bear said...

Infections are no fun. I just got off a course of Keflex. I'm better for it, as are you.
Sorry you've gone through that, and now another bug of sorts.
Bear's recommendation: drink lots of tea with hunny, get good rest, and do gently exercises.
Blessings and Bear hugs in an uncomfortable time.

Cinner said...

Diana I am glad you went to the doctor and that it was not too deep.
sorry you npw have a bug to hold you down. six weeks already, and you are able to drive...oh just think how good your going to feel. glad you are back in your own bed. pleasant dreams dear friend.

Bonny said...

Thank goodness it wasn't a worse infection. Hope you get to feeling better my friend. So glad you can sleep back in your bed. That must feel great.

Wanda..... said...

Sorry to hear you've had a few bumps on the road to recovery, Di. Hope this morning finds you feeling better and closer to having all that FUN you're looking forward to. The photo of Ruby and Roxy is award worthy...very cute!

Gail said...

HI DI - oh my, so sorry you got that infection -it looked quite painful :-( Please take it easy - and let it heal
Love you

Teacher's Pet said...

Di can drive!!! News heard roun' the world. Yes!!! I'm sooooo happy for you, my friend.
More kudos to Jake....for telling you to CALL THE DOCTOR...,for the banister....for being the wonderful hubby that he is.
I can tell from the photo that your knee is/was infected, and I'm so glad that you were prescribed Keflex.
Continue to take care of you....and know that I'm thinkin' about you, my friend. I love you.

Ginnie said... really dodged a bullet there. PLEASE be careful. Try babying yourself for a change.
Don't worry about getting to our blogs...we'll be here when you're 100% well.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Di, everytime i come here, i go back with smile and goodness at heart.. ur poss make me realize how life would be or could be after 30 yrs for me from now..;)

Thanks for sharing dear :)

Nice to know that u r doing well...

Joy said...

Yeah, that right knee did look kinda pink and puffy. Well, glad it wasn't any worse!

Barb said...

Di, Di - I'm off-line for just a few days and you go and get an infection and now a bug! You may be overdoing it (not that you are ever guilty of THAT). Rest! Only move to do your exercises. Glad you can sleep in your own bed. Take Care! I'm thinking of you. PS Love the photo - it makes me smile.

Eileen said...

Okay, Di, I was here yesterday morning for a LONG time, I wrote a comment and it just would not take! I kept hitting 'publish comment' over and over again, but nothing would happen. Finally I cut and pasted my comment into my 'Word' and now I'm going to try and copy it back to here and try 'publish' again!:

OH, so sorry, Di, about the infection! I hate hearing about any kind of set-back, especially when you were making such good progress. But I'm glad to hear about the okay to drive and about your sweet husband working so hard to get you back upstairs! Yipee!!
Still, I can imagine that this has taken the wind out of your sails just a bit. But you’ve been doing so well, and I know you can stay focused on the positive!

Do you think that the antibiotics could be causing an adverse reaction and that’s why you’re feeling under the weather? I know my Dad couldn’t tolerate a lot of antibiotics and he always seemed to come down with some kind of bug whenever the doctors prescribed them. It’s weird to think of how many medications we need seem to do as much harm as good to our bodies.

How was Katie about getting let out early from school? Happily surprised? That’s what I’m thinking. Although, maybe somewhat alarmed too.

I know you’re far into the process of getting your life back, Di, but I’m hoping it speeds back to ‘normal’ for you!

Love and Prayers, E


Eileen said...



Leontien said...

oh my that is indeed a very funny picture! And i am sorry that you are feeling a bit blue. But your knee does look ok (not that i have any experiences in knees) but from what you made it sound like it looks ok

I have been to Chicago to get a second opinion. Went to the Cancer Treatments Centers. They are located in Zion so technically not Chicago, but close...


naida said...

awwww...Ruby and Roxy! very cute

It sounds like hubby takes good care of you, just like you deserve.