Friday, September 9, 2011

" What's Been Happening- Post Op Day 24 "

Here I am still alive and kickin'. Well maybe not kickin' just yet but I'm getting closer. Things are continuing to improve from my surgery and I thought that I better get this written before I fall asleep again.

It seems like I went from no sleep to nodding off at no particular time which I am attributing to healing. Although nights are sometimes still troublesome, I can finally nap again. I think it's because I am on my own again. My husband left for work Tuesday and Katie went back to school as well so the house is quite once again. It makes for some peaceful naps I tell you.

It is official, as of yesterday I have been cut loose from home health care. I have been working hard and improving everyday. Here are the things that I can do now.

I can walk without my cane. I only have to use it when I go out or feel the need. Bathroom runs in the middle of the night!
I can walk the dogs again. This is a big one for me. They would have to wait until after 4:00 p.m. to go out when Katie gets home from school. Now I can walk them through the day. Only thing is, I haven't told Katie this yet. I'm afraid I'll have to let her in on it soon as yesterday she said since I was doing so much, she was surprised that I couldn't walk the dogs yet! Shhhh!!!!

And here's the big one. I can ride my stationary bike again! It was a strange feeling at first, didn't think I could do it but I did. I was so excited that I was almost in tears. So I have now added that to my exercise routine. Just a few peddles for now but I'll get better.

My right knee is healing slower than the left. It is being stubborn. There isn't anything wrong with it, it's just taking it's sweet time. It still hurts some, where as the left one doesn't anymore and it is stiffer than the left one. But it is improving everyday.

I don't need hardly any pain meds anymore. So I am thinking that by my doctors appointment on the 26th, he should o.k. me to drive. 

Oh and more good news. The in home nurse said that by the next time my husband gets home and puts a railing on the wall going upstairs, I can go back to sleeping in my own room in my own bed!!! That is the best news yet. I miss my bed. I think I'll sleep better then too.

I don't think that I've forgotten anything. Things are moving along very well and I thank God everyday for that. You should see how straight I walk now. No more hunching over and limping!

I am posting a couple of photos of how the knees looks now. If you have a weak stomach you may want to skip this part.

I am hideous!! But at least my Pug still loves me.
That's all folks.


Sharon said...

It just keeps getting better and better, I kinda knew it would! ;-)

The knees are healing up nicely, and I like your 'knee separator' LOL!

Great news about your bedroom, when does you husband get back in?

Ha Ha, Not telling Katie about walking the dogs!

Good to hear you are getting 'back in the saddle' again, so to speak! All great news!

Rebecca said...

It is SO good to catch up with your progress! You're almost THERE, DI! Congratulations. Sounds like you've been a very good patient.

I can almost imagine your tears of joy when you successfully pedaled that stationary bike....Wow.

Enjoy those naps. They sound delightful - and sleeping in your own bed sounds VERY inviting, doesn't it????

Anvilcloud said...

You've recuperated so quickly. At leas tit seems that way to me although the time may lag for you.

jules said...

That's awesome Diana!

But....ouch....those knees look sore.

Wanda..... said...

Your knees are not hideous, Di, but they do show the ordeal you bravely went through. I can relate to the joy you feel in standing up straight and walking free of help without limping, having had a broken ankle one time. Can hardly believe you've already been walking the dogs though. Take it easy, Di and don't start cleaning like a crazy woman!

Lois Evensen said...

I'm so glad to hear all is better and better every day! I am so very happy for you. My brother went through this and is so happy that he did. He, too, has the "brag" scars on his knees. It's funny how much conversation they start when he is wearing shorts. "Oh, I had mine done, too! Isn't it wonderful!" He'll be cruising with us again next January so I'm sure I'll hear that again when we are out walking together.

Bonny said...

those are some beautiful knees. So glad to hear you are coming along nicely.

Eileen said...

Di, I'm so happy to read all this good news! Your poor knees! But they don't look ugly, in fact, I think they are beautiful scars and a testament to all your courage and hard work!
I'm sure it seems like it's taking long to heal, but, Di, it's only been about a month, right? I think you are doing fabulous!

Don't overdo it! (Good idea to keep the dog-walking a secret! hee-hee!).
Take care, Di.
Love and Prayers, E

Barb said...

Awwww - Di, you're not hideous. Those beautiful new knees are worth all the rehab you're going through. You are progressing so quickly - I knew your determination would get you through the surgery and post-op. Good for you - keep it up! I'm cheering for you here in CO.

Sandi said...

Di, I am just so proud of you! You are a real trooper! I was more wimpy, I think. I am still using my cane for long distances! And I was using my walker still at day 24! You are doing marvelous! I'm jealous that you can walk your dogs. I haven't tried, as I couldn't walk my dog before, she isn't very obedient and pulls too much! Someday. She only pulls with me, so that is my problem!

Anyway, great healing, and onward and upward! I also enjoy riding my bike now, once I got through the painful days!

Diana said...

Dear Sandi,
Everyones progress is different. I knew that from the get go. That is why I am so grateful that it's gone so well. Also I know that God had a hand in it as he knew that my husband was going to have to leave and I'd pretty much be on my own. As for the dogs, I don't know about yours but mine are both small and I walk them one at a time. If they try to pull they don't get far, I pull back!! Good Luck with your progress it will get better I'm sure! Love Di ♥

Bernie said...

What a woman.....! You have healed so much quicker than I thought, you are amazing!
Your knees look sore but other than that they look great. I am so happy for you and think your smart, let Katie walk the dogs a big You are doing qite enough. I love that you are healing so well my friend, think of you every day.....:-)Hugsd

Rob-bear said...

I'm glad to hear that things just keep getting better. Even out walking the dogs and on your stationary bicycle! Great.
Maybe now is the time to sign you up for next year's marathon. D'ya think?

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Diana!

I'm back to tell you that I left an award for you over on my blog. :)


Shelley said...

How does one whistle through a blog? Your knees look great! My mom had her's done a few years back, it's a long road but it seems you are coming along like a house on fire (as they say).
Take care of you and enjoy your 'old friend' your own bed.
Great job! Keep working at it and don't get discouraged as there are days that will seem you have stepped back. No worries, keep going forward! Take care my dear.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Di.. very very nice to see ur updates saying that u r doing well..yeah, so, back to bike riding ? :) enjoyy ..

best wishes;)

naida said...

Hi Diana, you brave lady! It sounds like you are surely healing and getting better. Good for you. I'm sure your positive attitude helps as well.

Annette said...

Hi Diana, I'm glad to see you are healing. Keep positive as you already are. Positive thoughts will get positive results. I had to be away from blogging for awhile and I'm so happy to be able to visit you again. Take care. Annette

Gail said...

HI DI - your healing journey is amazing. I am SO happy for you as you continue to progress and your freedoms are ever present. This is all such wonderful news.
Love to you

Talin's Corner said...

What great news.

Graceful Moments said...

Wow! I just read all the pre and post surgery posts and I must say that I am totally amazed at your progress! You are amazing! You have a wonderful attitude. I am so sorry that I haven't been here to help support you and cheer you on. I started a new full time job on July 25th and have been very absent from blog land! It was great catching up and I will try to be back soon. Love you! Vicki

Leontien said...

Whooo big scars! I am glad your doing better and it is a pleasure to "meet" you! I came over from Lois's blog because she passed on the Liebster award

Hope to see you more!

Teacher's Pet said...

Di...It's amazing to me that one's knee can be replaced...and to know that my friend had two done at one time...well, you know that I am so happy that you have made such tremendous progress. I'm glad that you are posting photos. Thank you for sharing each step with us.
Take care of you...please.
Love to you,

Ginnie said...

I can't believe your progress, Di !
Just today I saw a friend who had both knees done also and he is far behind you in recovery...I think it has to do with being female !!

Arlee Bird said...

Oh my gosh, those pictures say a lot about what you must have gone through. I'm glad that progress is being made.

Tossing It Out

Mama-Bug said...

Thanks for being such an inspiration Diana! I have this surgery coming up for me in a few months. Will be keeping up with your progress! Hugs!

Margaret Pangert said...

Diana, you are doing so well! It's wonderful how you celebrate each individual breakthrough at a time. The stairs were a big one! They did a good job on the external surgey, too: straight lines and right in the center... and pretty soon even those lines will all but disappear! Congrats, Diana! So happy for you!